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Real Name: Rick Rojatt

Identity/Class: Normal human (Canadian citizen)

Occupation: Stuntman, adventurer

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Arnie Berman, Carl Braden, Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Alexandra Dreir, Andy Evans, Mal Evans, Frost, Ghost Rider (Johnny Blaze), Slick Gordon, Hopi tribe at Las Cruces (Ahote, Cha'tima, Nakwach, others), Dr. Kaity (first name unrevealed), Blaze Kendall, Ted Locke, Alex Marks, Margarita Mercado, Willie Silver (and the Silver Charity band), Spider-Man (Peter Parker), United Mine Workers of America (Joe Shields, Jr., Joe Shields, Sr., others), Chief Wheatly (first name unrevealed), White Tiger (Hector Ayala), Harmony Whyte

Enemies: Cyrus T. Barker, Copperhead (Arthur Reynolds) and his lackeys, David Dreir, Dukas (first name unrevealed), Mike Flynn, Larry (last name unrevealed), Maddox (first name unrevealed), Malik, Slade Mallory, Marion Martinet, Mercenary, Frank Sturgis and his thugs (Hankus, others)

Known Relatives: wife (name unrevealed, deceased), two children (names & gender unrevealed, deceased)

Aliases: Fly, Alex Marks (briefly)

Base of Operations: Mobile internationally

First Appearance: Human Fly I#1 (September, 1977)

Powers/Abilities: Rojatt is an outstanding stuntman, acrobat and athlete at peak performance and strength, and is a very good hand-to-hand combatant due to his trained reflexes. His steel-augmented skeleton provides enhanced durability. He is a skilled driver, motorcyclist and skier. He has a strong sense of empathy and desire to help those less fortunate, such as the disabled and terminally ill, using brave daredevil showmanship and glamor to attract funds that he would donate to charities. He could also play the guitar. Rojatt always appeared publicly in masked costume in his Human Fly identity.

    He uses a variety of enhanced vehicles and devices, primarily designed and built by technician colleague Ted Locke. These instruments have included magnetic boots and gloves with short-burst jets, a steel mesh cape, airtanks, cable gun (piton), as well as rocket-powered motorbikes and snowmobile, and a jet-powered skateboard. His signature device was a baton with a single-use bolo cap, light, hidden spike, gas burst and electric charge, all triggered by studs on the baton. His crew traveled in a small bus, but would use other craft like a helicopter and a small vertical take-off plane.

Height: 6'3" (by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Unrevealed


(Human Fly I#1 (fb)) - Rojatt's car was run off the road in North Carolina, USA. His wife and children were killed instantly, but he survived in critical condition. He struggled against his bandaged form and remained defiant against the doctors' diagnoses that he would remain a cripple for the rest of his life. Almost 60% of his bone structure was replaced by steel. Privately exercising from his hospital bed, it took months before he could stand. Several years later, he had trained so that he could lift and perform minor acrobatic feats. He would move around the hospital at nights, speaking to other disabled patients, trying to inspire them, including Blaze Kendall and Ted Locke. He came up with the idea to become a stuntman in a colorful costume to raise money for charity.

(Human Fly I#14 (fb) - BTS) - Rojatt learned sign language while in the hospital.

(Human Fly I#5 (fb) - BTS) - Rojatt asked the near-forgotten stuntman Malik to train him in all his skills.

(Human Fly I#12 (fb) - BTS) - Rojatt's stunt support team comprised two former fellow patients: innovative technician Ted Locke and skilled pilot Blaze Kendall.

(Human Fly I#12 (fb)) - Arnie Berman, keen to prove himself a potential reporter, hid in the plane that the Human Fly, only months out of hospital, used for his first public costumed stunt of skydiving from a world-record height. Still hidden, Berman saw Rojatt's unmasked face, but didn't recognize him. He spied that Rojatt's parachute harness had a tear as the stuntman jumped. Inspired by the Human Fly into fearlessness, he jumped after the stuntman, holding only onto a spare parachute. Sure enough, Rojatt's strap broke in freefall, but he saw Berman diving toward him; the two connected and landed safely using Berman's parachute. Back on the ground, the Human Fly welcomed the now self-confident Berman to his team as public relations consultant. His first stunt was a hit with the media and his reputation began to grow.

