Real Name: Cartright (first name unrevealed)

Identity/Class: Human (UK)

Occupation: General

Group Membership: None 

Affiliations: Daredevil (Matt Murdock), Ka-Zar (Kevin Plunder)

EnemiesPlunderer (Parnival Plunder)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed

First Appearance: Daredevil I#14 (March, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: General Cartright is a trained military officer.


(Daredevil I#14) - A British general in charge of a military base in the North Atlantic, General Cartright and his men fought against the Plunderer and his pirate crew, who wielded strange weapons that dissolved the metal in their guns. Plunderer took over the base until Daredevil, an American costumed hero, stopped them. Cartright, as a person favor to Daredevil, delivered news to the British legal system that Ka-Zar was wrongly accused of murder. Cartright shook Daredevil’s hand and thanked him for his help.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, John Romita, and Frank Giacoia.

Profile by Chadman.

General Cartright has no known connections to

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Daredevil I#14, p19, pan4

Daredevil I#14 (March, 1966) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), John Romita (penciler), Frank Giacoia (editor)

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