Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Dictator

Affiliations: His soldiers, Yarro Gort

Enemies: The Silver Surfer, the underground rebels of his country

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: A small unnamed Latin American country

First Appearance: Silver Surfer I#11 (December, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: The General had no superhuman powers, but was quite power hungry and had an entire army at his disposal.

History: Nothing is known of the General before his encounter with the Silver Surfer.

(Silver Surfer I#10)-Yarro Gort, the man who lusts for the Silver Surfer's love Shalla Bal, flies to Earth to prove to Shalla Bal that the Silver Surfer no longer loves her. Meanwhile the Silver Surfer happens upon a small Latin American country, and is attacked by some guards for "being out after curfew." A woman scolds the men with hot water, and the Surfer smacks them around. The woman introduces herself as Donna Maria Perez, and she is a rebel of that country against their dictator. The Surfer rests there and while he sleeps Donna Maria is kidnapped. She is rescued by the Silver Surfer, who almost effortlessly waved aside all guards and guns. Maria kisses the Surfer in gratitude, and Shalla Bal sees this seen, and thinks the Surfer has forsaken her.

(Silver Surfer I#11)- Yarro Gort's ship is shot down by the soldiers of the Latin American country, and is confronted by some soldiers who bring him to "El Capitan."  Meanwhile the Surfer discovers the ship and recognizes it as from his home world of Zenna-La. At the same time, Yarro Gort has displayed power to El Capitan, (he uses some advanced alien technology, and he is taken to The General. The General gives some hoo-hah about how all men are brothers when El Capitan calls Yarro Gort a captive. He then notes that people, "will learn to love me, or perish." Yarro Gort promises to make for The General a weapon of the greatest power the world has ever known. He sees a simple gun, but then he sees Yarro Gort disintegrate stuff with it and is ecstatic. That's about the time the Surfer and some rebels attack. Yarro Gort fires his gun at the Surfer, but the Surfer is unharmed. Yarro Gort gets another weapon, but Shalla Bal tries to stop him, and as a result is shot by The General. The Surfer carries her while he blasts Yarro Gort and The General, who fall to their deaths. The country is liberated since without their leader, the soldiers quickly fall, and the Surfer sends Shalla Bal back to Zenn-La in the ship (which he repaired) so she could be helped by their advanced technology.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and John Buscema

The General has no connection with:

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Silver Surfer I#11, p?, pan?

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