(Human Fly I#1 (fb)) - In Houston, Texas, reporter Harmony Whyte interviewed the Human Fly, dismissing him as another glory-seeker despite his charity-driven efforts. Hearing the criminal Mercenary had hijacked the approaching plane carrying the press, including photographer Peter Parker, the Human Fly jumped into action with Locke and Kendall.

(Human Fly I#1) - The Human Fly descended from his jet-copter onto the low-flying plane, using magnet clamps in his gloves and boots to stay on the plane's fuselage. Mercenary's gunfire forced the Fly to use jets in his boots and gloves to regain his footing. The Fly used a remote charge to blast open a door and charged inside, knocking out several of Mercenary's disoriented goons with the aid of Parker (quickly costumed as Spider-Man). The Human Fly latched onto the legs of Mercenary as he fled outside using a jetpack. The Fly knocked Mercenary out in midair; still falling, the Fly was rescued by the web-gliding Spider-Man. Back on ground, the Human Fly was congratulated by authorities, although Whyte swore to expose the stuntman's real identity.

(Human Fly I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Rojatt was suspicious of Cyrus Barker's "daredevil" death race in Nevada and decided to participate in it, taking the place of failed and despondent race car champion Alex Marks. Elsewhere, Johnny Blaze (a.k.a. Ghost Rider) also entered the race to investigate Barker's dealings.

(Human Fly I#2) - The Human Fly's next stunt had his feet shackled between two speeding race cars. All pre-planned, small charges catapulted the Fly into a large water tank, its surface made flammable and on fire. Flame-retardant gel from his cape protected him while a metal spike in his baton punctured the tank and water pressure pushed him out to safety. Johnny Blaze congratulated him. The next day, the race began on the Nevada flats, but Barker's lethal hidden traps stopped all racers except Blaze and the Human Fly (as Marks). Blaze transformed into Ghost Rider to save himself, also rescuing the Human Fly. The duo survived a subsequent death trap and won the race. Blaze and (technically) Marks donated their winnings to charity. Inspired by the Fly, Marks chose to race competitively once more.

(Human Fly I#3 (fb)) - The Human Fly performed an televised underwater stunt to escape chains in a pool of sharks, using a mild electric charge in his baton against a shark to leap out of the pool. Wealthy state governor candidate David Dreir then approached him to rescue his polio-stricken daughter, Alexandra, kidnapped by Marion Martinet (actually Alexandra's stepfather) and taken to a fortress in the Rocky Mountains. The Fly agreed with the assurance the police would be notified if he failed. However, the Fly didn't know that Dreir and Martinet were munitions-manufacturing rivals who were trying to oust the other.

(Human Fly I#3) - While stealthily climbing up to the fortress in darkness, the Fly destroyed an attacking large, mechanical war-hawk robot drone, then survived being knocked off a ledge by a jet blasting out from a hidden hangar, using his steel mesh cape to catch himself. He disguised himself as a cloaked guard to gain entry to the fortress, but was soon confronted by the costumed Martinet and his armed men.

(Human Fly I#4) - The Fly escaped into the rock-hewn corridors, but was chased into a trap containing two panthers. The Fly again escaped, only to see Martinet and Dreir engage each other with their mechanized forces. Commandeering a war-hawk in the chaotic battle, the Fly was able to rescue Alexandra, whom Martinet had carried into battle on a hover-platform. Dreir and Martinet halted their war for the sake of the distraught Alexandra. The Fly then took her to a nearby hospital for care.

(Human Fly I#5 (fb)) - In Quebec, Canada, the Human Fly began a charity tightrope walk between two skyscrapers. Disgruntled former stuntman-turned terrorist Malik shot the tightrope, intending to set fire to the building and kill those on the rooftop, including disabled children assembled to watch the Human Fly.

