Real Name: Dr. Orson Kasloff

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Criminal scientist;
formerly employed as an analytical chemist

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None;
formerly partnered with Blackie Barker

Enemies: Great Lakes Avengers (Big Bertha, Doorman, Flatman, Mr. Immortal), Human Torch (Johnny Storm)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: An old castle just outside of New York City

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#111 (August, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: The Asbestos Man wore a suit and carried a shield that were composed of "Super-Asbestos," chemically made from his own exclusive formula of chrysotile, calcium, and iron; this protected him from flame attack, and was thick enough to be bullet-proof as well. He also used a net fashioned from "skin-covered nitrogen strands", which could catch fireballs and hurl them back with explosive force. He wore something akin to a gas mask, but alas, had no internal oxygen supply.

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 160 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: White (formerly black)

History: (Strange Tales I#111) - Professor Orson Kasloff was originally one of the foremost analytical chemists in the world. He resented the fact that he was unable to achieve the wealth he felt he deserved, so he turned to crime. His initial plan was to use his inventions (such as a steel-melting liquid solvent or an electronic magnet able to open lock catches) to gain wealth; however, when he set off an alarm and narrowly escaped the police, he realized that he had no criminal experience. He attempted to employ other criminals, but lacked the experience on how to do so, and was laughed away.

   Kasloff then decided that he needed to gain the respect of the underworld, and that he could do so by defeating the one they feared most, the Human Torch. He then purchased on an old castle in a secluded rural area close to the city. He set up his laboratory there, designed his costume, and embarked on his career.

   Kasloff sent a letter to the Human Torch, challenging him to combat at his castle. Not wanting to appear to be afraid, Johnny faced the challenge. Kasloff managed to stun him with explosions from his net, and then dropped him through the ever-predictable trap door into a moat. Kasloff mocked the Human Torch, telling him to escape, but to remember that he could always beat him again with ease.

   The defeat of the Human Torch, which Kasloff publicized, gained him respect with the criminal element. He became the partner of a crime boss, and was soon enjoying a successful career, supplying the technology to improve their success at bank-robbery, etc. After a pep talk by his sister, however, Johnny Storm got a clue and came back for round two. He melted the steel handle on Kasloff's net, rendering it useless, and then used his flame to consume all of the oxygen in the room. Kasloff surrendered and was subsequently arrested. The Human Torch ended the story with some clever words of wisdom, "He'll team up with lots of criminals...Behind Bars! Remember Professor, you can never play with fire without...Getting Burned!"

(Fear Itself: Home Front#6/4 (fb) - BTS) - Kasloff contracted cancer (Duh!). He survived, but due to the damage to his lungs he needed to carry around an oxygen tank all the time afterward.

(Fear Itself: Home Front#6/4) - Asbestos Man tried to rob a supermarket in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but the cashier was more scared of his asbestos costume than his criminal genius or his hammer. Disappointed he left and tried to find some validation as a super-villain somewhere else. He soon ran across the Great Lakes Avengers. Neither they nor Asbestos Man had ever heard of each other, but when the Great Lakes Avengers learned his armor was made of super-asbestos none of them wanted to attack him. Kasloff sat down, took off his mask and told them that with the Human Torch's death he never had an enemy to get revenge on nor anyone to remember him. Mr. Immortal promised they would remember him and Asbestos Man would automatically be among their top five bad guys if he just surrendered. Asbestos Man offered his helmet for their trophy hall, but Mr. Immortal tried to stay away from the asbestos mask and told him to keep it. An ambulance in quarantine suits arrived to take Kasloff to a hospital and clean up the area from the super-asbestos left behind by Kasloff.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, H.Huntley, and Dick Ayers.

This story was written back when asbestos was the Kryptonite to the flame-powered community. Kasloff most likely tried to make a return, but ended up in an iron lung from pulmonary carcinoma. If not, maybe he could team up with Vickie Murdock, the Asbestos Lady, to have the Asbestos Kids, and Besty, the Asbestos Dog...or not.

Asbestos Man has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook.

Profile by Snood. Fear Itself update by Markus Raymond.

Asbestos Man has known connection to

images: (without ads)
Strange Tales I#111, Cover (Asbestos Man main image)
Strange Tales I#111, p2, pan1 (Asbestos Man without costume)
Fear Itself: Home Front#6/4, p4, pan4 (Asbestos Man with oxygen tank)

Strange Tales I#111 (August, 1963) - Stan Lee (plot/editor), Ernie Hart (script), Dick Ayers (artist)
Fear Itself: Home Front#6 (November, 2011) - Elliot Kalan (writer), Ty Templeton (artist), Lauren Sankovitch (editor)

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