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Real Name: Jill Tomahawk

Identity/Class: Normal human (Native American, Mohawk)

Occupation: Police officer

Group Membership: Police force (location unrevealed)

Affiliations: Red Wolf (Thomas Thunderhead), Lobo

Enemies: Clayton Bickford and his men, King Cycle and his gang

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Northeastern USA (see comments)

First Appearance: Red Wolf#8 (July, 1973)

Powers/Abilities: Jill Tomahawk was a trained but still new police officer eager to prove her abilities. She was proud of her Mohawk heritage.


(Red Wolf#8 (fb) - BTS) - Jill Tomahawk joined the police force and was keen to prove herself as able as any male. She began tracking down the criminal motorbike gang leader called King Cycle. She heard that the gang were planning to rob the museum and decided to stop them by herself as a police officer but was knocked down by them.

(Red Wolf#8) - The Cheyenne Red Wolf was also in pursuit of King Cycle and his gang, and came across Tomahawk on the museum steps. Still dazed, she initially drew her gun, but instead affirmed her police abilities and her Mohawk heritage. She shared the information she had on the gang leader with Red Wolf and the two agreed to communicate via smoke signals. At sunset and about to start her duties as a police officer, Tomahawk sent smoke signals that King Cycle was about to rob the museum that night. She arrived at the museum soon after to find Red Wolf in combat with the motorbikers, but King Cycle took Tomahawk hostage and back to his hideout. There she was strapped to his "death disc", a circular platform that spun wildly if any approached her. Red Wolf arrived and rescued her, with Lobo helping to round up the gang members. They left her to take the credit for arresting the bikers, although she was not keen on taking charity.

(Red Wolf#9 (fb) - BTS) - Jill Tomahawk began investigating Clayton Bickford, an aging cowboy movie star, on his attempted land acquisitions from native Americans.

(Red Wolf#9) - Red Wolf told Jill Tomahawk at her house of how he had taken on the mantle of Owayodata. A parcel delivery suddenly arrived, but Red Wold identified it as a bomb and threw it away, saving them from the blast. Two of Clayton Bickford's men arrived to make sure that Tomahawk was dead but Red Wolf overcame them, only to surrender when Bickford suddenly arrived with his rifle. He told them of his plan to take land near his ranch from the Indians for the oil there and drove them out to his ranch in his limousine. The two's defiance resulted in them being thrown into a dark cellar by Bickford. She watched as Red Wolf magically summoned Lobo and overpowered Bickford and his two lackeys. Bickford again threatened Tomahawk, who was again saved by Red Wolf. Later, she told the sheriff of what had happened but there was no clear evidence either way. Tomahawk watched Red Wolf walk off but promised herself to find out more about the Cheyenne hero.

Comments: Created by Gardener F. Fox (writer), Syd Shores (pencils) and Chic Stone (inks).

The location of her home and work was not defined, but she told Red Wolf that they were where her people were once rulers of this land, making it northeastern America (but still in the USA - probably New York State).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Jill Tomahawk has no known connections to:

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Red Wolf#9, p8, pan2 (main image)
Red Wolf#8, p5, pan2 (headshot)

Red Wolf#8 (July, 1973) - Gardener F. Fox (writer), Syd Shores (pencils), Chic Stone (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)
Red Wolf#9 (September, 1973) - Gary Friedrich (writer), Dick Ayers (pencils), Vince Colletta (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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