Real Name: ?? Mason

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Criminal

Group Membership: Maggia

Affiliations: Randall, Tarantino and other henchmen

Enemies: Red Wolf (William Talltrees), John Stands-In-Timber, Billy Two-Rivers

Known Relatives: Captain John Mason (ancestor)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile
in this story: CA$INO, somewhere in Connecticut

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents#170/4 (late December, 1994)

Powers/Abilities: None. He was a capable leader and used a pistol as a weapon.

History: (MCP#170/4 (fb) ): Mason was a member of the Maggia who sent him out to get the CA$INO from the Mashantucket Pequot tribe. He attacked the CA$INO by surprise. Mason ordered his men to beat up Billy Two-Rivers outside and told him that he would kill his father if he didn't sign the CA$INO over to the Maggia.

(MCP#170/4): Mason was with his main man Tarantino and John Stands-In-Timber in the main office of the CA$INO. He told John that he had no understanding of the finer points of business and then told him about his ancestor Captain Mason who tried to wipe out John's tribe in the year 1637. He told John that the people he represented wanted the CA$INO. Suddenly Randall entered the bureau in a panic, claiming they were under attack from an Indian spirit and Mason told him to calm down. He ordered Tarantino to shoot at the door when a scratching was heard at it. Red Wolf came from the window above them and Mason ordered Tarantino to kill him. Mason took John Stands-In-Timber into the main hall and told Red Wolf to surrender or the old man would die. When Mason heard that the police had arrived he thought about killing John anyway because it was over for him. Red Wolf saved John and sliced Mason's arm with his knife. Mason lost his gun and Red Wolf threatened to kill him with his knife. Mason ordered his men to drop their weapons. The police arrested Mason shortly after that.

Comments: Created by Alan Cowsill, Jimmy Chung & Martin Griffiths

Mason really wore an ugly suit. I just wanted to mention it.

The whole story with Mason's ancestor Captain Mason was a nice addition to the story because of the historical significance.
John Mason was an English Captain in the Pequot War. With a force consisting of white volunteers, Mohicans and a sizeable number of Narragansetts he hunted the Pequots. A surprise attack on a village of the Pequot at Mystic in 1637 ended with over 500 members of the Pequot tribe being killed. Mason continued his cruel ways in the Pequot War and even wrote a book about his experiences.
"History of the Pequot War" was first published in 1677.

Profile by Markus Raymond


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He was a henchman of Mason and together with a colleague beat up Billy Two-Rivers outside the casino. He wanted to finish Billy once and for all, but Red Wolf jumped down from the roof and attacked Randall's partner. Randall ran into the casino and told Mason that some kind of indian spirit in the form of a wolf attacked him and his partner. He was afraid that the spirit followed him when he heard some scratching on the door behind him. Suddenly Red Wolf jumped through the window above them and Randall recognized him again. He didn't interfere into the fight between Tarantino and Red Wolf, but he tried to help his boss and threatened Red Wolf with a gun when he overpowered Mason. Mason was smart enough to tell Randall and his other men to lay down their weapons. Randall was arrested together with the other members of the Maggia.

--Marvel Comics Presents#170/4


Tarantino was the number one henchman of Mason. He was together with Mason in the bureau of the casino and helped Mason to convince John Stands-In-Timber to sign over the casino to the Maggia. After Randall entered in fear Tarantino was ordered to fire at the door to silence the scratching. He was surprised when Red Wolf jumped through the window above them, but only for a second. He threw away his gun and attacked Red Wolf by the order of Mason. Tarantino rammed Red Wolf through a wall and hit him with some hard punches, but in the end Red Wolf was too powerful for him. Tarantino was knocked out by Red Wolf. He was later arrested by the police together with the other Maggia members.

--Marvel Comics Presents#170/4

John Stands-In-Timber

He was a member of the Mashantucket Pequots tribe and the father of Billy Two-Rivers. He ran the CA$INO together with his son. Mason had him tied up in the main office of the CA$INO and wanted him to sign over the CA$INO to the Maggia. John took the beating of Mason and Tarantino and didn't yield. He didn't look up when Red Wolf attacked the Maggia. Mason threatened to kill John if Red Wolf didn't surrender. Red Wolf saved John from the clutches of Mason and the old man was happy to see the arrest of Mason and his men afterwards. John knew that the publicity they got that night would get the Maggia off their backs and help business. He asked Red Wolf to stay with them because they needed good people like him, but Red Wolf didn't like gambling and left.

--Marvel Comics Presents#170/4

Billy Two-Rivers

He was the son of John Stands-In-Timber and also a member of the Mashantucket Pequots tribe. Together with his father he ran the CA$INO. He was friends with Red Wolf who rescued him from further damage after Billy took a beating by two henchmen of Mason. With a bunch a broken ribs he told Red Wolf that his father was tied up in the main office and that Mason wanted to kill him if he didn't sign over the club. Red Wolf was gone when Billy turned around to join him in the fight against the Maggia. Billy returned into the casino when Mason and his men were nearly finished and told Red Wolf that the police just arrived. He watched the defeat and the arrest of Mason and his men.

--Marvel Comics Presents#170/4


Twenty years ago the Mashantucket Pequots had all died out. The government threatened to close the reservation and end their tribal status. The few left contacted relatives and told them to return home and help rebuild the tribe. After a few deals and loans they built a Bingo Hall. A few years later that Bingo Hall had become a casino raking in 720 million dollars a year. It was bigger than Trump's Taj Mahal and the Maggia's Reno Royal. This was enough reason for the Maggia to want control of it, but the attempt of their man Mason failed and the CA$INO remained under the control of the Mashantucket Pequot tribe. Shortly after the arrest of Mason and his men the CA$INO was back to normal and the money of gamblers was flooding into the reservation again.

--Marvel Comics Presents#170/4



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