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Real Name: Donna Angel (presumably, see comments)

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Swimsuit model, singer, movie star, United Nations spokesperson on global warming

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Dirk (last name unrevealed), Hildegaard (last name unrevealed)

Enemies: Googam

Known Relatives: Her adopted children (including Bantu Warrior Angel, Korma Delight Angel, Lotus Petals Angel)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile internationally, notably her apartment in New York City; other homes in Paris, Rome, and Madrid

First Appearance: Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4 (July, 2009)

Powers/Abilities: An attractive and multi-talented celebrity, Donna Angel gained great wealth and fame from her skills in the performing arts. She carried a cell phone and had a chauffeur-driven limousine (license plate: ANG-L).


(Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4 (fb) - BTS) - The past of Donna Angel is unknown, but she achieved great stardom and began adopting orphans from exotic locations around the globe. At some point, she became associated with Dirk and Hildegaard. 

(Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4) - One Friday morning, a limousine pulled into the parking garage of the Baxter Building and Donna Angel got out; she was escorted by Dirk. Donna was talking on her cell phone to reschedule her meeting with Donald Trump and Tony Stark, and she requested that Macy's be emptied for the next two hours while she went shopping--she reminded Dirk to bring his wallet, in case he wanted to buy her something. The two were seen by parking attendant Googam and his dim-witted co-worker Howie. The starstruck Howie explained to Googam who the celebrity was and mentioned her penchant for adopting exotic orphans--upon hearing this, Googam began to formulate a scheme to improve his lot in life. Two hours later, Donna and Dirk returned to the garage--Donna was talking on her cell phone, rescheduling her meeting with Kate Moss and Al Gore, while Dirk carried all the shopping bags. They came upon Googam, who was posing as a helpless orphan from a distant and highly exotic alien world. Donna was heartbroken when she saw the poor extraterrestrial waif begging for gruel and crumbs, so she ordered Dirk to call her lawyers and begin adoption procedures. Fifteen minutes later, Donna took her latest adopted child, Googam (whom she called "Stardust Mercury Angel"), into her apartment and introduced him to three of his new siblings, then she and Dirk dashed off to her meeting with P. Diddy and the Dalai Lama. Soon after, Donna Angel's nanny for the children, Hildegaard, became angered by Googam's insolence and finally seized Googam and spanked the unruly extraterrestrial's posterior...but just then, Donna returned and saw her nanny "brutalizing" her son; the furious Donna fired Hildegaard. When the saddened Hildegaard left the apartment with her packed bags, Googam shouted some disparaging remarks at her as she departed, and warned her: "Beware the power of Googam, son of Goom!" But when Donna heard that, she realized she'd been tricked and that Googam really wasn't an orphan, so she apparently had the adoption annulled.

Comments: Created by Scott Gray (writer) and Roger Langridge (art).

I'm assuming "Donna Angel" was her real name, but it may have just been her stage-name. 

It's unclear exactly what Donna's relationship with Dirk was--although he always addressed her a "honey," her only interest in him seemed to be to use him as her "shopping bag sherpa"; maybe he was just a wishful-thinking bodyguard, although he could have been her personal assistant/boyfriend/husband.

When Donna introduced Googam to the three children, she said "It's time you met some of your brothers and sisters," which implies she has other children (and nannies) (exact number unknown), presumably living in her other homes. (BTW-The exact countries of origin of these three particular children were never revealed, so I'm only guessing where they're originally from based on their adopted names and the words of greeting they gave to Googam.)

Donna Angel would seem to be a parody of the trend among some celebrities (such as actress Angelina Jolie) of adopting foreign-born orphans (...mostly for publicity). 

And a BIG Thank You to Grendel Prime for the scans!

Profile by John Kaminski.

Donna Angel has no known connections to:

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Dirk accompanied Donna Angel when she went shopping at Macy's. When they came upon Googam, Donna had Dirk contact her lawyers to make arrangements for adopting the extraterrestrial "orphan". After they took Googam to Donna's apartment, he left with Donna for her meeting with P. Diddy and the Dalai Lama. 



--Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4



An immigrant from Latveria, the husky Hildegaard was employed by Donna Angel as a nanny for three of the celebrity's adopted children. She lived in Donna's New York residence and acted as the primary caregiver and teacher for the kids. Hildegaard ran afoul of Donna's latest adoptee, Googam, who got bored by Hildegaard's seemingly endless lecture on her beloved homeland. When she was forced to give the unruly Googam a spanking, Hildegaard was startled when Donna walked in and saw her nanny "brutalizing" her new son, and Donna immediately fired her.





--Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4

(left-right) Lotus Petals, Korma Delight and Bantu Warrior

Lotus Petals Angel, Korma Delight Angel & Bantu Warrior Angel

Three of Donna Angel's adopted children, they included (left to right in the image) Lotus Petals (from China?), Korma Delight (from India?), and Bantu Warrior (nee Edward Molo) (from South Africa?). They lived in Donna's New York apartment, where Hildegaard was their nanny. When Donna left to go to a meeting, their new brother Googam made it clear to them that he was in charge and assigned them their tasks; while Googam relaxed in a bubble bath, Lotus Petals stirred his daiquiri, Korma Delight adjusted the water temperature, and Bantu Warrior adjusted the television, but then Hildegaard arrived and took charge.




--Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4

Donna's quaint apartment

Donna Angel's New York apartment

One of the luxurious domiciles of Donna Angel, her NY apartment was also the home for three of her adopted children and a nanny; it was within a 15-minute drive of the Baxter Building. When Donna showed it to her newly adopted child Googam, she assured him that her homes in Paris, Rome, and Madrid were much nicer...



--Fin Fang Four Return!#1/4

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