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Real Name: Alfonso Erdoes

Identity/Class: Human mutate, technology user

Occupation: Test subject

Group MembershipBrand Corporation

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Spider-Man (Peter Parker), Dr. Joseph Waking-Bear

Known Relatives: Unnamed son (deceased)

Aliases: "House Fly", "Bug Eyes", "Mr. Buzzy", "The Buggerer"

Base of Operations: New York City

First Appearance: Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 (September, 2004)

Powers/Abilities: Erdoes possesses superhuman strength and durability, clawed fingers, and can project a sharp blade from his right wrist. He wears a winged backpack that allows him to fly.

History: (Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 (fb) ) - Alfonso Erdoes' son fell ill, and required expensive surgery performed by Joseph Waking-Bear. Without insurance, he couldn't pay for the operation, so Erdoes offered himself to the Brand Corporation as a test subject. Brand's scientists sliced Erdoes' DNA for eighteen months, turning him into a superhuman fly-man. The surgery was never performed, and Erdoes' son died.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 (fb) ) - Erdoes crashed through the window of Waking-Bear's office, blaming him for his son's death. As he prepared to kill the doctor with his wrist-spike, he found himself yanked out the window with a web-line and smacked around by Spider-Man. Spider-Man deposited the stunned Erdoes in Waking-Bear's office. He soon revived, only to be kicked in the face by Spider-Man, who also suggested a series of names for the fly-man. He angrily proclaimed himself to be Erdoes, and was finally felled by the wall-crawler's left hook.

Comments: Created by Allan Jacobsen & C.P. Smith.

I think there must have been some kind of miscommunication between the writer and the artist here - the dialogue seems to imply that Erdoes is some kind of Brundlefly-esque horror, but the art just depicts a normal guy in a bug suit. The wings and the bug eyes are depicted as part of the suit, and the claws and the wrist-spike could easily be artificial, too.

Just a hunch, here, but I'm guessing that Jacobsen turned to the book American Indian Myths and Legends to research this story - what with it having been written by Alfonso Ortiz and Richard Erdoes.

Profile by Minor Irritant.

Erdoes has no known connections to

Dr. Joseph Waking-Bear

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 (fb) ) - One of New York City's most successful (and high-priced) internists, Dr. Waking-Bear would not perform an operation on the ailing son of Alfonso Erdoes, due to his lack of insurance.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 (fb) ) - Eighteen months later, Waking-Bear was attacked by the now-superhuman Erdoes while consulting prospective patient Mrs. Goodman-Westlake and her husband. Only the intervention of Spider-Man saved him from the homicidal superhuman. Explaining his history with Erdoes, Spider-Man told him that with great power, must come great responsibility. Seeing him as an incarnation of Iktomi, trickster god of the Lakota people, Waking-Bear moved his practice to a trailer on a Lakota reservation in the American Southwest.

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 ) - Two years later, Waking-Bear treated the son of Michael and Caroline for bronchitis despite their inability to pay. Afterwards, he met with Thomas Mitford, who offered him a job at Valley Presbyterian, a local hospital. Waking-Bear refused, and told Mitford of his encounter with Spider-Man and Erdoes.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2

Michael & Caroline

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 ) - Michael and Caroline had Dr. Waking-Bear treat their infant son, who had fallen ill with bronchitis. They were unable to pay him, but Waking-Bear told them that they could pay him when they were able to.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2



Thomas Mitford

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 ) - Thomas Mitford arrived at Waking-Bear's clinic to offer him a job with Valley Presbyterian. Waking-Bear refused, and told Mitford of his encounter with Spider-Man and Erdoes.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2


Mr. Westlake & Mrs. Goodman-Westlake

(Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 (fb) ) - Mr. Westlake consulted with Dr. Waking-Bear about a surgical procedure for his wife, Mrs. Goodman-Westlake. Their session was interrupted by the arrival of the vengeful Erdoes.

--Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2

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Spider-Man Unlimited III#4, p16, pan5 (main image)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#4, p21, pan3 (headshot)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#4, p22, pan3 (Waking-Bear)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#4, p13, pan4 (Michael/Caroline)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#4, p15, pan4 (Mitford)
Spider-Man Unlimited III#4, p16, pan2 (Westlake)

Spider-Man Unlimited III#4/2 (September, 2004) - Allan Jacobsen (writer), C.P. Smith (artist), Tom Brevoort (editor)

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