Real Name: Doris "Dorrie" Evans

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Homemaker (see comments)

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Asbestos Man (Orson Kasloff), Barnaby "Bull" Brogin, Fantastic Four (Human Torch/Johnny Storm, Invisible Woman/Susan Richards, Mr. Fantastic/Reed Richards, Thing/Ben Grimm), Marcia Hardesty, Human Torch (Johnny Storm), Iceman (Robert Drake), Alicia Masters, Wayne Morris, Sally, Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Tommy, Chris Turner;
    apparently a cover band of
the Beatles (George Harrison, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr/Richard Starkey; see comments);

Enemies: Beetle (Abner Jenkins), George Bentley, Captain Barracuda, Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), Plant-Man (Samuel Smithers), Puppet Master (Philip Masters)

Known Relatives: Two unidentified children, Sam (ex-husband), Mr. Evans (father), Mrs. Evans (mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#113/1 (October, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: None.

Height: 5'4"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Brown (occasionally dyed other colors)

(Fantastic Four: Marvels Snapshot#1 (fb) - BTS) - Doris "Dorrie" Evans grew up with her parents in Glenville, outside of New York City. She knew everyone in town growing up, including Susan and Johnny Storm, who later went on to become super-powered members of the Fantastic Four.

(Strange Tales I#113/1 (fb) - BTS) - Dorrie once gave her father an engraved watch for his birthday. Dorrie agreed to go out with Johnny, now the hero known as the Human Torch, though she didn't care for the heroic side of him, believing that part of his life was too dangerous.

(Strange Tales I#113/1) - When Johnny arrived to pick up Dorrie as the Human Torch, she scolded him and asked him to return to normal, then refused his offer to pick her up and fly. Dorrie and Johnny saw Mr. Evans arguing with their gardener, Sam Smithers, about an invention Smithers had made. Dorrie made Johnny take a bus to where he'd parked his car, after which she encouraged him to drive safely and told him that she wished he could settle down into a normal life. When Dorrie got home, she found the police accusing Mr. Evans of having robbed a safe, since the watch Dorrie had given him had been left in front of it. Human Torch stopped by and promised to clear Dorrie's father, and he later revealed that Smithers had committed the robbery as the new super-villain known as the Plant-Man. Dorrie thanked the Human Torch, then wished again he would stop being a hero.

(Strange Tales I#114/1 / Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty#11 (fb)) - When Human Torch complained about Captain America, Dorrie exclaimed that Captain America was a real hero and one that she could fall for. Human Torch grew exasperated with how Dorrie idolized Cap but wanted Torch to stop being a hero. Torch accidentally flamed on during his frustration, and he exploded a soda bottle and burned the linoleum in Dorrie's home. Knowing her mother would be furious, Dorrie told Torch to get out, and then she called to order new linoleum.

(Strange Tales I#119/1 (fb)) - When Dorrie started dating another guy, Johnny was furious and began acting erratically.

(Strange Tales I#119/1) - Dorrie got back together with Johnny, telling him that she'd just been trying to make him jealous. Dorrie told Johnny that she'd never try to make him jealous again now that she'd seen how angry he could get.

(Strange Tales I#120/1) - Dorrie went on a date with Johnny, listening to live music on a boat. When Bobby Drake flirted with her, Dorrie refused his advances, and Johnny approached, showing off his flame powers to scare Bobby away. Bobby, who was secretly the mutant Iceman, froze Dorrie and Johnny's drinks in retaliation. Dorrie later saw the pirate Captain Barracuda and his crew take over the boat. Johnny melted one of the criminal's guns and then put Dorrie in a cabin so he could fight the rest of the villains without worrying about her. Barracuda tried escaping, taking Dorrie hostage on a speedboat. The boat crashed into an ice pillar, made by Iceman, and Human Torch saved her. Dorrie laughed, wondering if they had seen Iceman in his human form on the boat without realizing it.

(Strange Tales I#121/1) - Hearing that Plant-Man had escaped and was robbing people, Dorrie rushed to the Human Torch and shared her fears that Plant-Man might attack her father.

(Strange Tales I#121/1 - BTS) - Plant-Man had his sentient plants take Dorrie hostage.

(Strange Tales I#121/1) - The Thing rescued Dorrie, and Human Torch defeated Plant-Man. That night, Dorrie told Johnny how proud she was of him, but she worried when he gave her a gift that it would be a plant. Dorrie was pleased to learn it was chocolates.

(Strange Tales I#123) - Dorrie and Johnny went on a double date with the Thing and his girlfriend Alicia Masters. Ben and Johnny took the girls up in the Fantasticar, but were then called on a Fantastic Four mission. Before the heroes walked away, Dorrie stopped them from fighting with some loudmouths who had been teasing them.

(Strange Tales I#124/1) - Johnny took Dorrie bowling, and she was furious when he got called out on another mission. As he flew away, Dorrie told him to not bother returning. When Johnny got back and explained that he'd helped the Thing defeat Paste-Pot Pete, Dorrie forgave him, and admitted that his unpredictability was part of his appeal.

