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Real Name: Red Warrior

Identity/Class: Normal human (Native American, Comanche) (Old West era)

Occupation: Warrior, protector, adventurer

Group Membership: His Comanche tribe, Secret Order of Red Dogs

Affiliations: (tribal) Council, Dawn Star, Roy Emery, Four Creeks, Igwalo, Little Bear, Magowuk, Manitou, Nakomah, Nokomis, Ora-Tikwa, Pauguk (loose), Col. Pearson, Sheriff Matt Stevens, Swift Beaver, Two Claws, Watami, White Wing (his steed), Wolf Paw, Wright

Enemies: Bear Claw, Luke Blanchard, Caswell, Cisco, Lt. Cronin and his men, Decker, Flaming Arrow, Fulsom and his men (Bender, Pedro, Serdam), Luke Hanna, Kendig, Larch, Lawes, Mapes, Ossawa, Sheetha, Slade, Sloan, renegade Crow warriors

Known Relatives: Chief Grey Eagle (father), mother (name unrevealed)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Comanche lands around Colorado, USA

First Appearance: Red Warrior#1/1 (January, 1951)

Powers/Abilities: Red Warrior has athlete-level fitness and is an expert in hand-to-hand combat. He has excellent stealth and climbing abilities. Red Warrior has demonstrated prowess in using knife, spear or tomahawk as both handheld or thrown weapons. He shows exceptional accuracy in archery. As a member of the mysterious Secret Order of Red Dogs, he appears to have learnt an additional code of personalized combat. Red Warrior is an accomplished equestrian, especially with his prized steed White Wing. He has been trained to observe patterns in nature and the movements of animals, as well as sewing and healing techniques plus other daily life skills. Red Warrior has strong leadership and strategy skills with a fearless and brave attitude. He is apparently blessed by the god Manitou, who watches over him and sometimes responds to his pleas with lightning and storms.

Height: 5'7" (by approximation)
Weight: 145 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown-black
Hair: Black


(Red Warrior#1/1 (fb)) - Midwife elder Nakomah carried Chief Grey Eagle's newborn baby son (his firstborn) to him. Soon after, as the baby's mother nursed him, Grey Eagle gave thanks to his god Manitou and asked that his son have spirit, strength, wisdom and courage to bravely lead his people. Grey Eagle also asked for those things that Manitou had taught humans eons ago, of honor, courage, charity and respect for others and nature. Sudden lightning indicated Manitou's support. As the boy grew, teacher Nokomis taught him life skills he initially thought were more womanly, such as healing and sewing, while others taught him hunting techniques. In a forest hunt, he proved himself by downing a savage charging bear. He continued to hunger for knowledge and learned all that he could about nature, as well as becoming athletic and trained in combat.

(Red Warrior#1/1) - Red Warrior and Grey Eagle were alerted about aggressive actions from thieving and murderous white men. They returned to their village to find it in ruin after an attack by eight drunken murderous outlaws. Enraged as his mother died in his arms, Red Warrior ordered the Comanche camp move to new hunting grounds. He donned war paint for the first time and tracked down the marauders, slaying them all, then rejoined his tribe.

(Red Warrior#1/2) - The jealous Flaming Arrow attacked Red Arrow, first secretly with an arrow, then openly with lies and malice. Angered, Red Warrior challenged him to a fight to to the death and the tribal Council chose the location. Red Warrior survived a deceitful hidden strike and demanded trial using the code of the Secret Order of Red Dogs and the extended wa-ropan ribboned headdress. But Flaming Arrow broke the rules and gained the advantage, although lightning (likely signifying Manitou's intervention) distracted Flaming Arrow, allowing Red Warrior to recover and slay his foe.

(Red Warrior#1/5) - During a time of severe drought and little to hunt, Red Warrior made a solo mission to search for food and water for his tribe. Near death and praying to Manitou, he stumbled into a cave that led through to a bountiful area, lush green with fresh water and bison. Red Warrior sent smoke signals and his tribe was saved.

(Red Warrior#2/1) - The traitorous Comanche Bear Claw used Red Warrior's horse and arrow to kill white settler Jeb Emery for Luke Blanchard, who sought Emery's land for its hidden gold. With the evidence pointing to Red Arrow, Sheriff Matt Stevens wanted to arrest him, but Chief Grey Eagle insisted it be Comanche law to decide. Later, the Council decreed that Red Warrior be stripped of rank and prowess, and he was cast out. Red Warrior investigated and spoke to Emery's son Roy, and found new evidence. A trail led him to find Bear Claw demanding more gold from Blanchard and his men. Red Warrior killed Bear Claw with a single arrow and fought the villains when Sheriff Stevens arrived. The matter resolved, Red Warrior returned to his tribe.

