Classification: Alien life-form, humanoid

Location/Base of Operations: The planet Krogarr

Known Members: None named

Affiliations: Abominable Snowman, Blip, Bruttu, Crawling Creature, Creature from the Black Bog, Fin Fan Foom, Googam, Goom, Gorgilla, Green Thing, Insect Man, Kid Kaiju (Kei Kawade), Klagg, Kraa, Metallo, Monsteroso, Monstro, Monstrom, Moomba, Oog, Orrgo, Pildorr the Plunderer, Quogg, Rommbu, Sporr, Thing that Crawled by Night, Tim Boo Ba, Ulvar, Vandoom's Monster, Zetora, Zzutak

Enemies: Collector, Joe Hanson, Leviathon Tide, unnamed alien race, Wolverine (James "Logan" Howlett)

First Appearance: Tales To Astonish I#25 (November, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Creatures From Krogarrn stand approximately 10 feet high, and possesses enhanced strength. They possess space travel capabilities, and once constructed a matter-transmitter which allowed one of them to travel to Earth.

History: (Tales To Astonish I#25)- A native from Krogarr constructed a matter-transmitter which reached the television set of Joe Hanson, a man on Earth. The alien informed him that if he made adjustments to his television set, he would be able to journey through the transmission to Earth itself. Hanson obliged, and the creature stepped through the tv and into his living room. The creature then took Joe captive and brought him back through the television set to Krogarr so that he could show his people that the matter-transmitter worked, and prepare the device for mass production so that they could invade the Earth.

As the creature awaited the meeting, he showed Joe around his world, showing him the gladiator combat they used for sports, and the captive aliens who built their weapons. But before the creature could show Joe to his superiors, Joe suddenly vanished because he hadn't paid his electricity bill, and with his tv off, he was no longer held to Krogarr. The other creatures slew the inventor of the matter-transmitter for trying to fool them, and destroyed the device.

(Wolverine I#136)- A Creature From Krogarr was among the alien life-forms held by the Collector on his prison planet to protect them from Galactus. After Wolverine was thrown into his cell area, the Creature From Krogarr wound up attacking him, thinking that he was in league with the Collector. The fight ended when the mistake came to light.

(Wolverine I#138 (BTS))- The Creature From Krogarr was possibly slain when Galactus devoured the world.

(Hulk III#30) - Xemnu the Titan summoned a gigantic Martian, a Venusian, Zzutak, a Creature from Krogarr, a Blip, a Makluan and Taboo (or a member of his race) to kill the Hulk. When the Impossible Man witnessed how outmatched the Hulk was he merged him with the Red Hulk and they defeated Xemnu's monsters.


(Monsters Unleashed II#3 (fb) - BTS) - The Inhuman Kid Kaiju summoned a Creature from Krogarr along with numerous other monsters to an area outside San Diego, California in defense against the Leviathons.

(Monsters Unleashed II#3) - In gigantic form the Creature from Krogarr joined the fight against the Leviathons. Earth's heroes watched the monsters summoned by Kid Kaiju defeat the Leviathons. After the battle the Creature from Krogarr and the other monsters were teleported back from where they came.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

One of the Mole Man's monsters in Warlock and the Infinity Watch#7 looked like a Creature From Krogarr, but was far too large (mutant Krogarrian?).

The same giant version was seen in Monsters Unleashed II#3.

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Updated by Markus Raymond (Hulk & Monsters Unleashed).

The Creatures From Krogarr should not be confused with:

Joe Hanson was a lazy good-for-nothing who constantly annoyed his wife Clara by fishing, lying on his hammock, flying kites, playing poker and watching his tv, rather than work. When a Creature From Krogarr made contact with him through the tv using a matter-transmitter, Joe helped him travel to Earth, hoping he would be made famous for helping humanity discover him. Joe was then taken hostage and brought to Krogarr, but was instantly returned to Earth when his tv was shut off by the electricity company, as Joe hadn't paid his bill. His only souvenier was a bracelet the creature dropped in his living room.

--Tales To Astonish I#25

An unnamed alien race of small green humanoids were conquered by the Creatures From Krogarr, and were forced to come work as slaves on Krogarr, building new weapons of war for them.

--Tales To Astonish I#25

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Tales To Astonish I#25, page 1
Tales To Astonish I#25, page 3, panel 5
Tales To Astonish I#25, page 6, panel 1

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