(Strange Tales I#126 - BTS) - Johnny warned Ben that they would be late for their date with Dorrie and Alicia when Ben, secretly controlled by the Puppet Master, attacked him.

(Marvels#2) - Johnny took Dorrie on a date to an art show, showcasing Alicia Masters' work. When Johnny threatened to use flame to heat up Dorrie's food, she told him not to.

(Strange Tales III#1 (fb)) - Dorrie and Alicia interrupted a fight between Thing and the Human Torch at the Baxter Building. Dorrie got mad at Johnny when she saw them scuffling like children because Johnny was supposed to have been ready when she arrived for their date. Johnny took Dorrie to Darlin' Dick's Drive-In with his new Camaro and made Johnny promise to stay with her all evening and not flame on. Johnny overheard two girls talking about alligators in the sewers and considered it merely superstitions. Moments later a group of alligators crawled out of the men's restroom, and the Human Torch flew off into action, angering Dorrie.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#17 (fb) - BTS) - When there was news that Spider-Man was going to do a public demonstration, Johnny wanted to attend, but Dorrie made him promise not to compete with the hero, only to watch.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#17) - At the public event, Dorrie reminded Johnny of his promise, but Johnny grew suspicious that the Spider-Man doing the demonstration was not real (and he was correct, as it was Flash Thompson behind the mask). The Green Goblin attacked, though Dorrie and the others in the crowd thought it was an act for a time. Dorrie was frustrated when Johnny got involved in the fight, but forgave him when she realized he'd been needed.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#21) - Dorrie was on a date with Johnny when he got word that the Beetle had escaped from prison and he rushed off to find the villain. When Johnny returned, Dorrie threatened to break up with him, but he promised that he would avoid flaming on for a full 24 hours to prove that he was dedicated to her. Dorrie went out shopping, but found herself distracted about Johnny, after which some kids, including Tommy, bumped into her and she dropped all her packages. Peter Parker helped Dorrie pick up the packages, and she was pleased to meet such a nice boy, not realizing she'd also dropped her wallet. Dorrie was pleased when Peter brought her wallet over, and she fixed him a glass of Coke as he told her all about his good grades and his loving aunt. When Johnny came over, Dorrie told him that she wished he was more like Peter, and Johnny rolled his eyes. 

    That night, Dorrie was horrified to see Beetle and Spider-Man battling right outside her window. She called Johnny for help, but he didn't believe her, thinking it was a ruse to get him to flame on before the 24 hours were up. The duo burst through Dorrie's window, cutting her off from the phone, then Beetle took Dorrie hostage. As Beetle flew away with Dorrie, she begged him not to drop her, and he soon set her down on a nearby roof to battle Spider-Man and the Human Torch, who'd just arrived. Dorrie thanked Johnny for his help, and he noted that she certainly didn't mind him being the Human Torch when she was the one in trouble. Dorrie believed that Spider-Man had been in league with the Beetle, but Johnny didn't think so.

(Amazing Spider-Man I#8/2) - Dorrie invited Johnny to a party at her home with friends, including Sally, but Spider-Man showed up and sparred with the Human Torch for fun.

(Fantastic Four: Marvels Snapshot#1 (fb) - BTS) - Dorrie began experiencing nightmares about Johnny flaming on while kissing her and accidentally burning her alive. She also had trauma related to the constant danger she was in by dating Johnny.

(Strange Tales I#129) - Dorrie and Johnny went golfing on a date, and she both chided Johnny for missing a shot and got angry with him when he lost his temper and burned up the golfball. When Johnny got called off on a mission, Dorrie wondered what she was doing dating a super hero.

(Strange Tales I#130) - Dorrie and Alicia were starstruck when they saw the Beatles (see comments) in town for a show, and Dorrie bought four tickets to the concert quickly before it could sell out. That night, Johnny and the Thing took Dorrie and Alicia to the concert (with the Thing lifting a car into the air so the girls could use the second story entrance). They saw the Beatles inside and heard the box office had been robbed, so Dorrie and Alicia stayed behind while Johnny and Thing went to stop the robbers. Johnny and Thing got back just as the concert ended, and Dorrie and Alicia promised to tell them all about it.

(Spider-Man/Human Torch#1) - Dorrie waited for her date with Johnny while he was busy developing a picture and checking the newspaper to see if it reported on him.

   Later, Dorrie went out with Johnny while Peter Parker took their photo for the paper. As Johnny bragged about himself, Dorrie admired Peter, then asked him to join them for lunch, but just then a security alarm went off, and both Peter and Johnny rushed to investigate.

(Strange Tales I#132) - When Johnny cancelled a date with Dorrie due to a Fantastic Four mission, Dorrie claimed it was the 113th time he'd stood her up. She promised to forgive him if he was back in time for the game, but he said he couldn't promise. Dorrie rushed off in tears, asking Johnny to never try to see her again. Regretting her decision, Dorrie rushed to the Baxter Building, where she asked Thing to tell Johnny she'd forgiven him. When Johnny returned, Dorrie hugged him tightly, but when he said he'd take her to the game, she said she wanted to stay in with him and hear about his adventures.

