Real Name: Pietro Maximov

Identity/Class: Extradimensional/alternate reality (Earth-61216) human mutant

Occupation: Mutant terrorist

Group Membership: The Brotherhood of Evil Mutants

Affiliations: Magneto

Enemies: The X-Men

Known Relatives: Magnus (Magneto, father)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed, Earth-61216

First Appearance: Marvel Visions#28 (April, 1998)

Powers/Abilities: Quicksilver is a mutant whose body is composed of the like-named metal.  He can keep himself in a humanoid form through concentration, but can just as easily use his liquid metal form.

History: (Marvel Visions#28) - At some point after his conception, Pietro Maximov's mother learned her husband Magnus' mutant powers and fled in terror.  Upon puberty, Pietro's mutant abilities caused him to turn into a form of living metal.  For years, he was part of a carnival sideshow, where he was kept in a jar on display.  Magneto found him here, and upon freeing him, began to teach his long-lost son how to control his powers.  Magneto then brought Quicksilver into the fold of the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, where he participated in their acts of aggression against mankind and the X-Men.  Several times over the course of his new life, Quicksilver tried to rebel against Magneto and flee, but the Master of Magnetism's control over all things metal prevented Pietro from ever going too far.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jim Krueger and Vince Giarrano.

Before anyone complains: No, that is not MY typo in Pietro's name. That's how they spelled his last name in the book.

The Timeslip concept was a series of two-page showcases in the Marvel Visions book.  In each one, a then-trendy artist would redesign a classic Marvel character.  Some were simple physical redesigns while others took on a much more radical change in appearance and backstory. Not all of the Timeslip characters could have existed in the same alternate universe, as several have conflicting histories to each other. If something is not mentioned in the entry, then it is not included in the profile.  Thus, any potential relatives, allies, etc., have been left unaccounted for, as these worlds could be alternate (some of which obviously are) or divergent (some of which seem to be).

Most, but not all, of the Timeslip profiles were reprinted in Timeslip: The Collection.

Profile by Madison Carter


Quicksilver has no known connections to

Timeslip: The Collection, page 41 (Quicksilver, main image)

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