Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Cab-driver

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: fellow cabbies

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City
formerly Central City, California

First Appearance: Fantastic Four I#1 (November, 1961)

Powers/Abilities: By all accounts, "Cabbie" is a rather fine cab driver.

History: (Fantastic Four I#1) - One day, as "Cabbie" was driving about, seeking a fare, he suddenly spied a bill of money in the air before him, as a voice told him to accept his fare. Not realizing that the Invisible Girl had been riding in his cab, he panicked, and quickly drove away.

BTS- During the intervening years, "Cabbie" came to live in New York City, where he continued in his career as a cab driver.

(Fantastic Four I#160) - While driving his cab in Manhattan, "Cabbie" gave a lift to Alicia Masters, bringing her to the Baxter Building. Along the way, he recounted his meeting with the Invisible Girl to her, and indicated that he'd mistrusted super-heroes ever since.

(Tales of the Marvel Universe#1/2) - Many years later, following the disappearance of many of Earth's heroes (including the Fantastic Four and Avengers) during the battle with Onslaught, "Cabbie" met with several fellow drivers, and raised a toast to the passing of Earth's greatest heroes. He regaled them with the story of how he had once met the Invisible Girl, a story they had heard far too often.

Noticing footage of the Thunderbolts' battle with the Hulk on television, the other men suggested that they might fill the void, but "Cabbie" was skeptical, pointing to such facts as Citizen V carrying a sword as compared to Captain America's shield as proof that the true heroes were gone. However, just then they saw live footage of the Thunderbolts rescuing people from buildings that had been set on fire during the battle with Onslaught. This impressed "Cabbie" greatly, and he hoped that perhaps these new heroes might fill the void at that. He also said he was willing to give them a ride in his cab any time.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

In the Marvel Comics Index to the Fantastic Four#1, George Olshevsky remarked in regards to the cab driver that, "it is extremely unlikely that they make any further appearances to date." Then, perhaps. But now...

"Cabbie" is quite possibly the most obscure Marvel character to ever make two appearances...at least until that guy from Central City whose clothing store was smashed by the Thing in FF#1 makes a return appearance.

by Prime Eternal

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Other appearances:
Fantastic Four I#160 (July, 1975) - Roy Thomas (writer/editor), John Buscema (pencils), Chic Stone (inks)
Tales of the Marvel Universe#1 (February, 1997) - Tom DeFalco & Kurt Busiek (writers), Rick Leonardi & Mark Bagley (pencils), Al Williamson & Vince Russel (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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