(Red Warrior#2/2) - Red Warrior found Wright, a government official on his way to pass permanent land ownership to the Comanche, unconscious and near death, the victim of three duplicitous landgrabbers (Caswell, Lawes, one other), who took Wright's identity and false government documents to try and force Chief Grey Eagle's tribe to move at short notice. Grey Eagle rode off to accede but the landgrabbers wanted war to stake their claim and struck at him. Distrustful, Red Warrior had stealthily followed and defended  Grey Eagle, and the landgrabbers were knocked out. Meanwhile, Wright had regained consciousness and, with the landgrabbers having died, peace again reigned.

(Red Warrior#2/5) - In a hunting pack of three, Red Warrior saw that the animals in the area all hid in fear from a giant predatory condor ("Ossawa"). After seeing Ossawa lift up a bison calf, Red Warrior took on a solo mission to climb to its eyrie and eliminate its threat so that his people could hunt for meat again. Calling on his god Manitou, he scaled the cliffs to the nest and smashed the three eggs there. The condor returned and, enraged, attacked. Red Warrior slashed with his knife, then killed it with an arrow. He took a feather to wear in tribute.

(Red Warrior#3/1) - Murderous gang thieves (Luke Hanna, Cisco, Kendig, Larch, Decker, Mapes) attacked and robbed a trading party led by Red Warrior, who was left the only survivor of the Comanche group. Red Warrior called on his god Manitou to help avenge the Comanche deaths by bringing storms. Soon, rain and flooding mixed with double-crosses left only Luke Hanna on a cliff top where Red Warrior waited. He shot Hanna with an arrow and the villain fell to his death, marked by a falling star from Manitou.

(Red Warrior#3/2) - Investigating a sudden attack by Crow warriors, Red Warrior was sent with a peace lance and sacred calumet (peace pipe) to parley with Crow chieftain Pauguk. However, the renegade Crow warriors intercepted him and broke the peace symbols, tying him up and torturing him. They captured a mountain lion and tried to set it on the bound Comanche, but it chose to attack the Crow renegades instead. Other Crow warriors arrived and respected the peace. Red Warrior returned to his tribe and Pauguk apologized for the Crow renegades, since made outcasts.

(Red Warrior#3/6) - Red Warrior checked his animal traps and found that "Watami", a senior timber wolf, had plundered them, but the Comanche soon found the wolf itself trapped under a log. Unsure whether to free or kill it, he heard breeze through trees and thought it his god Manitou, so he freed the wolf. The wolf did not attack and wandered away in thanks. Later, Red Warrior spent three days in the forest gathering pelts from his traps armed only with his knife when he was suddenly hunted by two wolves himself. But Watami jumped in and saved Red Warrior, the life debt repaid.

(Red Warrior#4/1) - While baiting small traps near a forest, Red Warrior's horse was killed by a grizzly bear; in turn, the Comanche slew the bear. Back at camp, Red Warrior was restless that it would take months to find a good new wild horse. His father directed him to the wise hermit Ora-Tikwa, who knew of a legendary wild stallion. Red Warrior made the long perilous trek to where the white stallion roamed and observed its habits before managing to tame the horse, naming it White Wing, and rode it back to his Comanche village.

(Red Warrior#4/3) - Young squaw Dawn Star berated Red Warrior for not setting a better example to the mischievous boy Little Bear, who refused to learn Comanche life skills from senior teacher Nokomis, instead only wishing to hunt animals. Red Warrior took the boy on a small hunt and challenged him to do associated tasks, like skinning the killed animal, lighting a fire, braiding rope and others. Red Warrior told Little Bear that Nokomis had taught him everything he knew. Idolizing Red Warrior, Little Bear changed perspective and embraced classes.

