dethans_race-tos8-ozak-full-faceDETHAN race

Classification: Semi-humanoid extraterrestrial race 

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Deth, unidentified star system, unidentified galaxy;
    it was orbited by at least a pair of moons;
    active in the pre-modern era (specifically 1960, see comments), at least

Known Members: Ozak, unidentified Dethan ruler

Affiliations: None identified

Enemies: Humanity (especially Les Gage and US federal security agent Craig)

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense I#8/3 (March, 1960)

Powers/Abilities: Metamorphs, Dethans could perfectly mimic the form of other beings after just seeing that being for a couple seconds. It is unrevealed whether they mimicked their target to the point of replicating fingerprints and/or DNA, but they were grossly identical, at least. They were not limited to mimicking bipeds only, as Ozak took the form of a dog (with a volume of perhaps 50% of a human's). They could even mimic a being they had only seen in a picture. It may be that Ozak had greater skill in metamorphing/mimicking than others of his people, and that may be why he was chosen for his mission.dethans_race-tos8-ozak-full

    The Dethans had spacecraft capable of interstellar travel, at least, if not intergalactic travel. Such craft could be operated by and could certainly carry a single pilot. The craft could also be operated remotely; a pilot might disembark in orbit of a planet and remotely send the craft to one of the planet's moon's, for example. The spacecraft's range, speed, carrying capacity, and other features are unrevealed. It is further unrevealed how many such craft they had, but as they planned to conquer Earth, they presumably had enough to trdethans_race-tos8-spacesuitansport their armies.
    More information on Ozak's spaceship is available here.

    The Dethans also had space suits they could use to travel from a planet's orbit to its surface. This would presumably indicate it had propulsion and navigation systems as well as life support, protection from the heat and friction of (re)-entry.

Traits: The Dethans were imperialistic, seeking to conquer other worlds.

    They were also prone to basing an entire plot on an assumption; for instance, they would assume that they could not conquer a world if their scout failed to contact them, and the plot would be cancelled without further inspection.

Type:  Bilaterally symmetric semi-humanoid reptilian bipeds
:Two (on head; white; no visible iris)
:Three (plus opposing thumb); variable
:Unrevealed; variable
Skin color: Green, scaled or plated ; variable
Average height: Approximately 5'10" (variable to an unrevealed extent)

(Tales of Suspense I#8/3 (fb) - BTS) - The Dethans plotted to conquer Earth.

(Tales of Suspense I#8/3) - The leader of the Dethans summoned Ozak to establish a beachhead in the United States (see comments), and he ordered Ozak to undermine the country so it would not be able to repel their forces; but the ruler warned Ozak that if he failed to contact their homeworld as scheduled, the invasion plans would be cancelled.

    Ozak traveled to Earth and began using his powers to imitate newscasters, politicians, and military leaders, leading to chaos, protests, and riots across the nations.

(Tales of Suspense I#8/3 - BTS) - However, Les Gage, the newscaster Ozak had first ambushed and replaced, revealed how he had been impersonated by an alien, and US federal security agent Craig set up a sting operation where they led Ozak to impersonate a beloved elder statesman.

(Tales of Suspense I#8/3) - When Ozak did not know the password given to the real statesman, he was exposed. Attempting to escape by posing as a dog he had seen in an advertising poster, Ozak unwittingly impersonated a heroic dog that had been launched into space as part of the space program the night before. Knowing that dog couldn't be on Earth at that time, Craig recognized the captured Ozak, who was presumably imprisoned.

(Tales of Suspense I#8/3 - BTS) - With Ozak apparently unable to contact his superiors, the planned conquest on Earth was presumably cancelled. 

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber, and Steve Ditko.dethans_race-tos8-beachhead

    Like many of these horror, monster, or suspense tales, this story works best if left at the time of publication, 1960, and not part of the sliding timescale.

    Ozak has his own profile, and you can read more about the details of his mission there.
    That profile contains a lot of information about the Dethans, but it is not a complete/full race profile...and the Dethans deserve a page as much as any other race.
    I also used the best images of Ozak in this profile, because there's not much else to work with. The image of Ozak fleeing from Craig would be good if it wasn't colored solid red, for whatever reason...

Since Ozak and the ruler were the only two Dethans depicted in this story, the population of their planet is unrevealed.--Ron Fredricks

    The picture of the leader stabbing the globe to point out the location for Ozak to target looks like northern Texas or possibly Oklahoma...maybe even New Mexico.
    I personally like the idea of it being in Texas...don't mess with Texas.

Profile by Snood.

The Dethans should be distinguished from:



    Home to the Dethans, Deth is a planet in an unidentified star system and an unidentified galaxy.

    As Ozak did not need any special equipment to survive on Earth, it might be assumed that its atmosphere and gravity are similar to Earth's, but it is also possible that Ozak could just adapt his body to survive on Earth.

(Tales of Suspense I#8/3) - Ozak was sent from Deth to lead a mission to prepare Earth for the Dethans conquering.

--Tales of Suspense I#8/3

Note: Since the Dethans chose Earth, one might assume it was also in the Milky Way galaxy and in a relatively close star system, but perhaps they had warp technology or something that allowed them to travel greater distances.

images: (without ads)
Tales of Suspense I#8/3, title page (full/transforming image of Ozak);
    story pg. 1, panel 1 (stabbing Earth globe);
          panel 2 (leader instructing Ozak);
          panel 3 (Deth surface, building, and moons);
          panel 4 (Ozak's ship leaving Deth; half of planet shown);
          panel 5 (Ozak's space suit);
          panel 7 (Ozak full, untransformed face)

Tales of Suspense I#8/3 (March, 1960) - Stan Lee (plotter, editor), Larry Lieber (scripter), Steve Ditko (artist)

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