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Real Name: Beverly Bennett

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Model

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Paul Kent, Don Larrimore, Linda Lorraine

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed city, USA

First Appearance: My Love II#11/1 (May, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Beverly Bennett was an experienced fashion model who was focused on her career path, but nervousness caused her to eat and gain weight.

Height: 5'5" (by approximation)
Weight: Unrevealed, variable
Eyes: Blue-green
Hair: Blond


(My Love II#11/1 (fb) - BTS) - Beverly Bennett became a top professional fashion model and felt a thrill whenever she saw herself in print, but ate little to stay slim. She developed romantic feelings for her regular photographer, the flamboyantly stylish Don Larrimore, yet was also drawn to part-time male model Paul Kent.

(My Love II#11/1) - Bennett completed another long photo shoot with the enthusiastic Larrimore, then was late to meet Kent for a date and tried to assuage Kent's jealousy. Times with Larrimore were glamorous and included fun-filled parties, while Kent was serious about a future with Bennett. She became nervous about having to decide which man to spend time with; she began eating more and soon gained weight. Later, she was introduced by Larrimore to fashion magazine editor Linda Lorraine, who commented on her weight gain. Startled, she felt plump at 120 lbs, and worried over her career and relationship options, but Kent wasn't bothered by her weight gain. She viewed it negatively, that Kent wasn't concerned about her career. Two weeks later, after a crash diet, she had lost the extra weight and visited the effusive Larrimore. But Kent also appeared, maintaining that he loved the perfect woman for him, not just a model. Realizing Kent's love was unselfish in nature, she embraced and kissed him in front of a forlorn Larrimore.


Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Don Heck (pencils), Sam Grainger (inks).

She was likely based in New York City as one of Larrimore's parties brought together fashion magazine editors.

Paul Kent came across as more of a macho straight-shooter, while flamboyant Don Larrimore may have wanted a beard to go with his mustache.

These romance stories often had the flavor of the time in which they were written, and nothing else to tie them into Marvel's sliding timescale. As such, it's likely that the stories took place at the time of publication rather than being part of the sliding timescale.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Beverly Bennett has no known connections to:

Paul Kent

Thoughtful and romantic, Paul Kent was a university student studying medicine and worked part-time as a model to support his studies. He was in love with Beverly Bennett and saw a future with her, but was jealous of her feelings for her photographer. Kent was untroubled by her weight gain when she was nervous, but she misinterpreted it as negative. Kent later appeared at her photographer's studio to declare his love for her, that she was the perfect woman for him and not just a model. Realizing his love was unselfish, she embraced and chose him as her future partner.






--My Love II#11/1

Don Larrimore

Don Larrimore was a professional fashion photographer with connections in the fashion and entertainment industries. He was Beverly Bennett's regular photographer and she developed feelings for him. He took her out to flamboyant parties and introduced her to fashion editors. He focused on her as a model and encouraged her to lose weight when she nervously gained some. However, his rival for Bennett's attention, model Paul Kent, instead won her heart; Larrimore looked forlorn as the two kissed in front of him.








--My Love II#11/1

Linda Lorraine

Linda Lorraine was the editor of Lady Fair fashion magazine and a contact of fashion photographer Don Larrimore. At a party hosted by Larrimore for fashion editors, she commented unkindly about Beverly Bennett's weight gain that caused Bennett to go on a crash diet.








--My Love II#11/1

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   p5, pan4 (Kent)
   cover (Larrimore)
   p4, pan4 (Lorraine)

My Love II#11/1 (May, 1971) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), Don Heck (pencils), Sam Grainger (inks)

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