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Real Name: Nicholas de B. Katzenbach 

Identity/Class: Human 

Occupation: U. S. Attorney General

Group Membership: The United States government 

Affiliations: The United States government 

Enemies: The Sons of the Serpent 

Known Relatives: None 

Aliases: None 

Base of Operations: Presumably Washington, D. C.

First Appearance: Avengers I#32 (September, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Nicholas de B. Katzenbach had no superhuman powers but was a skilled Attorney General. He had access to the Avengers' priority telephone line. 

History: (Avengers I#32) - As the threat of the Sons of the Serpent began to spread nationwide, U. S. Attorney General Nicholas de B. Katzenbach phoned the Avengers and spoke with Hawkeye about tackling the Sons of the Serpent legally. Goliath told Hawkeye to decline which Hawkeye did, leaving the Attorney General to wonder if the Avengers had joined up with the Sons of the Serpent.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Don Heck.

Profile by Proto-Man.

Nicholas de B. Katzenbach has no known connections to

Avengers I#32, p20, pan4 (Nicholas Katzenbach, main pic)

Avengers I#32 (September, 1966) - Stan Lee (writer & raconteur), Don Heck (artist & bon vivant)

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