(Red Warrior#4/5) - While Red Warrior patrolled dry drought-stricken land, ruthless land swindlers tried to run off the Comanche tribe from their land with gold taken from their own rivers. Red Warrior spoke of his concerns to the the friendly sheriff in the nearby town, who recognized the work of Sloan and his two men seeking to grab vast tracts of land in the area. They confronted each other in a saloon followed by a brief fight and the villains threatened fire. Red Warrior raced back to his village on White Wing, already imperiled by blaze, and they began a backburn that stopped the fire. Killed in the middle of the two lethal fires were the three arsonist land grabbers.

(Red Warrior#5/1) - Investigating the death of Comanche hunter Two Claws, Red Warrior chanced upon a white rover whose campsite was coincidentally near the tracks of the white killer who had also stolen Two Claws' pelts. Unsure of the rover's guilt, Red Warrior took him to the Comanche village to be judged by the Council. Red Warrior defended the rover when other Comanches wanted to torture him and then took him to be tried at the nearby town. On the way, Red Warrior was impressed by the rover's mercy to his own horse; deciding he was innocent; Red Warrior let him free. But the murderous bushwhacker had followed them and now alone, tried to get Red Warrior's impressive horse, until the freed rover intervened and shot the villain dead. They parted as allies.

(Red Warrior#5/2) - Red Warrior was given a fishing hook carved from bear tooth by the beauteous squaw Dawn Star to hunt large salmon. Custom held if the hook broke, so too did the love. Red Warrior rode to the river Wanachitwa and fought long to catch a large Chinook salmon. Watching nearby, Dawn Star was pleased the hook had held and their gazes met.

(Red Warrior#5/6) - Vile gun trader Fulsom sought to sell faulty guns to neighboring Piute and Comanche tribes, which had long been at peace. Red Warrior, having found a lawman ally killed by Fulsom, refused the gunrunner's offer. But Fulsom fostered a war footing from the Piutes and the Comanches were forced into buying Fulsom's remaining guns. The two tribes charged at each other with the Comanche led into battle by a full-headdress-wearing Red Warrior, who saw the faulty guns explode in the shooters' hands. Realizing Fulsom's duplicity, Red Warrior called for an immediate truce and the two tribes hunted down and killed the gun runners.

(Red Warrior#6/1) - While patrolling Comanche lands, Red Warrior overheard a rogue group of bloodthirsty drunken US soldiers led by Lt. Cronin, keen to renew war and kill Native Americans. Red Warrior warned his village and the nearby US fort commanded by Col. Pearson. Mutineer Cronin returned, killed Pearson and took over the fort while Red Warrior narrowly escaped, although Comanche traders were killed. The Comanche elders decided that Red Warrior would seek help from another US fort to delay potential war. Red Warrior rode with those US forces and helped overpower Cronin's troops. Comanche warriors waited nearby, but Red Warrior assured them vengeance had been gained. The Comanche rode home in peace.

(Red Warrior#6/2) - Unusual weather and quiet animal patterns led Red Warrior to seek advice from Nakomah, who warned him of the ferocious killer black puma ("Sheetha") and she gave him an obsidian arrowhead to stop the beast. Red Warrior tracked Sheetha's copious and needless animal kills by moonlight in the Cochetopa Hills. He wrestled and stabbed the full-bellied Sheetha, who ran off and attacked White Wing. Red Warrior used the obsidian arrow to kill Sheetha and returned to camp, where Sheetha and the arrowhead were burnt in a Comanche ceremonial fire.

(Red Warrior#6/6) - While setting small animal traps in the forest, Red Warrior and his close friend Magowuk encountered a rabid wolf. Magowuk killed the beast but was bitten. The duo returned to the Comanche village where Magowuk was treated, but rabies soon took over. He ran off before Red Warrior could stop him and killed a tribe member. Red Warrior pushed aside inner confusion and gave chase, saving a roving cowboy from a fast-degenerating Magowuk. The pursuit led up a mountain and Red Warrior pleaded with his best friend, not wanting to kill him. A moment of clarity hit Magowuk and he jumped off the cliff watched by Red Warrior, who believed the god Manitou had decided that ending was better than dying at the hands of a best friend.

Comments: Created by uncredited writer & Tom Gill.

Red Warrior was set to replace Grey Eagle as leader of his Comanche tribe.

At one point, his eyes are colored blue. I'll take this as a coloring error or sky reflection or something like that.

The Old West fugitive gunslinger Ringo Kid's mother is called Dawn Star; she is a Comanche "princess", so I assume she is a senior chief's daughter. Ringo Kid's mother could not be Red Warrior's love of the same name, if Red Warrior's father, Grey Eagle, had a daughter who would be considered a princess. I'll consider this a coincidence.

