Real Name: Skagg

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional Giant (Jotunheim)

Occupation: Storm Giant

Group Membership: The Storm Giants of Jotunheim

Affiliations: Loki, Surtur

Enemies: Balder, Odin, Thor

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Jotunheim

First Appearance: Journey Into Mystery#104/1 (May 1964)

Powers/Abilities: Along with his immense size and strength (Class 50?), Skagg was able to funnel the waters of the ocean through his war club to create a giant water spout. Skagg was able to summon high winds and create storms, and was powerful enough to withstand a lightning onslaught summoned by Thor.

(Journey Into Mystery I#104/1 (fb) - BTS) - After an earlier battle with Odin, Skagg had been imprisoned within a circle of flames.

(Journey Into Mystery I#104/1) - Loki talked Odin into returning to Earth to assert his authority over Thor for loving the mortal Jane Foster. Before leaving Asgard for Earth, Odin turned over his rule to Loki, and invested him with a portion of his power as well. To ensure that Odin would never return, Loki released Skagg from the circle of fire, and also released Surtur, the fire demon, from imprisonment beneath the Earth, then sent them both to attack Thor, Balder, and Odin. Odin attacked Skagg head on and drained Skagg's power (which was augmented by Loki) through the power of his magic sword. After his defeat, Skagg was returned to imprisonment in the circle of flames.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Chic Stone.

It seems likely that during the Ragnarok (Thor II#85) which killed virtually every other Norse character that Skagg was released and likewise perished, but this is unconfirmed. - Loki

Profile by John Kaminski


Skagg is not to be confused with:


Journey into Mystery#104,
           p.8 panel 3 (body shot)
           p.5 panel 4 (head shot)

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