Real Name: Harold Marks

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Research Assistant
formerly: Technician for Stane International

Group Membership: None
formerly: Stane International

Affiliations: James Spencer

Enemies: Iron Man (Tony Stark), James Spencer

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile

First Appearance: Marvel Comics Presents I#132/2 (1993)

Powers/Abilities: None without armor.
The armor had following abilities: flight and powerful plasma blasts

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132/2 (fb)) - Years ago Harold Marks worked as a low-level technician at Stane International. He left his job to work for author James Spencer with the hope to be recognized for his technical expertise. He was underpaid and unappreciated and while Spencer became a national literary figure, Marks stayed in anonymous obscurity. Marks became frustrated and planned to finally secure his reputation by humiliating Iron Man as Techno-Killer. He built the Techno-Killer armor and followed the plans of Spencer to a tee.

(Marvel Comics Presents I#132/2) - Marks attacked as Techno-Killer Iron Man who headed to his space lab. He fought Iron Man and mocked him because he was not able to beat him. Techno-Killer flew away and Iron Man couldn't catch him anymore. He wasn't able to detect him either, but he knew where to go to find out more about Techno-Killer. When Iron Man interrogated the author James Spencer who used a character called Techno-Killer in his last novel. Techno-Killer came through the ceiling and threatened to kill Spencer if Iron Man didn't fight him. Iron Man did as he asked him and once again he wasn't able to overcome Techno-Killer's powerful blasts. Suspecting that Marks had followed his designs exactly and thus included a specific spot of vulnerability, Spencer told Iron Man to hit the neck of Techno-Killer, and the armored villain went down. They took off the mask of the villain and it was Harold Marks who helped Spencer in his research for his novels. Marks explained his actions while Iron Man tied him up with cables. After Marks was finished with his rambling Iron Man took him and brought him to the authorities.

Comments: Created by Glenn Greenberg, Paris Karounos & Tim Tuohy

Profile by Markus Raymond


Techno-Killer a.k.a. Harold Marks has no known connections to:

James Spencer has no known connections to

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James Spencer

Spencer was a best-selling author whose residence was in Sacramento - California. He was just finishing his newest book "Hi-Tech" and wanted to send it to his editor when Iron Man entered his home to talk to him about his last best-selling techno-thriller novel "Techno-Killer" because he was just attacked by someone wearing the armor of the title character. Iron Man wanted to know from Spencer how he gained access to these designs because much of this technology was currently under top secret development at Stark Enterprises. Spencer assured Iron Man that he had no access to Stark designs. He showed Iron Man his notes and reference material for "Techno-Killer". He explained to Iron Man that all he did was looking at current technologies and extrapolated on how he believed they would advance and evolve. Stark believed Spencer and suddenly Techno-Killer came through the ceiling and threatened to kill Spencer if Iron Man didn't fight him. Spencer was thrown to the ground when Iron Man accepted the challenge. Spencer told Iron Man to hit the neck of the armor and Techno-Killer was defeated. Spencer now knew that the builder of the armor followed his plans to a tee. The armored villain was unmasked - revealed to be Marks - who had worked as a research assistant for him. Spencer began to write a new novel called "Armor Wars" after Iron Man left with Marks.

--Marvel Comics Presents#132/2

images: Marvel Comics Presents I#132, p13, pan2 (body shot)
Marvel Comics Presents I#132, p16, pan1 (head shot)
Marvel Comics Presents I#132, p11, pan3 (James Spencer)

Marvel Comics Presents I#132 (1993) - Glenn Greenberg (writer), Paris Karounos (pencils), Tim Tuohy (inks), Terry Kavanagh (editor)

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