Many thanks to Stuart Vandal for cleaning up the main image!

Possible Joe Sinnott inks for stories in issues Red Warrior#2, #3 & #4 as per Grand Comics Database.

This profile was completed 5/29/2021, but its publication was delayed as it was intended for the Appendix 20th anniversary 's celebratory event.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Red Warrior has no known connections to:

Dawn Star has no known connections to:

Bear Claw

The traitorous Bear Claw was paid by Luke Blanchard to murder Jeb Emery and use Red Warrior's arrow and horse to implicate him. Blanchard sought Emery's land for its hidden gold but the greedy Bear Claw sought more (or a more even) distribution of the returns. However, Bear Claw's actions had caused Red Warrior to go into shameful exile and, upon discovering fellow Comanche Bear Claw was responsible, Red Warrior killed him with a single arrow.







--Red Warrior#2/1

Dawn Star

Dawn Star was a young squaw of the Comanche tribe who taught children life skills alongside elder Nokomis. However, she had trouble with the mischievous boy Little Bear, who idolized Red Warrior and often skipped class to hunt animals. Dawn Star chided Red Warrior for not setting a better a example to Little Bear, although she was quietly attracted to the brave man. Red Warrior considered her words and helped Little Bear change his ways. Later, Dawn Star fashioned a special fish hook and had elder Nakomah pass it to Red Warrior as part of a romance ritual. She watched nearby as Red Warrior successfully landed a giant Chinook salmon, keeping the hook (and her love) intact.







--Red Warrior#4/3 (#5/2

Four Creeks

Four Creeks was a member of Red Warrior's Comanche tribe and joined him on a horseback patrol. Together, they found the dead body of a friendly lawman of a nearby town. Soon after, they recognized that the sheriff had been slain by the duplicitous gun runner Fulsom.






--Red Warrior#5/6


Fulsom was a nefarious gunrunner who sold faulty rifles to Native Americans and led a small gang (Bender, Pedro, Serdam). One day, he entered Comanche territory and was stopped by a local lawman, friendly with local Native Americans but aware of Fulsom's activities. When told to leave the Comanche alone and instead head into town, Fulsom shot the lawman. Fulsom then found Chief Grey Eagle's village and tried to broker a deal, but Red Warrior, who had since found the dead lawman, stopped Fulsom and demanded they leave. So Fulsom turned to the neighboring Piute tribe, who were at peace with the Comanche, and secretly shot two of their warriors. Fulsom fooled the Piute chief that the Comanche were responsible and they bought rifles for war. Fulsom quickly headed back to Grey Eagle and sold the rest of his guns to the Comanche. By instigating war between the tribes, he had sold all his weapons and watched as the tribes charged at each other, although the guns exploded in each user's hand when fired. Quickly deducing those responsible, Red Warrior allied the tribes and they hunted down and killed Fulsom and his men.







--Red Warrior#5/6

Little Bear

Mischievous Little Bear was a boy in the Comanche tribe. He idolized Red Warrior and wanted only to hunt animals, skipping school and angering teachers Dawn Star and Nokomis. Red Warrior crept up on Little Bear and scared the boy, showing him the importance of stealth, then together they killed an animal. Red Warrior directed the boy to skin the animal and light a fire, but the boy knew very little and nothing of other life skills required of hunters and Comanche. Little Bear was surprised to hear that Red Warrior had learnt all these skills from Nokomis. Keen to emulate Red Warrior, the boy returned to their village and became an eager student.






--Red Warrior#4/3


Ora-Tikwa was a wise and respected elder of the Native Americans who was neutral amongst local tribes. He studied the ways of the god Manitou, observing local natural patterns and social movements. A hermit by nature, he lived three days travel from Red Warrior's village. Chief Grey Eagle directed his son Red Warrior to Ora-Tikwa when he sought a new steed and the elder sent him to far western snowy mountains to find a mighty white stallion.








--Red Warrior#4/1


Ossawa was a giant Californian condor that menaced the Comanche lands around Red Warrior's village and had set up its eyrie on a small towering rocky outcrop. Its threatening glide caused the animals to hide and live in fear, from bison to mountain lion and others, greatly reducing the meat available for Comanche hunters. After witnessing it easily lift a 300 lb. bison calf it had first slashed with its talons for a kill, Red Warrior took it upon himself to kill it and restore the status quo. Red Warrior made the perilous climb to its nest while Ossawa was once more hunting and he smashed the three large eggs there. Ossawa returned and, enraged, attacked him with its talons. Ossawa fell after Red Warrior stabbed it with his knife and then fired an arrow at it. Still respectful of the giant bird, Red Warrior took a feather to wear as tribute.

