Real Name: Googam

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Planet X)

Occupation: Parking valet; former would-be conqueror of Earth

Group Membership: None;
formerly Fin Fang Four (Elektro, Fin Fang Foom, Gorgilla)

Affiliations: Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange), Fantastic Four (kind of), Goom, Kid Kaiju (Kei Kawade), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Viv;
temporarily Abominable Snowman, Blip, Bruttu, Crawling Creature, Creature from Krogarr, Creature from the Black Bog, Green Thing, Insect Man, Klagg, Kraa, Metallo, Monsteroso, Monstro, Monstrom, Moomba, Oog, Orrgo, Pildorr the Plunderer, Quogg, Rommbu, Sporr, Thing that Crawled by Night, Tim Boo Ba, Ulvar, Vandoom's Monster, Zetora, Zzutak;
formerly Bantu Warrior Angel, Donna Angel, Korma Delight Angel, Lotus Petals Angel

Enemies: Fat Cobra, Hercules, Hildegaard of Latveria, Billy Langley, Mark Langley, Helen Langley, David Letterman, Leviathon Tide, Tim Boo Ba, Volstagg;
formerly Fantastic Four

Known Relatives: Goom (father)

Aliases: Stardust Mercury Angel, "Funny Tomato-Man"(as called by Gorgilla); The Son of Goom

Base of Operations: Mobile;
   formerly God Complex, Antarctica;
   formerly Baxter Building, New York City;
   formerly Monster Island;
   formerly Planet X

First Appearance: Tales Of Suspense I#17/1 (May, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Googam was a young alien, still maturing, with new powers which emerged as he grew. Although initially seen at almost the same size as a human, over time he became noticeably larger. Googam demonstrated the ability of telekinesis, although not as great as his father's. He also possessed superhuman strength (class 10), could generate a force field around himself or others, and reduce others in size. He had thin wings under his arms -- had his maturation been completed, he would likely have inherited his father's ability of flight.

History: (Tales Of Suspense I#17/1 - BTS) - When his father Goom first journeyed to the Earth in an attempt to conquer it, the infant Googam was left behind when his father was captured and returned to Planet X.

(Tales Of Suspense I#17/1) - A week after Goom's capture, Googam emerged from the mountains near where his father landed, and captured Billy Langley, son of Mark Langley, the man who had led his father to Earth. He invaded the Langley home and took the Langley family captive while his powers matured and grew. Although Googam's presence at the Langley house was detected by their neighbors the Perkwhistles, and by the local mailman, the stories were disbelieved by others.

Finally, Googam believed that he had reached the height of his power, and prepared to execute the Langleys, but when Billy Langley claimed that he could beat Googam at any Earth game, Googam was intrigued. Billy challenged him to a game of tag, and led him back into the mountains. Billy cleverly led Googam straight into quicksand, which Googam sank into and seemingly died.

(Immortal Weapons#1 (fb) ) - Googam participated in an eating contest held on Mount Olympus by Zeus. Fat Cobra won the contest against Googam, Hercules and Volstagg.

(Marvel Monsters: Fin Fang Four#1) - Googam attacked a small town. The Fantastic Four arrived and quickly defeated the monster. He, like other monsters the Fantastic Four had captured, was remanded to Monster Island.

Years later, Fin Fang Foom (another creature imprisoned there) successfully lobbied to have several of the creatures shrunken to human size and brought back into civilization. Given Googam's youth, it was believed he would be the most easily rehabilitated, and so he was shrunk to the size of a human child (since he himself was a child) and given a job as a parking valet at the Baxter Building.  On a daily basis, the miniaturized Googam planned revenge, suffering insults from Johnny Storm in the process.  Returning to his apartment one day, he was telepathically contacted by a voice claiming to be his father Goom.  The voice told him he was trapped in a subatomic world, and ordered Googam to use one of Mr. Fantastic's machines to free him.  With the help of the intelligence-challenged Gorgilla, Googam did so, but when he opened the portal, it wasn't Goom who emerged -- it was Tim Boo Ba and his legion of warriors!  Foom and Elektro found out what was going on from Gorgilla, and they arrived to find a cowering Googam.  An ever-growing Tim Boo Ba left his minions to deal with the earthly monsters, who quickly defeated the invaders.  In the meantime, Googam attempted to correct his mistake by destroying the machine.  This trapped Tim Boo Ba on Earth, and the four took control of a Fantasti-Car to find him.  Fin Fang Foom's quick thinking led to Tim Boo Ba's defeat, though Googam never really helped. After the "Fin Fang Four" made headlines as heroes, they took part in a press conference in which Googam took credit for their success.  Fin Fang Foom proceeded to drag him away and beat him senseless. A heavily-bandaged Googam later went on the David Letterman Show.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1 - BTS) - Starstruck, Googam resigned from his job at the Baxter Building and sought to explore the world. He submitted a film script to director Dino Domani.

(Civil War: Battle Damage Report) - Tony Stark considered Googam as a potential Initiative recruit.

