For Native gods/deities see Native American gods and Inuit gods

Ahote (Human Fly character) - HOPI

Bear Claw (Old West, Red Warrior foe) - COMANCHE

Black Crow (Native American mystic warrior) - by Julien Vivé - NAVAJO

Black Feather (Kid Colt foe) - COMANCHE

"Black Marvel" (Old West character) - by Ron Fredricks

Blind Owl (Logan ally) - BLACKFOOT

Blue Eagle (Old West chief)

Buffalo Snort (Logan character) - BLACKFOOT

Captain America of the Kickapoo Tribe (Joe Gomez, Captain America character) - CHIITAASKA

Carpenter, Ronson (Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal - NAVAHO

Ceyote (Eternals, New Breed) - by Prime Eternal

Chaka (Inuit ally of the Leatherneck Raiders) - by Prime Eternal - INUIT

Charlie Feather (Western Thrillers) - by Loki

Cha'tima (Human Fly character) - by Grendel Prime - HOPI

Cheyenne Kid (White Cloud, Old West character) - by Grendel Prime - CHEYENNE

Christiansen, Jeff (Snood, Captain Universe) - CHEROKEE

Cloud, Jack (Cheyenne, Old West character) - by Grendel Prime - CHEYENNE

Cold Winter (Living Totem/Whistle Pig foe) - HAIDA

Crazy Wolf (Outlaw Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime - possibly SIOUX

Dawn Star (Old West, Red Warrior character) - COMANCHE

Devil Rider (Red Wolf foe) - CHEYENNE

Doe Eyes (Old West, Arrowhead character) - by Grendel Prime

Dragon Face (Old West, Apache Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime - APACHE

Echo (Maya Lopez, Daredevil/Avengers character) - by Chadman - CHEYENNE (partially)

Edwina ?? (Brood)

Elk Step, Roberta (Wyatt Wingfoot's grandmother) - KEEWAZI

Feathers (Trouble-Shooters, 1950s adventurer) - ALGONQUIN (possibly)

Flaming Arrow (Old West, Comanche warrior) - by Grendel Prime - COMANCHE

Flaming Arrow (Old West, Shoshone warrior) - by Grendel Prime - SHOSHONE

Flaming Star (Phantom Rider ally) - SIOUX (or COMANCHE)


Four Creeks (Old West, Red Warrior character) - COMANCHE

Ghost Dancer (Nathaniel Great Owl, Marvel UK, Frontier Comics) - HOPI

Ghost Dancer (James Owl, Marvel UK, Frontier Comics) - HOPI

Ghost Wind Rider (Blaze of Glory, Red Wolf's lover) - SIOUX (or COMANCHE)

Grey Fox (Gunhawks foe) - by Prime Eternal - CHEYENNE

Grey Wolf (Old West, Apache Kid foe) - by Grendel Prime - COMANCHE

Growling Bear (Old West character)

Harpoon (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke - INUIT

He Counts Horses (Logan character) - BLACKFOOT

Highnote (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal - ??

Howling Wolf (Old West, Gunhawk foe) - by Grendel Prime - PAWNEE

Keewazi Indians (Native American tribe) - by Prime Eternal & Will U

Ice Princess (Femizons) - INUIT

Indian Gomez (Old West, Concho Kid foe) - half-blood

Injun Joe (mobster) - by John McDonagh - ??

Kalmaku, Happy (Amalgam character) - INUIT

Kenojuak, Aningan (Avengers character) - INUIT (BANTU)

Kushala's father (Native American hunter, father to Old West Demon Rider) - by Proto-Man

Kushala's mother (Native American mother to Old West Demon Rider) - by Proto-Man

Lincoln, William "Crazy Horse" (criminal, Echo (Maya Lopez) father) - CHEYENNE

Little Bear (Old West, Red Warrior character) - COMANCHE

Little Bear, Jay (Native American, Leatherneck Raiders/Deadly Dozen) - by Prime Eternal - ??

Littlehawk, Jimmy (American Eagle (Strongbow) foe) - by Markus Raymond - NAVAHA

Living Totem (Whistle Pig, Doc Samson character) - by Grendel Prime - HAIDA

Longtree, Richard (Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal - ??

Lori (Ghost Dancer character) - possibly HOPI

Magowuk (Red Warrior ally) - by Grendel Prime - COMANCHE

Mighty Bear (Old West, Kid Colt character) - CROW

Mirage (Danielle Moonstar) - CHEYENNE

Miriam (Wyatt Wingfoot's "aunt") - KEEWAZI

Moonstalker (Young Gods) - by Prime Eternal - INUIT

Moon Wolf (X-Men villain) - by Sammy 7D - INUIT?

Nakwach (Human Fly character) - HOPI

Nanook of Earth-Alpha Flight (Millennial Visions) - INUIT

Night Raven ("pulp" hero, Black Widow ally) - by Snood & Mark Caithness - MOHAWK

Nightfire (Son of Satan character) - NAVAHO

Officer Jay Sero (Native America NYPD officer, Iron Man (Tony Stark) ally) - by Proto-Man

Old Wolf Heart (Logan character) - BLACKFOOT

Ora-Tikwa (Old West, Red Warrior character)

Owl, Ethan (Ghost Dancer character) - presumably HOPI

Oxbow (First Line member) - by Norvo - CHIPPEWA

Passing Cloud (Hulk foe) - by Loki - ??

