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Real Name: Wynona Wingfoot

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: The Keewazi tribe

Affiliations: The Keewazi tribe (Will Wingfoot (Black Eagle - see comments), Wyatt Wingfoot, others)

Enemies: Frightful Four (Punisher robot, She-Thing (Sharon Ventura), Trapster (Peter Petruski), Wizard (born Bentley Wittman))

Known Relatives: Rain Falling West (sister), Roberta Wingfoot (mother, deceased), Wyatt Wingfoot (brother), William Wingfoot (Black Eagle, father, deceased), Silent Fox (paternal grandfather, deceased), Roberta Elk Step (grandmother, deceased), Miriam (aunt)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Silver Rock Springs, USA

First Appearance: Fantastic Four III#26 (February, 2000)

Powers/Abilities: Wynona Wingfoot did not possess any superhuman powers but was a skilled horseback rider. She was very courageous, not afraid to face down the Wizard despite her lack of powers.

Height: 5'7" (by approximation)
Weight: 125 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


(Fantastic Four III#26) - When Doctor Doom's starship flew over Merced Canyon, Wynona Wingfoot and her brother Wyatt were riding horses in the canyon. At first amazed at the sheer size of the ship, Wynona was quickly surprised when the ship appeared to vanish. Wynona immediately asked if Wyatt had gotten anything on their scanners and Wyatt replied that it was completely cloaked from all scanners. He then commented that he might need to send an alert to both the Fantastic Four and the Avengers.

(Fantastic Four III#29) - Wynona and Wyatt Wingfoot were captured by the Wizard in Silver Rock Springs and interrogated regarding a supposedly hidden treasure within the Keewazi tribe reservation. Despite Wynona and Wyatt's insistence that there was no hidden treasure, the Wizard explained that he had intercepted the Wingfoots' earlier message to the Avengers and Fantastic Four about a mysterious spacecraft that Wizard was certain belonged to the Keewazi guardian Tomazooma. When Wynona argued back at the Wizard, he placed an anti-gravity disc on her chest, causing her to fly far up into the air. Shortly thereafter, the Fantastic Four arrived to rescue Wyatt and at the beginning of the battle, the Trapster reported that Wynona had ditched the Wizard's anti-gravity disc and was falling to Earth fast. She was rescued by Doctor Doom (secretly Reed Richards), who left to participate in the battle against the Wizard's Frightful Four. During the scuffle, Wynona tried to free the other members of the Keewazi tribe but was unable to release the jammed door. Doctor Doom (Reed) once more came to her aid, freeing the captured Keewazi including Wynona's father Black Eagle (Will Wingfoot).


Comments: Created by Chris Claremont, Salvador Larroca and Art Thibert.

One or more online sources list Wynona Wingfoot's first appearance as Fantastic Four III#1 but, looking through the issue, I don't see her anywhere in it.

In Fantastic Four III#29, Wynona refers to the Keewazi tribe member Black Eagle as her father. Her brother Wyatt's father was William Wingfoot, who was specifically mentioned as being long dead in Fantastic Four I#269, so the question remains: Who is Black Eagle? A somehow resurrected Will Wingfoot? An only thought-to-be-dead Will Wingfoot? A different character entirely? Perhaps Wynona and Wyatt are only half-siblings and do not share the same father? It's possible that Wyatt and Wynona share the same mother but after Will Wingfoot died, Roberta Wingfoot married Black Eagle and the two had Wynona together. It is also possible that Black Eagle could be a Keewazi tribe member who acted as a surrogate father to Wynona following the deaths of Will and Roberta Wingfoot. That is the explanation I chose to go with in this profile, considering that the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A-Z Update#1's Wyatt Wingfoot entry listed Wynona as Wyatt's sister, not as his half-sister. With Wyatt being away at college and aiding the Fantastic Four on occasion and the Wingfoot parents being dead, it seems likely that Wynona would have to have been raised by someone else, possibly Black Eagle. A special thanks to Don Campbell for pointing out Wynona's other relatives (Rain Falling West, Roberta Elk Step and Miriam) seen/mentioned in the She-Hulk: Ceremony mini-series!

Profile by Proto-Man.

Wynona Wingfoot has no known connections to

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Fantastic Four III#29, p18, pan2 (Wynona Wingfoot, main image)
Fantastic Four III#26, p6, pan3 (Wynona Wingfoot headshot)

Fantastic Four III#26 (February, 2000) - Chris Claremont (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)
Fantastic Four III#29 (May, 2000) - Chris Claremont (writer), Salvador Larroca (pencils), Art Thibert (inks), Bobbie Chase (editor)

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