Membership: None named

Purpose: To commit crimes posing as the Beatles

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Thing

Base of Operations: Manhattan, New York

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#130 (March, 1965)

History: (Strange Tales I#130)- Three crooks, disguised as members of the rock group the Beatles, managed to steal the payroll at a venue where the Beatles were playing, thanks to the Human Torch, whose display of powers outside the theatre provided them with a distraction.

The crooks' car was stuck to the highway by the Human Torch, melting the tar, and they fled into an amusement park. They managed to use equipment in the water park to snuff out the Human Torch's flame, and attempted to drown him in the park's high diving tank, but the Thing appeared to save him.

The crooks attempted to flee from the Thing on a rollercoaster, but the Thing tore up the tracks, knocking them onto a ferris wheel. One of them climbed off the wheel and attempted to hit the Thing from behind, but the Human Torch had revived, and stopped him. Finally, the two heroes tied the crooks up and left them in a swimming pool for the police.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Bob Powell and Chic Stone.

To avoid topical references, perhaps it was a Beatles cover act that the Thing and Human Torch went to see?

Note to crooks who think a rollercoaster is a great getaway vehicle: it travels in circles, ya dopes.

by Prime Eternal

The Beatles imposters should not be confused with:

Images taken from:
Strange Tales I#130, page 6, panel 6

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