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RING ("of Full Power")

Classification: Power item

Creator: Unrevealed

User/Possessors: Doctor Strange;

formerly the Ancient One

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#117/2 (February, 1964) 

Powers/Abilities/Functions: The faceted ring enabled a magic user in ethereal form to access and use the full extent of their powers as if they used their physical body.


(Strange Tales I#117/2) - It is not known who created the magic ring. It came into the possession of the Ancient One, who presented it to Doctor Strange for his loyalty and also to help him to defeat Baron Mordo. Strange, who was in ethereal form, was weaker than in his physical body. But wearing the magic Ring allowed him to access to all his powers and repel Mordo's shadowy shapes by focusing his enchantments through the facets of the ring. Eventually, Strange was able to hurl the evil enchantments back, thereby defeating Mordo.

(Doctor Strange II#81) - Doctor Strange destroyed all his magic artifacts so that the evil Urthona could not use them. Although not shown, this ring was probably among them.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Steve Ditko (pencils & inks).

This enchanted ring did not actually have a name; I added the definition "of full power" or "of physical body power enabling" only to distinguish it from any other ring. Very powerful magic rings usually have a name. So, probably, this was not considered so powerful, or probably it was because it appeared in very few panels. 

In the Marvel Universe it is known that a magic user can use a magic power rather greater than the power he can access in his ectoplasmic form.

I wonder how a ring can fit on an ethereal, non-solid finger, it should be magic sort of.--Spidermay

Profile by Spidermay.

This magic Ring has no known connection to:

Strange Tales I#117/2, p7, pan 4 (Ring)

Other Appearances: None

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