Real Name: Zetora

Identity/Class: Extradimensional?/Alternate Earth? (see comments) extraterrestrial (Martian, Pre-Modern era to modern era)

Occupation: Criminal, would-be world conqueror

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Kid Kaiju (Kei Kawade);
temporarily Abominable Snowman, Blip, Bruttu, Crawling Creature, Creature from Krogarr, Creature from the Black Bog, Fin Fan Foom, Googam, Goom, Gorgilla, Green Thing, Insect Man, It the Living Colossus, Klagg, Kraa, Metallo, Monsteroso, Monstro, Monstrom, Moomba, Oog, Orrgo, Pildorr, Quogg, Rommbu, Sporr, Thing that Crawled by Night, Tim Boo Ba, Ulvar, Vandoom's Monster, Zzutak

Enemies: Humanity, Leviathons, Martian police, Spot, John Warren

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: "John Warren"

Base of Operations: New York;
    formerly Mars;
Pre-Modern era

First Appearance: Journey into Mystery I#57/4 (March, 1960)

Powers/Abilities: Zetora could switch minds and bodies with another person. He used this ability on a human, and it is unknown if he could affect other forms of life. He used a Cosmic X-32 Spaceship that let him travel from Mars to Earth, and a Cosmic Radio that let him communicate between the two planets. He was armed with a disintegrator gun he called an Auto-Disintegrator. He possessed superhuman strength (Class 25?) and resistance to injury, shrugging off attacks by machine guns and bazookas.

History: (Journey into Mystery I#57/4 (fb) - BTS) - Zetora committed a crime on Mars, and was forced to flee to Earth to escape the Martian police.

(Journey into Mystery I#57/4 (fb)) - Zetora destroyed his Cosmic X-32 Spaceship in an effort to leave no evidence of his arrival on Earth.

(Journey into Mystery I#57/4 / Journey into Mystery #58/1 (fb)) - Zetora came upon an Earthling named John Warren, and exchanged bodies with him as a final step in eluding the Martian police. When Warren arrived in town he tried to convince people that a Martian had assumed his identity. Zetora scoffed at him, calling him a fraud. The militia arrived, and they were prepared to shoot Warren, when Warren's dog Spot suddenly attacked Zetora. The militia realized that Zetora was an imposter, and forced him to give Warren his body back. Zetora was taken away by the authorities.

(Journey into Mystery I#58/1) - Moments after arriving in a jail cell, Zetora ripped it to pieces. He planned to earn a pardon on Mars by conquering Earth. He clashed with the military, and rampaged all over New York until the he reached the U.N. The U.N. handed over control of the planet to Zetora. He was about to call Mars when he abruptly died. An autopsy revealed that he was killed by Earth's bacteria, which he had no resistance to.


(Monsters Unleashed II#2) - The Inhuman Kid Kaiju summoned Zetora along with numerous other monsters to an area outside San Diego, California in defense against the Leviathons.

(Monsters Unleashed II#3) - Zetora joined the fight against the Leviathons. Earth's heroes watched the monsters summoned by Kid Kaiju defeat the Leviathons. After the battle Zetora and the other monsters were teleported back from where they came.

Comments: Created by an unnamed writer, Jack Kirby & Dick Ayers.

The Martian Masters entry in the Marvel Legacy 1970s Handbook confirms that this story did in fact take place in reality-616.
--David A. Zuckerman

The ending of Journey into Mystery I#58/1 was a homage/swipe of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, a novel in which invading Martians die in the same manner as Zetora did.

Journey into Mystery I#57/4 was reprinted in Fear#7.

Thanks to Phil Parodayco of Monster Blog! for imagery and information.

Profile by FUTURE.

Updated by Markus Raymond (Monsters Unleashed).

Zetora has known connection to:

Spot has no known connection to:

John Warren has no known connection to:

Sam Harris

John Warren's neighbor. He didn't recognize Warren in Zetora's body, and called for help.

--Journey into Mystery I#57/4






John Warren's dog. Spot was a loving pet, but used to annoy John with his constant need for affection. He was the only one to recognize Warren after his transformation.

--Journey into Mystery I#57/4





John Warren

Discovered Zetora, and had his mind switched into Zetora's body. His new, alien appearance frightened his neighbors, including Sam Harris. He tried to tell them what happened, but no one listened. The militia and police were about to shoot him down when his dog Spot started rubbing his leg. Everyone then realized Warren was telling the truth, and the police forced Zetora to give Warren his body back. Warren was always kind to his dog Spot after this incident.

--Journey into Mystery I#57/4 (58/1 (fb)





Journey into Mystery I#57/4, splash page;
(Sam Harris) Journey into Mystery I#57/4, p5, pan5
(Spot) Journey into Mystery I#57/4, p2, pan3
(John Warren) Journey into Mystery I#57/4, p2, pan5

Journey into Mystery I#57-58 (May-June, 1960) - Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks), Stan Lee (editor)
Fear#7 (May, 1971) - reprint
Monsters Unleashed II#2 (April, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Greg Land (pencils), Jay Leisten (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)
Monsters Unleashed II#3 (April, 2017) - Cullen Bunn (writer), Leinil Francis Yu (pencils), Gerry Alanguilan & Michael Jason Paz (inks), Mark Paniccia (editor)

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