Real Name: None

Identity/Class: Plant-life

Occupation: Would-be conqueror

Affiliations: Kid Kaiju (Kei Kawade);
temporarily Abominable Snowman, Black Bolt, Blip, Bruttu, Crawling Creature, Creature from Krogarr, Creature from the Black Bog, Fin Fan Foom, Googam, Goom, Gorgilla, Insect Man, Klagg, Kraa, Metallo, Monsteroso, Monstro, Monstrom, Moomba, Oog, Orrgo, Pildorr, Quogg, Rommbu, Sporr, Thing that Crawled by Night, Tim Boo Ba, Ulvar, Vandoom's Monster, Zetora, Zzutak

Enemies: Ignatius Rex, its creator, Leviathon Tide

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An island off the coast of Australia

First Appearance: Tales Of Suspense I#19/1 (July, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: The Green Thing was an animated weed which possessed human-level intelligence, the ability to move, superhuman strength, and the ability to command other forms of plant life.

History: (Tales Of Suspense I#19 (fb) ) - A botanist who had developed a serum which could bestow intelligence upon plant life came to an island off the coast of Australia, hoping to find a specimen of Ignatius Rex, a highly developed plant.  Unable to do so, he decided to test his serum upon a weed he found there.  The weed became a massive, human-shaped creature, and learned to speak.  After teaching itself to talk and walk, it decided that it would conquer Earth using the botanist's formula on other plant-life.

The botanist refused and ran, destroying the motor of his boat so that the Green Thing could not escape the island.  After fighting off a shark, the Green Thing continued to chase him, summoning aid from nearby trees against the botanist.  Finally, just as the Green Thing was about to close in on him, the botanist found a specimen of Ignatius Rex, and injected it with his formula.  The second plant attacked the Green Thing and destroyed it, realizing that the Green Thing was an evil plant.


(Monsters Unleashed II#1) - Fin Fan Foom, Gorgilla, Green Thing and Zzutak were drawn, and therefore summoned, by the Inhuman Kei Kawade (later known as Kid Kaiju). Kawade encountered them outside his house in the wood where Foom warned him that he was playing a dangerous game by summoning them.

(Monsters Unleashed II#2) - The Inhuman Kid Kaiju summoned the Green Thing (in gigantic form) along with numerous other monsters to to an area outside San Diego, California in defense against the Leviathons.

(Monsters Unleashed II#3) - In gigantic form the Green Thing joined the fight against the Leviathons. Earth's heroes watched the monsters summoned by Kid Kaiju defeat the Leviathons. After the battle the Green Thing and the other monsters were teleported back from where they came.

(Monsters Unleashed II#4) - The Green Thing fought alongside Black Bolt against a Leviathon in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Comments: The Green Thing, Ignatius Rex, and the botanist were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

I don't think the weed's mutation was accidental, at all.  I think--just as they did with Samuel Smithers--the H'lythri plant people of Kun-Lun psionically manipulated that other gardener [the botanist] into developing that experimental plant-growth formula.  Why?  To create a host body for the astrally-projected mind of a pre-invasion scout, of course!  What about the rare plant known as Ignatious Rex?  Simple: it was mutated to serve as a host for the disembodied consciousness of...the Elder Cotati!!  After some more psychic manipulation of that poor gardener, of course.--Carycomix 

Big thanks to Madison Carter for allowing me to borrow images from his website, The Monsters of Jack Kirby.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Profile updated/edited by Kyle Sims. Update by Markus Raymond (Monsters Unleashed).

The Green Thing should not be confused with:

Ignatius Rex was the most highly-developed form of plant life found upon the island near Australia.  In order to save himself from the Green Thing, the botanist injected his formula into Ignatius Rex, which soon became as intelligent and powerful as the Green Thing.  Recognizing the Green Thing as being evil, Ignatius Rex refused its offer of an alliance, and instead destroyed it.  Ignatius Rex then remained on the island, for the good of mankind, and allowed the botanist to depart.

--Tales of Suspense I #19

The botanist who created the Green Thing had originally hoped to use his intelligence-increasing serum upon Igantius Rex, but settled for a weed when he couldn't find one.  After realizing the evilness of the weed, he turned against it, and managed to find an Ignatius Rex which he then injected.  Ignatius Rex destroyed the Green Thing, and remained on the island in peace while the botanist returned to human society, now deathly afraid of plants.

--Tales Of Suspense I#19

Images (without ads):
Tales of Suspense I#19, p5, pan2 (main)
Monsters Unleashed II#4, p9, pan3 (giant form)
Tales of Suspense I#19, p11, pan6 (Ignatius Rex)
Tales of Suspense I#19, p2, pan2 (botanist)

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