SLIG race

Classification: Extra-terrestrial insectoid

Location/Base of Operations: Planet Ankara, sixth from the sun in the Ryneb star system, Milky Way galaxy

Estimated population: 4.2 billion

Known Members: Grogarr (deceased), Krogg (deceased), five other unnamed criminals

Affiliations: None known

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#209 (August, 1979)

Physical characteristics:
    Average height: 6'        Eyes: two        Fingers: inapplicable        Skin color: brown

Special adaptations: Each Slig has eight tentacle-like limbs. The front limbs can be used for grasping and manipulating objects. Sligs have telepathic powers and can apparently levitate themselves.
    Their bodies shrivel upon death.

Traits: No obvious universal traits. One encountered was a police officer, while others were a group of criminals

Type of government: Republics

Level of Technology: Advanced starships with warp-drive, body armor, translators, and energy blasters

(Fantastic Four I#209 (fb) - BTS) - Grogarr captured Krogg and five other Slig criminals and was transporting them back to Ankara when they escaped and mortally wounded him. Their badly damaged ship was left floating helplessly a section of the cosmos known as the "Sargasso of Space," which served as a virtual graveyard of spaceships.

(Fantastic Four I#209) - During their search for Galactus, the Fantastic Four detected lifesigns in one of the ships in the "Sargasso of Space." They investigated and found the dying guard Grogarr, who warned them about the escaped prisoners, Krogg and the others, before passing on. As they searched the ship, they were assaulted by Krogg's men. As they struggled, the FF noticed that Krogg was making a beeline for the Xandarian Nova Ship the FF had been piloting. Defeating the others, the FF made it to the Nova ship, only to find Krogg already dead. The only other present aboard the Nova ship had been the robot HERBIE, but told them that life extinction was not part of its programming.
    The FF put the six surviving Slig prisoners into stasis and sent a sonic beacon from Grogarr's ship to the Slig homeworld, based on previous settings. They then left the prisoners in a small cargo device and continued their mission.

Comments: Created by Marv Wolfman, John Byrne, and Joe Sinnott.

    I can't remember if it is actually spelled out anywhere, but it can be ASSumed that HERBIE did indeed slay Krogg, as by this time HERBIE had become possessed by the mind of Dr. Sun.

The Sligs received a profile in the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe I#9 and Deluxe Edition#15. Much of the specific data about them is derived from those sources. They are listed as having two eyes, though they have two distinct round structures between each of their larger eyes, that might be a second pair of eyes, or could be olfactory (sense of smell) organs, or something else entirely.

    The Sargasso of Space is presumably named after the Sargasso Sea, as detailed here:
Why the Skrulls would name a sector of space after a location on Earth is unknown, but possibly it's just a translation of a similar phenomenon on another world.

    I'd like to see Krogg's five unnamed compatriots plot revenge against the FF. Perhaps they were freed somehow before the authorities could find them. Maybe this was what happened in West Coast Avengers II#30. They might have not remembered who they were after exactly--as all humans would look the same to them--but did remember they were from Earth. They might have just looked different b/c of artistic license?

They should be distinguished from:

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A police officer, he had captured Krogg and five other criminals and was transporting them back to Ankara, when they escaped. He was mortally wounded in the struggle, though he managed to put up a brave front and try to bluff the Fantastic Four when they arrived. After they informed him that they would not hurt him, he only had time to explain what had happened before dying.


--Fantastic Four I#209 (209 (fb) - BTS, 209





Krogg & the others

A group of dangerous criminals, they had been capturd by Grogarr and were being transported back to Ankara when they managed to escape and mortally wound Grogarr. When the Fantastic Four arrived, the five others attacked them while Krogg made his way to try to steal their ship. Upon arriving, Krogg was slain, presumably by the robot HERBIE under the influence of Dr. Sun. The others were defeated by the FF when Reed wrapped around them like a human cage and Ben swung it into a wall, knocking them out.
    The five remaining criminals were put in a cargo pod in suspended animation and left floating in space, while a beacon was sent from Grogarr's ship to Ankara, so that they might be retrieved by the proper authorities.

note: Krogg was only seen from a distance and completely covered by a spacesuit.

--Fantastic Four I#209 (209 (fb) - BTS, 209





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Fantastic Four I#209 (August, 1979) - Marv Wolfman (writer/editor), John Byrne (pencils), Joe Sinnott (inks)

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