Type: Alternate Earth

Environment: Earth-like

Usual means of access: Presumably vibrational attunement

Dominant Life Form: Mutants

Significant Inhabitants: Abyss, Apocalypse, Bishop, Cyclops, Forge, Generation Next (Chamber, Colossus, Mondo, Shadowcat, Skin, Vincente), Jean Grey,  Havok, Holocaust, Legion, Charles Lehnsherr, Quietus, Illyana Rasputin, Mikhail Rasputin, Rex, Scarlet Witch, Sinister, Sugar Man, El Tigre, Weapon X, Charles Xavier, X-Man (Nathaniel Greyspring Askanni'son Jacob Jungleheimerschmidt), the X-Men (Blink, Gambit, Iceman, Jubilee, Magneto, Morph, Nightcrawler, Quicksilver, Rogue, Sabretooth, Storm, Sunfire, Wild Child), numerous unnamed others (see comments)

Significant Locations: Jersey, Seattle

First Appearance: Marvel Riot#1 (December, 1995)

History: (Marvel Riot#1) - While traveling through Seattle, a name tag-wearing mutant named Bishop came across the uncountable, innumerable, mathematically challenged X-Men, led by the giant helmet-wearing Magneto. Terrified at the thought of another alternate reality, Bishop downed nearly an entire bottle of X-Cedrin before explaining that his headaches began when Charles Xavier was killed. Although no one else even knew who Charles Xavier was, Magneto struck a pompous pose and went into a long-winded speech about how he had known Xavier shortly before he was killed. After much pacing, Magneto finally decided to fix reality. Unbeknowst to Magneto, Apocalypse's servant Sinister was watching him. Discovering Magneto's plans from Sinister, Apocalypse set out to kill some stuff, as opposed to consulting others about the plot. Realizing that Apocalypse was both crazy and really good at shadow puppets, Sinister attempted to recruit Cyclops in a plot against Apocalypse, but after seeing that Cyclops wasn't understanding simple instructions, he set off on his own.

 As the first step in his plan to fix reality, Magneto had Colossus lead his group of trainees, Generation Next, into Apocalypse's energy core and free Colossus's long-presumed-to-be-dead sister, Illyana Rasputin. Upon the group's arrival at the energy core, trainees Husk and Vincente combined their abilities to disguise themselves as the Howard Stern-like Quietus and immediately found Illyana. Sugar Man soon discovered their ruse and Generation Next escaped before another recap of the story could take place. As Generation Next made their way from the energy core, a mutant named Forge attempted to explain to the cloned X-Man that he was not an ex-man, but an X-Man. Not long after the explanation, Forge was killed by Sinister, who explained to X-Man that he was a clone created to kill Apocalypse. Angry that Sinister had killed his friend Forge, X-Man blasted Sinister, claiming that Sinister's plan was as dumb as destroying an entire world to save one man twenty years ago.

 While the other pieces of Magneto's plan were falling into place, such as Gambit and his X-Ternals retrieving the McCrenn Crystal and Nightcrawler's X-Calibre rescuing the mutant Destiny from Avalon/Savage Land, Rogue and her admonishing X-Men team went to Chicago to stop Apocalypse from weakening the sales of the X-titles by reducing the prices of all non-X books. Once they arrived in Chicago, the team found Sabretooth captured by Holocaust, who showed the team what had happened to the comics industry in the absence of Charles Xavier. With the market flooded with crappy books such as Superbman and a Nazi-hunting Sub-Mariner, Rogue realized that the lack of Charles Xavier had kept comic books from maturing. Rogue soon saw issues of Buckethead Romance, Babe Magnet, Pure Allure, Lust Dentist, and Irresistable Attractions, all starring her "husband" Magneto and flew into a rage. She then angrily ordered her X-Men team back home to confront Magneto.

 With his plan coming to fruition, Magneto confronted Apocalypse, where he stood at the "soliloquies here" booth and gave a speech to Apocalypse about how he was an X-Man and that he did not stand alone. Just as he gave his speech, Magneto was flattened by a brick wall that Rogue and the X-Men blasted down during their entrance into the fray. The X-Men exclaimed that they were there to unify their respective stories' plot lines and Rogue realized upon seeing Magneto in his injured state what was really important. She then asked what had happened to their son Charles and Gambit replied that he had lost him. While X-Man and Holocaust prepared to enter the "fixed" reality, Apocalypse revealed that the McCrenn Crystal was under his control. In order to halt Apocalypse's plans with the Crystal, Magneto convinced Illyana Rasputin to use the Crystal's power to transport herself and Bishop into the past to save Charles Xavier from dying. At that same time, a reformed Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Weapon X freed the prisoners of Apocalypse, only to be momentarily halted by Havok. Weapon X threatened Havok but was stopped himself by Spider-Man, Captain America, and other comic book superheroes, who demanded an end to the crossover because it was making life hard on them. Bishop and Illyana managed to make their way into the past, however, where they halted Xavier's future son Legion from killing Charles Xavier. Before reality repaired itself in the present day, Magneto managed to kill Apocalypse by ripping him in half with his magnetic abilities. The story's marketing department soon arrived and thought of a "great" idea to change to story to make El Tigre the main villain, but Magneto used his abilities to launch El Tigre and the marketing executive into space. As reality fixed itself, the young son of Magneto and Rogue explained to Magneto that he sucked.