(Human Fly I#5) - Using an oxygen tank and suction cups, the Human Fly made his way to the skyscraper's rooftop until he had to rely on a cable gun when the suction cups failed due to the fire's heat. With the aid of a disabled boy, the Fly overpowered Malik, who recognized from his voice that Rojatt was his former protege. The Human Fly used his bolo staff to lock onto a metal connecting ladder and, with Whyte's help, got the children to safety; even Malik, inspired by Rojatt, helped rescue the last child. Malik saw that Rojatt fostered hope, seeing it as greater than his search for glory, and kept silent on the Human Fly's true identity.


(Human Fly I#6) - The Human Fly led a charity tour of Funland Amusement Park for children of handicapped parents. Suspicious of an attendant's aggressive behavior, the Human Fly secretly followed local criminal Slade Mallory, knocking out his stolen car smuggling operation based under the haunted house ride. The stuntman used his acrobatic skills to evade the criminal's deadly chase.

(Human Fly I#7) - At the Vermont Green Mountain Winter Festival, the Human Fly readied his rocket-powered snowmobile for is next charity-driven stunt. Later, reporter Whyte apologized for her bad treatment of the stuntman in the press. Soon after, the Human Fly rocketed across a deep ravine, as mechanic Mal Evans and his blind son Andy passed in the deep gorge below on their basic snowmobile, but their ride overturned from a surly bear. Mal was knocked out and the bear lurched toward the boy. Seeing it during his jump, the Human Fly immediately dismounted upon landing and rushed into the gorge to help; his team followed him, deducing that the boy's frantic dog Frost would lead them to the crash site. The Human Fly overcame the bear with the help of Frost guiding Andy's flare shot. Impressed by the boy's bravery, the Human Fly told the now-recovered Mal that some of the funds raised would go to the operation to restore Andy's sight.



(Human Fly I#8) - New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted the Human Fly's next stunt: riding a loop on a jet-powered skateboard. He was congratulated by curator Margarita Mercado and admired by Hector Ayala (secretly the White Tiger), who was soon falsely accused of murder. Museum cops' gunfire saw the Fly help usher children to safety inside the Museum near a giant Grecian temple urn along with his troupe. He rode his jet skateboard through the corridors to investigate. There, alongside White Tiger, he encountered the true murderer, Copperhead, who planned to steal the urn via a hidden lowering platform and transport it underground using a flooded subway. The Fly, his troupe, the rescued children and Mercado were caught on the platform; the Fly's baton provided light underground when the water from the Hudson flooded in.

(Human Fly I#9) - The Human Fly helped move those trapped with him into the giant urn and the flood waters carried the floating artifact down the subway construction zone to an exit point in Central Park. There, they were confronted by Copperhead's men who, fearing witnesses, were about to shoot them until Daredevil swung in and stopped them; the Fly stayed back asserting that he was a stuntman, not a crimefighter. With the gunsels distracted, the Fly helped the children to land until Copperhead appeared, threatening to kill him. The Fly, the pursuing White Tiger and turncoat smugglers tackled Copperhead at the same time, the Fly's baton knocking the armor-heavy villain into the deep water. Safe, Mercado thanked the Fly with a kiss.


(Human Fly I#10) - In Kentucky at the United Mine Workers' Fair, the Human Fly performed a dangerous high dive stunt, using a built-in underwater springboard to shoot back up the diving platform to excite viewers for the union fundraiser. At the stunt's end, the Fly noted thuggish enforcer Maddox leave in a pickup truck carrying TNT and followed him with his support team. They were too late to stop Maddox detonating the entrance, and the Human Fly and two miners were trapped inside. The Fly helped them get to safety outside, preventing further violence between greedy mine owner Dukas' thugs and miner unionists by showing evidence of Dukas' wrongdoings.

(Human Fly I#11 (fb)) - In Montreal, Canada, the Human Fly attempted a rocket bike leap over 26 consecutive buses. Feeling pushed by Whyte's media loyalty, he ignored a fault and the rocket malfunctioned; he and the bike fell tangled through the roof of a bus. He was rushed to hospital and later recovered.