Unique for such a condor, it was predatory rather than a carrion feeder and fed regularly, potentially killing more than it required for sustenance. It was much larger than an average condor, and could quickly swoop in and carry away animals with seeming ease. Land-bound predatory animals, such as mountain lions and grizzly bears, felt threatened by it. The condor was male yet tended a nest with no apparent female nearby. "Ossawa" seems to be a generic term for condors for Red Warrior's Comanche tribe, but this enormous and powerful bird's unique nature indicates there may be greater forces at play; it may be that Ossawa was an avatar of a Native American god or a mystical creature.





--Red Warrior#2/5


Sheetha was a large black puma that occasionally roamed Comanche lands. He was more powerful and bloodthirsty than an average puma. He killed more than he could eat, attacking much larger prey such as bison. Animals in the area hid when Sheetha hunted nearby. Grey Eagle's tribe believed that the god Manitou also changed the weather with a cold wind in summer to warn them of the danger, including a colored corona around a low full moon. During such an event, Nakomah, one of the tribe's spiritual elders, advised Red Warrior of the threat of Sheetha given the signs and presented him with an obsidian arrowhead thought to be the only weapon that could kill Sheetha. Red Warrior tracked Sheetha's kills by moonlight and stabbed him, but Sheetha ran and ripped at Red Warrior's horse, White Wing. Red Warrior fired his obsidian arrowhead and killed Sheetha with one shot. Sheetha's carcass was taken to the village and burned in a ceremonial fire.

It's unclear if this is just a particularly nasty puma that was sometimes born and troubled the lands (and named "Sheetha" by the Comanche). However, given the Comanche tribe's belief that Manitou was warning them and the unique weapon, it may be that Sheetha was an avatar of a Native American god, such as Nanabozho, a demigod or a mystical creature.





--Red Warrior#6/2

Swift Beaver

Swift Beaver was a member of Red Warrior's hunting party returning home who saw smoke rising from their Comanche village, the result of harm caused by marauding renegade Crow warriors. The hunting party rushed back to their village to inspect the damage.








--Red Warrior#3/2

White Wing

White WIng was Red Warrior's faithful white stallion steed. Red Warrior tamed it from its wild state after finding it using wise hermit Ora-Tikwa's directions. The stallion initially roamed in the snowy mountains far west of Comanche lands. Red Warrior observed its patterns for over a day until daring to ride it bareback and tame it. From then on, a special bond formed and they rode back to the Comanche village together. Red Warrior named it after the drifted snow and swift silver dove. White Wing remained loyal to Red Warrior on his various adventures, patrols, quests and missions, be it perilously close to blazing fire or a war charge. Likewise, Red Warrior felt bonded to his horse, refusing to surrender it at gunpoint to a murderous outlaw and defending it from the ferocious black puma Sheetha.










--Red Warrior#4/1 (4/3, 4/5, 5/1, 5/2, 5/6, 6/1, 6/2

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Red Warrior#3, cover (main image)
Red Warrior#3/1, p4, pan5 (headshot)
Red Warrior#1/1, p6, pan6 (warpaint with bow & arrow)
Red Warrior#4/5, p6, pan6 (riding White Wing)
Red Warrior#5/2, p4, pan2 (fishing midstream)
Red Warrior#5/6, p7, pan3 (wearing full battle headdress)
Red Warrior#2/1, p6, pan6 (Bear Claw)
Red Warrior#4/3, p2, pan3 (Dawn Star)
Red Warrior#5/6, p3, pan3 (Four Creeks)
Red Warrior#5/6, p5, pan4 (Fulsom)
Red Warrior#4/3, p3, pan7 (Little Bear)
Red Warrior#4/1, p3, pan5 (Ora-Tikwa)
Red Warrior#2/5, p3, pan4 (Ossawa)
Red Warrior#6/2, p1, pan1 (Sheetha)
Red Warrior#3/2, p1, pan2 (Swift Beaver)
Red Warrior#4/1, p4, pan6 (White Wing)

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