Real Name: Ghost Wind Rider

Identity/Class: Human (Old West era)

Occupation: uncertain

Group Membership: Commanche nation

Affiliations: Red Wolf (former lover); possibly allied with the Nez Pierce

Enemies: Nightriders; owloots, rannies, and polecats

Known Relatives: Flaming Star (grandfather), Spotted Doe (mother or aunt), Towering Oak (father or uncle)

Aliases: None


Base of Operations: the mountains outside Wonderment, Montana; possibly the Commanche village outside Bison Bend, Colorado; Old West era

First Appearance: Blaze of Glory#2 (February, 2000)



Powers: None. Ghost Wind Rider was bold and confident, and likely possessed reasonable fighting skills.



History: Ghost Wind Rider is the granddaughter of Flaming Star, the Commanche Shaman who helped create the identity of the Phantom/Ghost/Night Rider.

(Blaze of Glory#2) - Flaming Star and Ghost Wind Rider headed into the hills outside of Wonderment, Montana, in search of Red Wolf. They were were accosted by a band of men, and saved from assault by Red Wolf. They successfully convinced him to help against the Nightriders terrorizing the town.

(Blaze of Glory#3-BTS) - After Reno Jones was injured in battle against the Nightriders, Flaming Star and Ghost Wind Rider found him and treated his wounds. They trained and outfitted him to become the next Phantom Rider.

(Blaze of Glory#4) - Ghost Wind Rider joined Red Wolf and the local tribesmen he had recruiting in participating in the final battle against the Nightriders. Their arrival in mid-battle turned the tide, and the Nightriders were wiped out.
Afterwards, she joined Red Wolf for a little R & R.



Comments: Created by John Ostrander and Leonardo Manco.

Ghost Wind Rider's parents were not identified; she is only identified as the granddaughter of Flaming Star. Flaming Star's daughter, Spotted Doe, appeared in Ghost Rider II#50, and his son, Towering Oak, showed up in Ghost Rider I#6. Towering Oak died in that same issue, but he could have already fathered a child.

Flaming Star and Spotted Doe both lived in the village outside of the town of Bison Bend, so it's likely that Ghost Wind Rider may have been born there. Bison Bend was named as being in Nevada in OHotMU Update '89#5 Data Corrections, but was later identified as being located in Colorado in Original Ghost Rider#13.

Flaming Star might have been half-Sioux/half-Arapaho, and simply married into the Comanche tribe. Much like Corey Rand, gunslinging father of the Ringo Kid. It's historical fact that the Arapaho were middlemen, between the Sioux and Comanche, with regard to intertribal trading.
  Such being the case, one of Ghost Wind Rider's parents would be .25 Sioux/.25 Arapaho/.50 Comanche. And, if her other parent was a full-blooded Comanche, then the girl would be one-eighth Sioux/one-eighth Arapaho/three-fourths Comanche!

The events in Blaze of Glory were to have preceded by a year the Battle of Little Big Horn, and by two years the Nez Pierce battles and flight towards Canada. It seems likely to have meant that Flaming Star (and Ghost Wind Rider and Red Wolf) may have been involved in one or both of those struggles.

If the various incarnations of Red Wolf are a line of descendents, than Ghost Wind Rider could well be the ancestor of Will Talltrees, the Red Wolf of the modern era.

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Blaze of Glory#3-4 (March, 2000) - John Ostrander (writer), Leonardo Manco (artist), Mark Bernardo & Tom Brevoorts (editor)

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