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Real Name: Cha'tima

Identity/Class: Normal human (Native American, Hopi)

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Ahote, Arnie Berman, Human Fly (Rick Rojatt), Blaze Kendall, Ted Locke, Nakwach.

Enemies: Frank Sturgis and his thugs

Known Relatives: Ahote (uncle), Nakwach (cousin)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Hopi reservation near Las Cruces, New Mexico, USA

First Appearance: Human Fly I#18 (February, 1978)

Powers/Abilities: Cha'tima was a normal girl, proud of her Hopi heritage, who bravely stood up to bullies.

Height: 5' (by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(Human Fly I#18 (fb) - BTS) - A resident at the Hopi reservation near Las Cruces, New Mexico, Cha'tima was unhappy at white bar owner Frank Sturgis' aggressive efforts to undermine Hopi culture and stage a tourist fair for profit the same day as a sacred Hopi festival.

(Human Fly I#18 (fb)) - When her cousin Nakwach returned with their dead grandfather, murdered in a deliberate hit-an-run, Cha'tima accused the helpful stuntman Human Fly as a clownish performer in league with white business interests and the intoxicated Hopi Tribal Council. This caused the Human Fly to angrily confront Sturgis, who instead set his thugs after the stuntman. The Human Fly rejoined his troupe and Cha'tima; they were warned by Nakwach of the approaching thugs of Sturgis, keen for a fight.

(Human Fly I#19 (fb)) - Although abhorring violence, the Human Fly and his troupe, alongside Cha'tima, overcame their attackers. Nakwach and Cha'tima invited the Fly and his troupe to the home of their uncle and respected elder Ahote for sanctuary. Ahote introduced the respectful newcomers to their legends and beliefs, including racial unity and opposing greed, and Ahote devised a plan with Cha'tima and the Human Fly for the stunt. The next day, the Human Fly stopped one of Sturgis' men aggressively harassing Cha'tima, who was dressed in more traditional clothes. The Human Fly then rode his rocketcycle for the stunt along a highwire above the aptly named Misty Gorge. To inspire the gathered Hopi people, Cha'tima secretly projected stock footage of Hopi myths onto the mist to make it appear as if the Human Fly was being welcomed by Hopi gods; this inspired the Hopi locals to overcome racial disunity and, combined with the Human Fly's assassination attempt by Sturgis' sniper, the Hopi guard stopped Sturgis and his thugs. Cha'tima and Nakwach accompanied the Human Fly and his troupe to the Hopi festival.

(Human Fly I#18-19) - West-TV reporter Harmony Whyte typed a report covering the events.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Lee Elias (pencils) and Ricardo Villamonte (inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Cha'tima has no known connections to:



Ahote was a respected Hopi tribal elder and uncle to Cha'tima and Nakwach. Apparently a signatory to the first treaty that formed the Las Cruces Pueblo reservation decades before, he provided sanctuary to the Huamn Fly and his troupe against the roving thugs of Frank Sturgis. Ahote introduced the newcomers to their legends and beliefs, including racial unity and opposing greed. Ahote helped Cha'tima devise a plan with the Fly for the stunt.


--Human Fly I#19



Nakwach was Cha'tima's cousin, also proudly Hopi and a resident on the reservation. He saw his grandfather killed by a driver and was distraught by his side when the Human Fly's troupe arrived. Initially defiant, he challenged the Human Fly, but met his gaze and trusted him, and they took the body to the Hopi reservation. He later warned the Human Fly, his troupe and Cha'tima when they were menaced by Frank Sturgis' thugs, and took the stuntman and his group to his uncle's home for sanctuary. The next day, he foiled sniper Hankus' murder attempt of the Human Fly, and joined the stuntman and his troupe in celebrating the sacred Hopi festival.






--Human Fly I#18 (19

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Human Fly I#19, p16, pan1 (main image)
   p11, pan4 (headshot)
   p5, pan2 (Ahote)
   p17, pan1 (Nakwach)

Human Fly I#18 (February, 1978) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Lee Elias (pencils), Ricardo Villamonte (inks), M.J. Duffy (editor)
Human Fly I#19 (March, 1978) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Lee Elias (pencils), Ricardo Villamonte (inks), Allen Milgrom (editor)

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