Payat (Werewolf character) - by Grendel Prime - CHEROKEE

Plains Indian Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki - PLAINS INDIAN

Powhatan Ghost Rider (Ghost Rider character) - by Loki - POWHATAN

Puma (Old West, Heart-Like-Fire, Thomas Fireheart ancestor) - by Loki - KISANI

Rain Falling West (She-Hulk character) - KEEWAZI

Ranark (Thing/Alpha Flight foe) - ?? (CANADIAN)

Ravenstorm, Jedediah (Son of Satan/Thing character) - half CHEROKEE

Redbird of Earth-Alpha Flight (Millennial Visions) - half SARCEE

Redblade (Old West, Dr. Strange/Nick Fury foe) - by Markus Raymond - Huachaqua APACHE

Red Moon, Timmy (Daredevil character) - by Chadman - CHEROKEE

Redstone of Earth-712 (Squadron Supreme character) - by Norvo - APACHE

Red Warrior (Old West Comanche hero) - by Grendel Prime - COMANCHE

Red Water Fall (Wolverine character)

Red Wolf (Old West native warrior) - by Grendel Prime

Red Wolf (Apache brave, Rawhide Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal - APACHE

Red Wolf (Anachronauts, Wildrun) - CHEYENNE

Red Wolf (Old West, Johnny Wakely) - CHEYENNE

Red Wolf of the 1970s (Thomas Thunderhead) - CHEYENNE

Ren of Earth-20345 (futuristic heroine) - by Proto-Man

Retribution (Amalgam character) - BLACKFOOT

Roaring Bear (Two-Gun Kid foe) - by Prime Eternal - APACHE

Running Fox (Old West, Kid Colt character) - SIOUX

Scalphunter (Marauders, X-Men foe) - by MarvellousLuke

Sea Urchin (New Warriors foe) - by Norvo - ???

She Watches the Sparrow Hawk (Logan character) - BLACKFOOT

Silent Fox (Keewazi chief, Wyatt Wingfoot's grandfather) - by Prime Eternal - KEEWAZI

Silent Wolf (Old West character) - by Grendel Prime - CHEROKEE

Silvercloud, Sam (Witch-Woman's husband) - APACHE

Skinwalker of Earth-Shadowline (Michael Devlin/St. George ally) - NAVAJO

Smith, Hiawatha of Earth-8107 (ESU professor, Spider-Friends ally) - by David Lawrence

Smith, Wildcat (Deadly Dozen ally) - by Prime Eternal - ??

Snake Dance (Ghost Rider/Blaze foe) - APACHE

Sparrow Bear, Melissa (Red Wolf ally) - by Markus Raymond - BLACKFOOT

Spotted Doe (Old West, Ghost Rider (Blaze) character) - by Grendel Prime - COMANCHE

Stands-In-Timber, John (Red Wolf character) - Mashantucket PEQUOTS

Strongboy, Ward (American Eagle's brother) - by Prime Eternal - NAVAHO

Sweet Grass (Living Totem/Whistle Pig character) - HAIDA

Swift Beaver (Old West, Red Warrior character) - COMANCHE

Tall Bear (Kid Colt ally) - COMANCHE

Talltrees, Rebecca (Red Wolf (William) mother) - by Proto-Man - CHEYENNE

Talltrees, Tommy (Red Wolf (William) father) - by Proto-Man - CHEYENNE

Talltrees, William (Red Wolf (William) uncle) - by Proto-Man - CHEYENNE

Telling-Stone, Lucas (vampire hunter, Blade/Dracula character)

Thunderbird (James Proudstar) of Earth-X-Men Died on Their First Mission - APACHE

Thunderbird (John Proudstar, X-Men member) - by Norvo - APACHE

Tomahawk (Old West character) - by Grendel Prime

Tomahawk, Jill (Red Wolf (Thunderhead) character) - by Grendel Prime - MOHAWK

Tonto (S.H.I.E.L.D. Howling Commandos, Lone Ranger's partner) - by Loki - POTAWATOMI

Towering Oak (Phantom Rider foe) - SIOUX (or COMANCHE)

Two-Rivers, Billy (Red Wolf character) - Mashantucket PEQUOTS

unnamed chief (animated the Totem) - ??

unnamed shaman (Nightfire's mentor) - NAVAHO

Ursa, the Man-Bear (Red Wolf foe) - CHEYENNE

Waking-Bear, Dr. Joseph (Spider-Man character) - LAKOTA (??)

Warpath of Earth-9112 - APACHE

White Bird (Old West, Kid Colt ally) - by Grendel Prime - SIOUX

Wildrun (Anachronauts, the first Red Wolf) - CHEYENNE

Wingfoot, Will (Wyatt Wingfoot's father) - by Donald Campbell - KEEWAZI

Wingfoot, Wynona (Fantastic Four character) - by Proto-Man - KEEWAZI

Witch-Woman (Lind Littletrees, Ghost Rider foe/ally) - APACHE

Yellow Hand (Old West, Cheyenne warrior, Arrowhead ally) - CHEYENNE

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