Classification: Extra-Terrestrial

Location/Base of Operations: planet unnamed, presumably from the Milky Way galaxy

Known Members: Supreme One (leader)

Affiliations: No known allies; Examiner (agent)

Enemies: West Coast Avengers (Dr. Pym, Hawkeye, Iron Man, Mockingbird, Moon Knight, Tigra, Wonder Man)

Appearances: West Coast Avngers II#30 (March, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Unrevealed. The Sligs appear to be semi-insectoid. They are technologically advanced. They possess interplanetary starships. They are able to open inter-dimensional portals (or at least one). They can built powerful robots and can analyze the abilities of others and rebuild so that they are no longer vulnerable to the same attack. They can also render beings out of phase with a dimension so that they cannot interfere with other events.

Traits: Belligerent and strategic, but easily deceived.

History: The Slig claim to be a small but powerful race of warriors, and they were intent on cutting a swath on conquest through this galaxy. Earth was next on their list, but they had heard that the planet had powerful protectors: The Avengers, feared and respected by such powerful races as the Kree and Skrulls. Rather than rush in blindly, the Slig decided to send a scouting party, analyze the Avengers, and formulate a way to defeat them.

They did this by transporting the West Coast Avengers to an alien dimension and testing them in single combat against the Examiner, a robot able to be rebuilt after each defeat, resistant to the source of its previous destruction. However, the Avengers each succeeded in destroying it, and the power output required overloaded the batteries of the scouting ship, causing it to explode. The ship did manage to send back its data to the Supreme One, but his computers misinterpreted the data, so that it appeared as if each person on earth was as powerful as the combined might of the Avengers. The Supreme One cancelled all invasion plans and warned all of his fleets to avoid Earth's sector at all costs.










images: (without ads)
West Coast Avengers II#30, p23, pan4 (Slig Supreme One)
West Coast Avengers II#30, p23, pan5 (Slig)
West Coast Avengers II#30, p6, pan5 (Slig with space armor)
West Coast Avengers II#30, p4, pan5 (Wonder Man VS Slig robots)

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