(Giant-Size Avengers II#1/9/Fin Fang Four Return!#1/1) - Goom, Elektro and Gorgilla attended their required parole visit to Dr. Leonard Samson in the Baxter Building. Googam told Samson how he just wanted to be loved by his father. When Elektro got too excited thinking about Roberta, Googam explained to Samson what was going on. When Foom arrived late because he had used the legal help of Goodman, Lieber, Kurtzberg & Holliway to get the Fin Fang Four out of their required parole visits, Googam got into Foom's face for using human laws to help them out. When Foom called Googam and his father failures they got into a fight soon joined by the other members of the Fin Fang Four, who failed to calm down the situation.

(Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4) - Googam returned to his job as a parking valet at the Baxter Building and told Howie about his dreams of attaining riches, worshipping legions and slaves. When Donna Angel arrived at the building Howie told Googam that she was the richest woman in the world, who kept adopting exotic orphans.

   When Donna was leaving the building again Googam posed as an orphan and Donna immediately took a liking to the alien and told her boyfriend Dirk to call her lawyers so she could adopt Googam. Back in her New York apartment she introduced Googam (Stardust Mercury Angel according to her) to his siblings, then left for a meeting with P. Diddy and the Dalai Lama. Googam enslaved the other children until their nanny Hildegaar arrived and taught them about Latveria. Bored by her lesson Googam screamed at her and received a duncecap, which Googam angrily tossed at her. Hildegaard got into a fight with Googam and spanked it for his bad behavior. Donna Angel arrived back home and saw what Hildegaard was doing and immediately fired her. Googam reveled in her firing and screamed at the Hildegaard to spread the word about the might of Googam, the Son of Goom. When Donna Angel heard that Googam was actually not an orphan she let him go.

   The next day Googam was back on his job as a parking valet at the Baxter Building.

(Incredible Hulk V#12 (fb) - BTS) - Goom and Googam were imprisoned at the God Complex, a prison in Anarctica for threats no ordinary prison could hold.

(Incredible Hulk V#12) - When they had the chance to break out after a battle between Thing and Wolverine against the Hulk, they decided against it when Goom assumed Earth had been destroyed by nuclear bombs while Goom believed everybody had moved to Mars. The monsters descended right back down to their automated, safe underground prison.


(Monsters Unleashed II#2) - The Inhuman Kid Kaiju summoned Googam along with numerous other monsters to an area outside San Diego, California in defense against the Leviathons.

(Monsters Unleashed II#3) - Googam joined the fight against the Leviathons. Earth's heroes watched the monsters summoned by Kid Kaiju defeat the Leviathons.

(Doctor Strange#1.MU) - Googam was hit hard by a Leviathon, who was then knocked down by his father Goom. Googam tried to tell his father that he had everything under control, which Goom laughed at. He searched for a worthier opponent and allowed his son to finish the Leviathon off. Googam was caught off guard again by the Leviathon, but saved by Doctor Strange, who shot an arrow with a mystical stone on the arrowhead at the Leviathon to teleport it away. Googam was furious.

(Monsters Unleashed II#3) - After the battle Googam and the other monsters were teleported back from where they came.

(Doctor Strange#1.MU) - Googam made his way to the Sanctum Sanctorum to confront Doctor Strange for humiliating him in front of his father by defeating the Leviathon. Strange introduced Googam to his librarian Zelma Stanton then used a magic wand to paralyze Googam. Strange revealed that he had not destroyed the Leviathon, but accidentally sent it somewhere else on Earth and offered Googam to work with him to find the Leviathon and stop it. Googam agreed to work with Strange, who borrowed a jet from Spider-Man to travel to Nunavut, Canada where the Leviathon had been teleported to. Googam flew into battle while the Leviathon shot down Strange's jet. The Leviathon swatted Googam easily away. Strange ate a magic mushroom to grow to the Leviathon's size and asked Googam to stay back, but Googam wouldn't listen. The mushroom's effect wore off during the fight and Strange had to be saved by Googam for once. Strange then came up with a new plan and he and Googam lured the Leviathon onto a frozen lake. The Leviathon broke through the ice and Strange used a mystic trinket to shrink it down. Googam grabbed the shrunken Leviathon and slew it. Googam vowed that the only reason he didn't kill Strange was that he could spread word of Googam's victory over this Leviathon. Spider-Man arrived in another jet because he was worried about Strange and landed it on the ice. It broke through the ice in front of Googam, Strange and Spider-Man. The latter called for help to pick them.

(Monsters Unleashed II#4) - Googam fought alongside Viv against a Leviathon.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

In a non-canonical (AFAIK) story in Monster-Size Hulk#1 (December, 2008) Goom tells his son Googam a fairy tale about the Hulk fighting monsters.

All, but the first story in Fin Fang Four Return!#1 were first published as digital comics. The first story was first published in Giant-Size Aengers II#1.

In Iceman and Angel#1 (May, 2011) Goom gets into a fight with the mutants Iceman and Angel while searching for his son Googam, who was at college and had not checked in with him for over a week. Iceman and Angel helped him find Googam, who was enjoying Springbreak in Cancun, Mexico. Goom then took Googam back to Planet X on his spaceship. Several things in this story don't work within Marvel's continuity, which makes its canocity within Earth-616 continuity questionable enough to not include it in the main history.
--Markus Raymond

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Updated by Markus Raymond (Monsters Unleashed).

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