Real Name: Ward Strongbow

Identity/Class: Human (Native American, Navaho), mutate

Occupation: Miner

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Klaw

Enemies: American Eagle, Ka-Zar, Thing, Wyatt Wingfoot, Zabu

Known Relatives: Jason Strongbow (American Eagle, brother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Navaho Reservation, Arizona

First Appearance: Marvel Two-In-One Annual#6 (1981)

Powers/Abilities: Assuming that Ward's abilities were identical to those of his brother's, he could lift 15 tons, could run at 65 miles per hour, and had superhuman senses, agility and endurance.

History: (Marvel Two-In-One Annual#6 (fb)) - Ward Strongbow and his brother Jason were representatives of their tribe at their reservation. Ward resented white people, but also resented his own people who he saw as weak, and was determined to carve out success for himself. When a mining company (secretly sponsored by Klaw) moved on to their land to mine uranium, Jason blamed Ward for making a deal with the miners, but Ward denied it. Jason joined protestors against the mining operation, and when a twitchy watchman shot a protestor, Jason chased him into the mines. He found Ward there surrounded by advanced machinery, and they fought, as Ward admitted that he was involved in the operation. Their battle brought them to the attention of Klaw, who shot his sonic weapon at Jason, causing an explosion, and the combined sonic and uranium energies granted both brothers superhuman powers. Ward was knocked out by the explosion, and was carried away by Klaw and his men.

(Marvel Two-In-One Annual#6) - Ward aided Klaw and his associates in their attempt to mine vibranium from the Savage Land. When the Thing, Wyatt Wingfoot, Ka-Zar, Zabu and American Eagle (Jason's new identity) invaded the camp, Ward fought the American Eagle, proving that he was his equal in strength. Some of Klaw's men became concerned that Ward might lose, and one tried to shoot the American Eagle, only to fatally wound Ward instead. The American Eagle chased the men responsible into the path of a dinosaur stampede, killing them all, then brought his brother's body to the Thing's Pogo Plane so that he could be brought home.

Comments: Created by Doug Moench, Ron Wilson and Gene Day.

by Prime Eternal

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Images taken from:
Marvel Two-In-One Annual#6, page 35, panel 4
Marvel Two-In-One Annual#6, page 35, panel 6

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