(Human Fly I#11) - The Human Fly brooded with a guitar in the back of the tour van as the troupe headed to St. Louis, Missouri, for a benefit performance with band Silver Charity. He was still rattled from the failed stunt and recognized the legalities required before his new stunt could occur. He rode his bike over the St. Louis Arch, the feat inspiring others (also resulting in Whyte quitting her reporter role) and renewed the stuntman's faith in himself. The band gave their performance but frontman Willie Silver was electrocuted on stage by his guitar, sabotaged by his criminal road manager, Mike Flynn, who sought the insurance money from the singer's death. The Human Fly acted promptly and cut the current; however, the burns were too severe and Silver died in the Human Fly's arms, his last breath asking the stuntman to keep the music alive. The Human Fly kept his promise and led the band in a revised version of their hit single that inspired hope.


(Human Fly I#12) - Despite Berman's concerns, the Human Fly was strapped into a Locke-designed rocket-powered chair for his next charity-focused stunt. It launched, taking him to 300 mph as hidden tricks freed him and inbuilt jets lifted the chair up into the air before it could impact against a large concrete bullseye. Later, led by Berman, the Human Fly quartet welcomed Whyte to their team now that she too had newfound self-confidence inspired by the stuntman.


The Human Fly's high-altitude ski suit(Human Fly I#13 (fb)) - Two weeks later, the Fly dismissed Whyte's nightmare as he began his stunt to be the first to ski America's tallest mountain, Mt. Whitney, the height necessitating the use of oxygen helmets. Braden was nearby filming the Fly's movements, keen to generate negative press; the stuntman returned the bugging device Braden had slipped in. Despite a near mishap, the Fly made it to the summit. Braden's careless filming and arrogant maneuvering on his ski-sled resulted in his falling toward a precipice. The Fly cut his drag-chute to rescue Braden and used wrist-mounted piton guns to anchor himself to the rock ledge safely, his helmet-mounted camera capturing the spectacle.


(Human Fly I#13) - The Human Fly and his troupe visited Braden as he recovered in hospital. Braden was very apologetic and, with the Fly's prompting, offered to take Whyte back without his editorial interference.



(Human Fly I#14) - The Human Fly's next stunt was in the First International Airship Race across America and involved walking a tightrope between a piloted and a drone blimp. However, two mute orphan children had secretly hidden in the drone, seeking to escape to Los Angeles from New York; they unwittingly sabotaged the stunt leaving the Human Fly hanging precariously from the cable from the now-separated drone. The stuntman used his bolo baton to leap onto the drone blimp's gondola and communicated with the scared children in sign language. He managed to evade colliding with the Empire State Building, then moored the blimp before sending the two children to live with their aunt away from their harsh institution.

(Human Fly I#15) - The Human Fly's troupe visited Locke's wartime buddy Slick Gordon at Potomac Hospital for veterans. Panicked, the hospital's corrupt administrators attacked and locked up the Human Fly and his three cohorts, thinking they were investigators, but the quartet escaped with the aid of Human Fly's steel mesh cape. Meanwhile, Slick and disgruntled veteran and violent firebrand Larry took over the Washington Monument at gunpoint to force an investigation into the hospital, but Larry intended to detonate the monument instead. The Human Fly had quietly entered the hollow monument, but surrendered to Larry when the angry veteran threatened Slick. However, Slick triggered the Human Fly's bolo baton, ensnaring himself before he could press the detonator. Rojatt disarmed him and later, out of empathy, encouraged Slick to help Larry.

(Human Fly I#16) - While hanging onto the struts of a small seaplane, the Human Fly inspected Niagara Falls for his next stunt to raise funds for nearby Candus Hospital. He helped Dr. Kaity distribute toys to hospitalized children, but then had to use a hang-glider and a gas mask to rescue Kendall from kidnappers trying to stop the stunt. The Human Fly then went on with the public stunt to waterski with a rocket pack over Niagara Falls. Just as he neared the Falls' edge, a wheelchair-bound child was knocked off an observation platform by careless media; the stuntman diverted his jump and used his rocket pack and bolo baton to save the boy. The Human Fly then asked the overeager and clumsy camera crews to make a generous donation.


(Human Fly I#17) - The Human Fly's next stunt was at a New Jersey state fair in Elizabeth, where the Fly intended to be fired from a cannon and land in a safety net held aloft by a helicopter. Nearby, child Rachel had her camera stolen; the thieves fled on motorbike but the Fly stopped them. The camera's film revealed the thieves had tried to sabotage the Fly's cannon, hoping it would provide a distraction for the State Police from a robbery at the only major bank there. However, the Fly and local police Chief Wheatly nabbed them just as they broke into the bank's vault.