Comments: Created by Scott Lobdell, Hilary Barta, Rurik Tyler, Ken Branch, and Jim Amash.

Some of the unnamed characters that appear in the backgrounds of the Marvel Riot#1 book are: Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny, Madman, Batman, Donald Duck, Plastic Man, the Spirit, the Crypt Keeper, the Punisher, Doctor Strange, Swamp Thing, Captain America, Alfred E. Neuman, Iron Man, Richard Nixon, Earthworm Jim, Betty Boop, Puumba (from the Lion King), Popeye, Casper the Friendly Ghost (looking pretty mad!), Sauron (the Marvel villain), Superman (called Superbman), Supergirl, Comet the Superhorse, Krypto the Superdog, Beppo the Supermonkey, Namor the Sub-Mariner, Pinhead (from the Hellraiser movies), the Coneheads, Beavis & Butt-head (although Butt-head is bald), Albert Einstein, Elvis Presley (although he has three eyes and sharp teeth), the Hulk, Spider-Man, WarBlade (of the WildC. A. T. s), Archie Andrews, Spawn, and probably some that I didn't recognize.

Profile by Proto-Man


Earth-Marvel Riot is a parody of:


Abyss was a servant of Apocalypse who couldn't determine which Earth-616 character he was the counterpart to.

He had the same teleportational abilities of his Earth-616 counterpart...himself.

--Marvel Riot#1


Apocalypse was the ruler of the United States and sought to weaken the sales of X-titles by lowering the prices on all non-X books. When Magneto confronted him with the McCrenn Crystal, Apocalypse took control of the Crystal and tried to market it with Happy Meals from McDonald's, but McDonald's declined unless the name of Crystal was changed to reflect the restaurant. Magneto responded by having Illyana Rasputin use the Crystal's powers to transport into the past and save Charles Xavier from getting killed, thereby altering reality to prevent Apocalypse's rise to power. While reality was repairing itself, Magneto used his magnetic abilities to rip Apocalypse in half.

Apocalypse had the same shape-shifting abilities of his Earth-616 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1 (#1d,


Bishop was the only person who remembered the world prior to the death of Charles Xavier. Ever since Xavier's death, Bishop experienced immense headaches due to alternate realities. Once Illyana Rasputin was rescued from the Sugar Man, Bishop travelled with her into the past, where they dogpiled on Legion.

Bishop presumably had the same energy redirection abilities of his Earth-616 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1


Cyclops was a servant of Apocalypse whom Sinister tried to use against him. When Sinister discovered that Cyclops was stupid, he left to stop Apocalypse on his own. He ended up helping Jean Grey and Weapon X free Apocalypse's prisoners while Magneto and the X-Men battled Apocalypse.

Cyclops had the same optic energy blasts that his Earth-616 counterpart had.

--Marvel Riot#1


Forge was a friend of the clone X-Man who was killed by Sinister prior to Sinister explaining X-Man his origins.

Forge presumably had the same mutant inventiveness that his Earth-616 counterpart possessed.

--Marvel Riot#1 (#1d,


Generation Next was a group of mutants training to be the next generation of X-Men. They were led by Colossus and according to Magneto's plan, they were to infiltrate Apocalypse's energy core and rescue Colossus's sister Illyana. After saving Illyana, they were discovered by the Sugar Man who was confused about the story. When he tried to ask about it, Generation Next ran to escape another story recap.

The team was (from left to right): Colossus (back turned), Vincente, Husk, Skin, Chamber, and Mondo. Not pictured is Shadowcat.

--Marvel Riot#1





Jean Grey was the lover of Weapon X who complained about his ego. She eventually helped him and Cyclops free the prisoners of Apocalypse during Apocalypse's showdown with Magneto.

Jean Grey had the same telekinesis and telepathy that her Earth-616 counterpart had.

--Marvel Riot#1


Havok was the brother of Cyclops and also a servant of Apocalypse who flew around in a giant flying hand. While Cyclops turned on Apocalypse, Havok remained ever-loyal and tried to halt Cyclops, Jean Grey, and Weapon X's freeing of Apocalypse's prisoners. He was threatened by Weapon X.

