Real Name: Roger (last name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: General Electronics, Ltd. executive

Group Membership: General Electronics, Ltd. (Cartwright, Van Dorn, unidentified janitor, presumably others)

Affiliations: General Electronics, Ltd.

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: The General Electronics, Ltd. executive offices, unidentified New England city, USA

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#15 (June, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Roger has no superhuman powers but is a skilled executive capable of making business decisions.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'11")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 160 lbs.)
Eyes: Unrevealed (see comments)
Hair: Gray

History: (Fantastic Four I#15) - Roger led an executive meeting at General Electronics, Ltd, in which he suggested they needed to find a scientific genius to head up General Electronics' electronic research division. Fellow executives Cartwright and Van Dorn admitted they had no ideas in mind, remarking to Roger that specialists don't grow on trees. As the janitor who was cleaning behind them laid down a Fantastic Four comic book, Roger ordered the two other executives to keep looking for the right man for the job. Soon noticing the brightly-colored cover of the comic book the janitor had laid down, Roger announced that he had found the man they were looking for. Cartwright and Van Dorn at first questioned Roger's proclamation and disregarded the idea of finding an employee on the cover of a comic book but they soon completely agreed with Roger after noticing that the comic book featured Reed Richards, one of the most gifted inventive geniuses in the world. The two other executives then announced to Roger that they send for Reed Richards immediately. Once Reed Richards had been lured into the employment of General Electronics, Roger came back to check on Richards and found Richards emerging from a piece of machinery. Concerned as to what exactly was going on, Roger asked Richards, who admitted his methods were a bit unorthodox, as he liked to examine the machinery inside and out. When Richards stretched his arms to show how much space would be needed for new devices, Roger asked why Richards had to emphasize his points so dramatically and he reminded Richards that he was in a laboratory not a carnival. Roger then departed the room, asking Richards to keep at his work and promising he would check in again the next day.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

Profile by Proto-Man.

should be distinguished from:

Cartwright & Van Dorn

Cartwright and Van Dorn were executives with General Electronics, Ltd. and they participated in a meeting with Roger to discuss who to hire for General Electronics' electronic research division. Both Cartwright and Van Dorn were skeptical of finding anyone who would meet their needs until Roger happened to pick up a Fantastic Four comic book. Noticing the genius Reed Richards on the cover of the comic, Cartwright and Van Dorn agreed that Richards would be perfect for their company and sent for him immediately.

--Fantastic Four I#15

images: (without ads)
Fantastic Four I#15, p13, pan3 (Roger, main image)
Fantastic Four I#15, p8, pan3 (Roger, headshot, & Cartwright/Van Dorn image)
Fantastic Four I#15, p8, pan1 (Roger with back turned)

Fantastic Four I#15 (June, 1963) - Stan Lee (writer, editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks)

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