(Human Fly I#18 (fb)) - Despite a sense of foreboding, the Human Fly and his troupe traveled in the stunt van to the Hopi Indian reservation near Las Cruces, New Mexico. Almost there, they helped an angry Hopi boy, Nakwach, with his dead grandfather (a village elder), killed by a swerving car, and took them to Las Cruces pueblo. The Fly found that he wasn't welcome by the Hopi people and was accused by Nakwach's cousin Cha'tima as a clownish performer in league with the mostly drunk Hopi Tribal Council corroborating with white businessmen seeking to profit from an otherwise sacred Pueblo Carnival. The Fly angrily confronted the white organizer, Frank Sturgis, but found the tribal council would be financially liable if he didn't perform. The Fly rejoined his troupe and Cha'tima; they were warned by Nakwach of the approaching thugs of Sturgis, keen for a fight.

(Human Fly I#19 (fb)) - Although abhorring violence, the Fly and his friends overcame their attackers. Nakwach and Cha'tima invited the Fly and his troupe to the home of their uncle and respected elder Ahote for sanctuary. Ahote introduced the respectful newcomers to their legends and beliefs, including racial unity and opposing greed, and Ahote devised a plan with the Fly for the stunt. The next day, the Human Fly stopped one of Sturgis' men aggressively harassing Cha'tima. He then rode his rocketcycle for the stunt along a highwire above the aptly named Misty Gorge. To inspire the gathered Hopi people, Cha'tima secretly projected stock footage of Hopi myths onto the mist to make it appear as if the Fly was being welcomed by Hopi gods. Nakwach stopped Hankus, assigned by Sturgis to kill the Fly, but the bullet instead cut the wire. The Fly triggered the motorbike's rockets and he barely made it across. While Sturgis and his men struggled against the Hopi guard, the Fly and his troupe joined the Hopi festival.

(Human Fly I#18-19) - Whyte typed up a positive news report on the Human Fly's efforts with the Hopi people.


Comments: Adapted by Bill Mantlo (writer) and Lee Elias (art).

The Human Fly's real name was revealed in the White Tiger's entry of the OHotMU vol. 13 (2010), over 30 years after his first comic book appearance. His actual face was never depicted in the comics.

The Human Fly at MarvelThe Human Fly was based on the real-life stuntman of the same name and who kept his identity secret for many years. He visited the Marvel Bullpen to promote his comic and met Stan Lee (at right), Jim Shooter and Archie Goodwin. There are attempts at a revival, including an independently published solo comic in 2013.

He was tagged as "The wildest super-hero ever--because he's real!"

A character in a Human Fly costume appeared in the early promotional cover for Illuminati II#3 (2016), but this was changed to the Shocker's outfit for the final publication.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

The Human Fly has no known connections to:



Greedy mine owner Dukas of Dukas Coal Co. hired several thugs, including Maddox, to silence critics of his plan to close down mines and force out union labor. The Human Fly's support of the union brought him into conflict with Dukas, who wanted him dead. Unionists and the Fly's support team fought the murderous Dukas and his thugs, until the police arrived and he was sent to jail.






--Human Fly I#10

Andy Evans & Frost

Andy Evans & Frost

Andy Evans was the son of Mal. Andy lost his sight in the same auto accident that killed his mother, leaving Mal to raise the boy alone. Andy's dog Frost was fiercely loyal to the boy and brought the Human Fly's troupe to the site where Andy and Mal had crashed in the snow and were threatened by a bear. Recognizing the dire situation from the sounds and Frost's growls trying to stop the bear, Andy fired a flare that scared the bear away. The Human Fly was  impressed  by the boy's bravery and allocated charity funds to an operation that would restore his sight.