Havok presumably had plasma energy generation powers, like his Earth-616 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1


Holocaust was a servant of Apocalypse who informed Rogue and the X-Men that the comic industry had never matured since the death of Charles Xavier. When Rogue realized that her husband Magneto was the star of many romance titles, she left Holocaust behind to find Magneto. Not long after, Holocaust was attacked by X-Man, who claimed that Apocalypse and his servants had made him an ex-man.

Holocaust was an energy being, like his Earth-295 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1


Illyana Rasputin was the sister of Colossus who was captured and sent to Apocalypse's energy core. Generation Next broke into the core and rescued her. Using her teleportation abilities in tune with the McCrenn Crystal, Illyana sent herself and Bishop back in time to save Charles Xavier from death at the hands of Legion.

Illyana possessed teleportation abilities, like her Earth-616 counterpart once had as Magik.

--Marvel Riot#1


Rex was a servant of Apocalypse who informed him that McDonald's had declined the offer to market the McCrenn Crystal as a Happy Meal toy.

--Marvel Riot#1


Scarlet Witch was the daughter of Magneto. She was killed prior to Bishop's meeting with the X-Men.

Despite being dead, Scarlet Witch could still. She presumably had the reality manipulation abilities of her Earth-616 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1


Sinister was a servant of Apocalypse who secretly plotted against him. He first sought to use Cyclops, but upon realizing that he was stupid, Sinister opted to use the clone X-Man. Killing X-Man's friend Forge, Sinister explained to X-Man his plan. An angry X-Man blasted him to the ground, leaving Sinister to think that perhaps he should not have killed Forge before explaining himself.

Sinister presumably had the energy blasts and shape-shifting powers of his Earth-616 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1


Sugar Man was the head of Apocalypse's energy core and discovered Generation Next during their attempt to rescue Illyana Rasputin.

Sugar Man presumably had the same freakish appearance of his Earth-295 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1


El Tigre was brought into the battle with Apocalypse just after Magneto had killed him. El Tigre was brought in by a marketing exec who thought that the "Age of El Tigre" was upon them. Luckily, El Tigre and the marketing exec were launched into space by Magneto just before reality repaired itself.

El Tigre appeared to be able to survive in outer space unaided.

--Marvel Riot#1


Weapon X was the lover of Jean Grey who was angry at his lack of appearances within the book. He later helped Jean and Cyclops in freeing the prisoners of Apocalypse. Before Weapon X could battle Havok, who had arrived to stop them, he was stopped himself by other comic book characters who were angry about the storyline affecting their books' sales.

Weapon X had retractable claws and a healing factor, like his Earth-616 counterpart, Wolverine.

--Marvel Riot#1


Charles Xavier was a mutant who was originally killed by his own future son, Legion. His death allowed Apocalypse to take over the United States and prevented the comic industry from maturing. Eventually, Illyana Rasputin and Bishop teleported into the past and prevented his death.

Charles Xavier presumably had the same telepathic abilities that his Earth-616 counterpart had.

--Marvel Riot#1


X-Man was a clone created by Sinister, but when his friend Forge was killed Sinister, X-Man fought back against Apocalypse. He never quite understand that he was an X-Man, not an ex-man. He eventually attacked Holocaust at Apocalypse's fortress and tried to hitch a ride into the fixed reality with him.

X-Man had vast telepathic and telekinetic abilities, like his Earth-295 counterpart.

--Marvel Riot#1


The X-Men were a group of mutants led by Magneto. When he discovered that reality had been altered by Charles Xavier's death, Magneto went into a long-winded speech that resulted in him deciding to destroy the current reality to fix the original one. Magneto then split the X-Men up and had the accomplish different tasks. When his plans were complete, Magneto confronted Apocalypse with the help of the regrouped X-Men.

The team's roster consisted of (from left to right): Magneto, Rogue, Iceman (puddle), Quicksilver (foot running off panel), Sabretooth, Wild Child, Gambit, Jubilee, Blink, Storm, and Morph (the brick). Others not seen in the picture are: Nightcrawler and Sunfire.

--Marvel Riot#1



Marvel Riot#1, front & back cover (Main Pic)
 p1, pan6 (Bishop)
 p2-3, splash page (X-Men & Scarlet Witch)
 p7, pan1 (Sinister, Holocaust, & Abyss)
 p7, pan3 (Apocalypse)
 p11, pan3 (Generation Next)
 p12, pan4 (Sugar Man)
 p14, pan2 (X-Man & Forge)
 p23, splash page (Rex)
 p28, pan4 (Illyana Rasputin)
 p29, pan1 (Cyclops & Jean Grey)
 p29, pan2 (Weapon X)
 p29, pan3 (Havok)
 p30, pan2 (Charles Xavier)
 p31, pan5 (El Tigre)

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