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Real Name: Adrian Turner

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Spy

Group Membership: His own spy organization;

formerly Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

AffiliationsAgent Evens;

formerly Honcho

EnemiesTeam America (Cowboy (Luke Merriweather), Honcho (James McDonald), R.U. Reddy (Winthrop Roan, Jr.), Wolf, Wrench (Leonard Hebb), Marauder)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile in the USA

First Appearance: Team America#5 (1982)

Powers/Abilities: Adrian Turner was a professional spy trained by the United States government, and as such was familiar with all espionage tactics and weapons.


(Team America#5 - BTS) – Turner and Honcho often worked together at the CIA. Turner left under unrevealed circumstances.

(Team America#5 (fb) - BTS) – Honcho was contacted by Agent Evens and told that Turner had gone rogue, and ordered him to infiltrate his organization. Unbeknownst to Honcho, Evens had been a partner with Turner, but had been fired from the Federal Bureau of Investigations years ago, and the order was an attempt to trick Honcho into joining Turner’s group.

(Team America#5) – After finishing a race, Honcho was contacted by Turner, who claimed to be heading a new spy group, answerable only to the President. Honcho agreed to join, keeping tabs on his former friend and relaying all the info back to Evens. After Honcho accepted, Turner put him through a series of grueling tests. Pleased with the results, Turner told Honcho of his first mission. Honcho contacted Evens and then went back to sleep, assuming the FBI would be at the site to arrest Turner. The next day, Honcho and Turner arrived at a private airfield. Turner informed Honcho that the departing plane was loaded with double agents, and that it was Honcho’s job to bring them all back alive. Turner was impressed when Honcho forced the plane to land without losing a single passenger. Once on the ground, Turner and his men surrounded Honcho. Turner informed Honcho that the men were not double agents, but rather Soviet defectors and their Secret Service escorts. When told of Agent Evens and the FBI’s imminent arrival, Turner stepped back and allowed Evens to knock Honcho out. 

    Back at Turner’s headquarters, Turner apologized for his actions toward Honcho as he placed him in a deathtrap. Attempting to leave, Turner and Evens were both stopped by the Marauder. While the Marauder attacked his men, Turner attempted to flee using the Marauder’s bike. Unable to pull the machine loose from his van’s windshield, Turner was surprised by the black rider and beaten unconscious. He was later secured and presumably arrested alongside his men.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (script), Alan Kupperburg (pencils) and Vince Colleta (inks).

Profile by David Lawrence.

Adrian Turner has no known connections to:

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Agent Evens

Agent Evens

A former agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigations, Evens was working with Adrian Turner since the beginning. He contacted Honcho in hopes of getting the man to work with Turner, do his dirty work, then take all the blame for the crime. He was knocked out by the Marauder’s motorcycle and later arrested.


--Team America#5

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Team America#5 (October 1982) – Bill Mantlo (script), Alan Kupperburg (pencils), Vince Colleta (inks), Jim Shooter (editor)

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