--Human Fly I#7

Mal Evans

Mal Evans

Mal Evans raised his blind son alone after his wife died in an auto accident, his only income derived from fixing snowmobiles. He was unimpressed by rich people spending money recklessly when those amounts could've helped his son recover his sight. He took his son on a snowmobile ride, but a bear caused it to overturn and he was knocked out with several ribs broken. He was rescued by the Human Fly and Andy with his dog Frost, and taken away to receive medical treatment.





--Human Fly I#7

Dr. Kaity

Dr. Kaity

Canadian Dr. Kaity worked at Candus Hospital located at Niagara Falls. She welcomed Human Fly's efforts to raise funds for the hospital. Dr. Kaity later took care of the boy whom the Human Fly had rescued at the waterfall's edge. She remained positive and patient focused.








--Human Fly I#16



Maddox was mine owner Dukas' thuggish enforcer who carried a handgun. He was sent to blow up the mine, even though he knew two workers were inside. Locke tried unsuccessfully to stop Maddox, and the Fly was trapped in the collapsed mine as well. He was presumably involved in the later fight between Dukas' thugs and the unionist miners before being incarcerated.






--Human Fly I#10

Margarita Mercado

Margarita Mercado

Margarita Mercado was then the youngest female curator of New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. She organized the Inner City Festival for disadvantaged children, held outside the Museum, with the Human Fly providing increased publicity. Alongside the Fly, she helped usher children to safety inside the Museum when gunshots were heard, but was caught up in Copperhead's lethal plan to steal a priceless giant urn on display via a flooded subway tunnel. She recognized Copperhead as a past disgruntled employee. Mercado remained calm under pressure and was very protective of the threatened children.





--Human Fly I#8 (9

Joe Shields, Jr.

Joe Shields, Jr.

Joe Shields, Jr. stood by his elderly father when he confronted greedy mine owner Dukas, who tried to have the Sutter mine shut down. He later accompanied his father to complete a safety report to prevent the mine's early closure, but was trapped inside when Dukas' lackey Maddox destroyed the entrance. The Human Fly helped him and his unconscious father get to safety.






--Human Fly I#10

Joe Shields, Sr.

Joe Shields, Sr.

Joe Shields, Sr. was a proud supporter of the United Mine Workers of America (UMWA) coal miners' union, who criticized the corrupt union representative supporting the greedy mine owner, Mr. Dukas. He took his adult son to complete a safety report on the unstaffed mine, but was trapped unconscious inside when Dukas' thug, Maddox, detonated the entrance. He was saved by his son and the Human Fly.



--Human Fly I#10

Chief Wheatly

Chief Wheatly

Chief Wheatly was part of the police presence at the Union County State Fair held in Elizabeth, New Jersey and helped deduce what the camera thieves stopped by the Human Fly were up to. The two thieves had tried to sabotage the Fly's stunt to provide a distraction from a bank robbery. Wheatly led the capture of the thieves' associates as they were about to break into a bank.




--Human Fly I#17

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Human Fly I#1, cover (main image)
Human Fly I#1, p11, pan7 (bandaged head)
Human Fly I#1, p12, pan4 (exercising as patient)
Human Fly I#5, p14, pan4 (on metal ladder with bolo shooting)
Human Fly I#7, p8, pan1 (on rocket snowmobile)
Human Fly I#8, p3, pan1 (on jet skateboard)
Human Fly I#11, p4, pan4 (rocket motorbike with small wings)
Human Fly I#11, p1 (with guitar)
Human Fly I#13, p10, pan2 (high-altitude ski suit)
Human Fly I#16, cover (water skis & jetpack)
Human Fly I#19, cover (rocket motorbike on highwire)
Human Fly I#15, special feature
Human Fly I#10, p11, pan2 (Dukas)
Human Fly I#7, p3, pan5 (Andy Evans & Frost)
Human Fly I#7, p3, pan6 (Mal Evans)
Human Fly I#16, p3, pan6 (Dr. Kaity)
Human Fly I#10, p6, pan4 (Maddox)
Human Fly I#8, p11, pan4 (Mercado)
Human Fly I#10, p15, pan1 (Shields, Jr.)
Human Fly I#10, p8, pan2 (Shields, Sr.)
Human Fly I#17, p10, pan5 (Wheatly)
Human Fly I#19, p6, pan3 (blue-eyed headshot)

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