Real Name: Mark Langley

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Scientist

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Googam, Goom

Known Relatives: Helen Langley (wife), Billy Langley (son)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: a laboratory located in the mountains

First Appearance: Tales Of Suspense I#15 (March, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: Mark Langley was a brilliant scientist, particularly with communication equipment.

History: (Tales Of Suspense I#15)- Mark Langley was an intelligent scientist whose belief that other planets existed in earth's solar system but were disguised by space and time warps made him a laughingstock amongst his peers, so he set out to a laboratory in the mountains with his wife Helen to prove them wrong. He sent out a radio transmission which reached Planet X, where it was intercepted by the alien criminal Goom. Goom followed the transmission back to earth, and landed his craft outside of Langley's laboratory. Goom demonstrated his might to the Langleys, and took Helen hostage, to force Mark to bring earth's greatest scientists and statemen to him, without them knowing his true intention was to conquer the earth.

As Goom made several demonstrations of his power to humanity, Langley returned to his communication equipment, and sent another broadcast to Planet X. His fellow humans thought that he was a traitor, but the aliens who arrived proved to be benevolent, and took Goom into their custody. Langley had correctly surmised that any race as civilized as Goom's could not be truly evil, and that Goom was of the minority.

(Tales Of Suspense I#17)- A week later, after Mark's son Billy had returned from military school, Googam, the son of Goom, was found by Billy in the mountains, and he held the Langleys captive in their home while he waited for his power to grow. Mark and Helen tried to escape Googam, but he placed a force field around Billy to prevent them from bringing him with them. Mark also tried throwing a note to the local mailman, but the mailman's story was not believed. Before Googam could execute the Langleys, he was challenged to a game of tag by Billy, and Billy cleverly led Googam into a patch of quicksand, where he seemingly died.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Dick Ayers.

by Prime Eternal

Mark Langley should not be confused with:

Helen Langley was married to Mark Langley, and was the mother of Billy Langley. She accompanied Mark during his attempt at locating life in earth's solar system, and was held captive by Goom to force Mark into bringing him earth's scientists and statesmen. Helen was also held captive by Googam in her home when he emerged from the mountains, but was saved by her son.

--Tales of Suspense I#15, 17

Lt. William "Billy" Langley

(Tales of Suspense I#17) - Billy Langley was the son of Mark and Helen Langley. After returning home from military school, he found Googam in the mountains by his family's home, and was taken captive along with his family by Googam. After failed attempts at escaping, Billy challenged Googam to game of tag, and led him into a patch of quicksand, where Googam seemingly died.

(Marvel Monsters: From the Files of Ulysses Bloodstone and the Monster Hunters#1) - Now a lieutenant, Langley was interviewed by Kat Farrell regarding Googam's supposed rehabilitation, which he cast doubt on.

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Other appearances:
Tales Of Suspense I#17 (May, 1961) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), Jack Kirby (pencils), Dick Ayers (inks)

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