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Real Name: Alex Marks

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Race car driver

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Human Fly (Rick Rojatt), Harmony Whyte (loose)

Enemies: Cyrus T. Barker

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Nevada, USA;
    formerly North Carolina

First Appearance: Human Fly I#2 (October,1977)

Powers/Abilities: Alex Marks was an excellent high-speed car racer until an accident gravely injured him and destroyed his self-confidence.

Height: 6'2" (by approximation)
Weight: 155 lbs (by approximation)
Eyes: Reddish-brown
Hair: Blue


(Human Fly I#2 (fb)) - Alex Marks was an Indy car racer until he blew a tire at high speed and crashed into spectators, killing several. He lay in a North Carolina hospital for months recovering from multiple bone fractures, blaming himself for those killed, yet also suspecting the race promoter Cyrus Barker was behind the crash. The Human Fly found Marks and encouraged him to walk again, but could not restore the racer's confidence.

(Human Fly I#2 (fb) - BTS) - Despite shaky hands, Marks entered the dangerous "Doomsday Race" on the Nevada Flats for the prize money, but the Human Fly, suspicious about the event's promoter (again Cyrus Barker), asked to take his place in the race and that he keep an eye on Barker.

(Human Fly I#2) - Investigative reporter Harmony Whyte sought the Human Fly's true identity and saw the masked hero enter Marks' caravan. She mistakenly thought Marks was the Human Fly and confronted him. Whyte refused to believe his story when he related his past to her. Marks stayed hidden while the race continued. Excepting the Human Fly (masquerading as Marks) and Johnny Blaze (empowered as Ghost Rider), all the contestants were wiped out by lethal traps set by Barker. Seeing the two complete the race as winners, Barker tried to flee with the takings, but was stopped by Marks and Whyte; Marks knocked out the corrupt promoter. Marks' anger and defiance restored his confidence and he rejected the prize money, passing it to charity, as he intended to race again. Seeing Marks and the Human Fly together, Whyte conceded that Marks was not the secretive stuntman.

Comments: Created by Bill Mantlo (writer), Carmine Infantino (pencils), Dan Green (inks).

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Alex Marks has no known connections to:

Cyrus T. Barker

Cyrus T. Barker

Cyrus T. Barker was an unscrupulous race promoter who didn't care if anyone was killed in one of his scams. Marks suspected that Barker may have been responsible for his near-fatal race car crash. Barker continued with his rigged race promotion, catching the attention of the heroic Human Fly, but also luring Marks back into racing in a daredevil "Doomsday Race" with a prize money of $500,000; however, Barker tried to prevent participants from winning with a series of lethal traps. When the Human Fly and Ghost Rider finished the race, Barker ran for the $700,000 takings for the race, but was confronted by the watchful Marks and reporter Whyte. Barker pulled a handgun he had in the safe, but was knocked out by the swift Marks.



--Human Fly I#2

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Human Fly I#2, p6, pan4 (main image)
    p6, pan5 (headshot)
    p8, pan6 (Barker)

Human Fly I#2 (October,1977) - Bill Mantlo (writer), Carmine Infantino (pencils), Dan Green (inks), Archie Goodwin (editor)

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