(Strange Tales I#133 (fb) ) - Dorrie and Alicia convinced Johnny and Thing to go to an art exhibit with them by promising to visit the sporting goods section of a department store afterward. They laughed at Thing when he mistook a mannequin as real, but when Alicia tried to touch the mannequin, a bald man (secretly the Puppet Master) shooed them away from it. The man apologized and offered them four free tickets to his sculpture exhibit that evening, and they agreed to return. At the exhibit, Dorrie and Alicia admired the art as Johnny and Thing wandered away.

(Strange Tales I#133) - Dorrie and Alicia soon received a note, in odd handwriting, seemingly from Johnny and Thing, that invited them to come to the basement after the exhibit closed. When they got to the basement, Johnny and Thing claimed that it was closed, though they had just defeated the Puppet Master. Dorrie suggested they visit more art galleries.

(Fantastic Four I#38 - BTS) - The Human Torch left the Baxter Building to take Dorrie out for a soda.

(Fantastic Four Annual I#3 - BTS) - Dorrie intentionally didn't attend the wedding of Reed Richards and Susan Storm with Johnny.

(Fantastic Four I#45 - BTS) - After days of not seeing her, Johnny called Dorrie to ask her out, but she told him she had another date.

(Fantastic Four I#50 - BTS) - Johnny ended his relationship with Dorrie because he couldn't stop thinking about Crystal, but they remained friends. She lent Johnny her car when his car was at the repair shop after it got damaged in a fight with Dragon Man.

(Fantastic Four I#134 (fb) - BTS) - Three months later, Dorrie met a man named Sam and married him soon after graduation. They had two children (likely twins) shortly thereafter.

(Fantastic Four I#134) - Two years later Johnny showed up at Dorrie's house with a bouquet of flowers, seemingly interested in asking her out, and was shocked to find that she was married with two children. Johnny left, quickly and awkwardly.

(Fantastic Four: Marvels Snapshot#1 (fb) - BTS) - Over the years, Dorrie turned down many opportunities to write books or do interviews about the times she dated Johnny Storm. Johnny visited Dorrie regularly, building relationships with her kids, especially as Sam was out on frequent business trips. When a filmmaker planned to do a story about Glenville, the area Dorrie grew up in, scheduled for the night of Dorrie's tenth high school reunion, and Dorrie agreed.

(Fantastic Four: Marvels Snapshot#1) - Dorrie had her dad watch her kids while she was getting dressed up for her interview. After her family teased her about being nervous to see Johnny again, Dorrie welcomed the filmmakers, Marcia Hardesty and Chris Turner, and left with them, as her father ranted about the time Johnny burned their linoleum. Dorrie showed them around town, including the museum to Johnny that had been donated by a contractor named George Bentley, someone Johnny had once saved from the ruler of the Fifth Dimension. Dorrie and the filmmakers took a tour of the museum from Wayne Morris, then interviewed Orson Kasloff (the former Asbestos Man) and Bull Brogin. Dorrie recounted her own romantic history with Johnny before Johnny arrived. Johnny pretended to forget names, to only casually remember Dorrie, and to offend others as the cameras recorded. Later, when the cameras were off, Dorrie and the civilians of Glenville met with Johnny for a private party on the beach. Dorrie returned home to her father and kids.

(Fantastic Four I#645 (fb) - BTS) - Dorrie and Sam got divorced.

(Fantastic Four I#645) - Dorrie ran into Johnny signing autographs, and she had to laugh at his new plans to become a rock star on top of being a super hero. Johnny offered to make Dorrie dinner that night at her place, and she accepted.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Joe Carter, and Dick Ayers.

    We've never learned the last name of Dorrie's husband, or the names of her children. Many of Dorrie's stories take place in the 60s, where she is portrayed as a fickle and emotional teen who breaks up with and reconnects with Johnny rather vapidly, giving him lots of time to roll his eyes about never understanding women. Stories back then seemed to tell similar stories about many women, including, prominently, Wasp, Mary Jane Watson, Karen Page, Pepper Potts, Jane Foster, and others, constantly pining for the attention of men and responding with lots of emotion over everything.

    Dorrie received a small profile in Marvel Encyclopedia: Fantastic Four (2004).

    Thanks to Markus Raymond for adding a few BTS appearances and Strange Tales III#1.

    Strange Tales I#130 had Dorrie Evans and Alicia Masters meeting the Beatles while the Thing and the Human Torch took down Beatles imposters who stole the payroll at a venue in which the Beatles played. That was all good in 1965. However, the Beatles broke up in 1970, John Lennon died in 1980, and George Harrison died in 2001. As the sliding timescale has rolled along, no more than 12-15 years have passed since Fantastic Four I#1, meaning that -- in 2021 -- Dorrie was in high school in 2006 (and moving forward every year). The point being, Dorrie's meeting the Beatles was a topical reference, fitting at the time of publication, but not so much in the framework of the Marvel Universe and its sliding timescale. So, Dorrie and Alicia likely met the members of a cover band (maybe even the Skrull Beatles) or something else...but they did not MEET THE BEATLES.

    This profile was completed 05/29/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary's celebratory event.

Profile by Chadman.

Dorrie Evans has no known connections to:

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