Real Name: Ian Langstrom

Identity/Class:  Human

Occupation: Navy Lieutenant and '1800' (oceanographic specialist assigned to naval office)

Group Membership: United States Navy

Affiliations: Carrie Alexander, Andromeda, Diane Arliss-Newell, Captain America (Rogers), Roberts, Stingray, Sub-Mariner, Triton

Enemies: Llyron

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Hydropolis (formerly known as Aquaria)

First Appearance: Namor I#46 (January, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Langstrom received training as a United States Navy lieutenant

History: (Namor I#46 (fb)) - Lt. Langstrom was appointed by the Navy to oversee the deployment of funds in the building of the undersea city, Aquaria, that Walter Newell (Stingray) had proposed to them.  He moved to a specially prepared undersea habitat with Walter and Diane Newell, Carrie Alexander, and others to oversee the construction.

(Namor I#46) - When the Newells brought Namor to see the habitat, Namor was furious to hear the Navy was involved.  Langstrom casually reminded Namor how expensive the entire project was.  As Namor and Carrie caught up on old times, Langstrom reminded them they had work to do and Namor slammed Langstrom into the wall until Carrie agreed with Langstrom. 

(Namor I#47) - Langstrom offered the Inhuman Triton, who was visiting the undersea habitat, some boiled seaweed.  Triton initially inferred prejudice from Langstrom's offer, but rescinded that judgment after Langstrom explained that seaweed was a delicacy. 

(Namor I#49) - Langstrom burst into the kitchen after the alarms went off and chastised Carrie for cooking with hot oil until he realized she'd been making a dish for him.  Feeling sheepish, he apologized and quickly exited when Namor arrived.  When undersea Skarkan barbarians approached, Langstrom prepared to fire on them.  Namor quickly stopped a battle from taking place, realizing that the Skarkans, led by Andromeda, had come to join them. 

(Doctor Strange: Sorcerer Supreme#64) - Doctor Strange contacted Namor mystically. Langstrom saw Namor speaking to himself and thought he was hallucinating. He spoke to Winston.

(Namor I#55) - Namor led Langstrom, Carrie, and Diane into the finished city, which Stingray christened Hydropolis (formerly called Aquaria).  Langstrom comforted Carrie's initial fears, and the two had their arms around each other.  After they were joined by Triton, Carrie teased Langstrom over trying to open a bottle of champagne and kissed him on the cheek.

(Namor I#56) - Langstrom and Stingray brought Namor word that communications in the surface world had been severed and that Llyron, acting as an emissary from Atlantis, was applying for United Nations membership.

(Namor I#57) - When Namor was implicated in an attack on the surface world, Langstrom was ordered to apprehend Namor should he return.  When Namor did return, Carrie tried to warn him, but Langstrom moved to make the arrest.  Captain America stepped in to help, and battled Namor briefly.  When Roberts, one of Langstrom's men, drew a gun and prepared to fire it at Namor, Langstrom angrily disarmed Roberts, wondering how Roberts got a gun in Hydropolis and reminding Roberts what would happen should a gun be fired in that environment.  When Captain America appeared injured, Langstrom tried to jump in and help, but Namor managed to escape. 

(Namor I#58) - Langstrom returned with his crew after looking for Namor and began removing his diving gear.  After he received a call saying that Avengers were going after Namor, he got into an argument with Carrie about Namor's innocence.

Comments: Created by Glenn Herdling and Geof Isherwood.

Profile by Chadman


Lt. Ian Langstrom has no known connections to


(Namor I#57) - Roberts was one of Lt. Langstrom's men stationed at Hydropolis.  When Langstrom was ordered to arrest the Sub-Mariner, Namor resisted and ended up battling Captain America.  Roberts, seeking to help, drew a gun and prepared to fire at  Namor.  Langstrom angrily dislodged the weapon, reminding Roberts what firing a gun in that environment would do and wondering how Roberts got a gun down there in the first place.

--Namor I#57

Namor I#47, p20, pan1
Namor I#57, p4, pan2
(Roberts) - Namor I#57, p14, pan1

Namor I#46-47 (January-February, 1994) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Geof Isherwood (penciler/inker), Mike Rockwitz (editor)
Dr. Strange III#64 (April-May, 1994) - David Quinn (writer), Melvin Rubi (pencils), Fred Harper (inks), Evan Skolnick (editor)
Namor I#55-58 (October, 1994-January, 1995) - Glenn Herdling (writer), Geof Isherwood (penciler/inker), Mike Rockwitz (editor)


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