Real Name: White Bow

Identity/Class: Human (Old West era)

Occupation: Conspirator, Medicine Man

Affiliations: Cheyenne People, a couple of horse thievin' varmints

Enemies: Red Wolf (Johnny Wakely), Elk Hunter, Fawn, soldiers of Fort Rango

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Demon Rider, Demon Rider of the Plains, Devil Mask, Horned Horseman, K'oumtou Gia, Spirit Rider of the Plains


Base of Operations: Western Planes outside Fort Rango, late 19th Century

First Appearance: Red Wolf I#6 (March, 1973)

Powers: None. He wears a costume that glows in the dark, giving him an eerie, spectral appearance. He rides a horse and carries a gun, which are similarly treated. He is a skilled horseman.

History: White Bow was a lesser shaman of the Cheyenne tribe. He sought to discredit Elk Hunter, his tribe's chief medicine man, so that he could replace him. Under unknown circumstances, he discovered the means to make himself and his horse glow in the dark, and he adopted the identity of the legendary K'oumtou Gia, the Spirit Rider of the Plains.




(Red Wolf I#6) - The Devil Rider, working with some white owlhoots, stole some Cheyenne ponies, correctly hoping that the troops of Fort Rango would be blamed. Red Wolf saw the Devil Rider dealing with the thieves and went after him, but he escaped. However, Red Wolf saw that he mounted his horse from the right, as only Native Americans do. While visiting the Cheyenne tribe, he noticed the scent of Juniper bushes on White Bow (He and the Devil Rider had fallen into a Juniper bush in their struggle). Later, when the Cheyenne woman Fawn was carrying the sacred Warclub of her tribe, the Devil Rider ambushed her, hoping to steal both the club and her horse. However, Red Wolf had anticipated this and followed Fawn. Red Wolf fought, defeated, and unmasked the Devil Rider, and then brought him to the Cheyenne tribe for a trial.

Comments: Created by Gardner Fox and Syd Shores.

The glowing costume of Devil Rider is reminiscent of that used by the various Phantom Riders. I don't believe any explanation is given.

No known connection to:
Demon-Riders, aka Satan's 40 Horsemen, agents of Mogul of the Mystic Mountain, @ Thor I#141/2
Demon of the Mask, an extradimensional sorcerer, @ Strange Tales I#136/2

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