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Real Name: Cynthia Worthington

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: College student

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Annie (loose, last name unrevealed);
   formerly Art Nelson

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: Several (names/relation unrevealed; see comments)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unrevealed city in the USA

First Appearance: Our Love Story#2/1 (December, 1969)

Powers/Abilities: Slim Cynthia Worthington had a privileged upbringing and had expectations for success. She was very snobby, bossy and demanding.

Height: 5'5" (by approximation)
Weight: 125 lbs. (by approximation)
Eyes: Dark green
Hair: Blond


(Our Love Story#2/1 (fb) - BTS) - Snobbish Cynthia Worthington attended a college that her wealthy family donated to; as such, she felt assured that she was sure to pass and felt that studying was for the "lower classes." She shared board with Annie (last name unrevealed), a quiet young woman who worked part-time at a burger cafe and studied hard with little personal time. Cynthia met Art Nelson and boasted to Annie about the upcoming date with her new man.

(Our Love Story#2/1) - A few days later, Cynthia and Art chanced upon Annie at college. Cynthia warned Annie away, but Annie and Art were instantly drawn to each other. Art was quietly amused by Cynthia's haughtiness and snobby manipulation, and didn't treat their relationship seriously. Cynthia derided Annie at every opportunity and was aware that she was attracted to Art. To reinforce distance, Cynthia took Art to the burger cafe when Annie was working and bullied about her order. Cynthia intended to get Art to propose marriage. Meanwhile, Art tracked down Annie and they declared their mutual attraction, but Cynthia confronted them in a college hallway. Art was finally honest with Cynthia and dumped her, much to her surprise, and Annie and Art kissed triumphantly in front of her.



Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), John Buscema (pencils), John Romita (inks).

She's of the wealthy "Park Avenue" Worthington family? Sounds like she might be related to Warren Worthington III (X-Men's Angel, also blond). Cynthia appeared in 1969, six years after Warren Worthington's introduction in X-Men I#1. It's easy to ASSume that Stan Lee had some connection in mind at the time.

This story was later in reprinted in Marvel Romance Redux: Guys & Dolls #1 (May, 2006), but with altered dialog.

These romance stories often had the flavor of the time in which they were written, and nothing else to tie them into Marvel's sliding timescale. As such, it's likely that the stories took place at the time of publication rather than being part of the sliding timescale.

Profile by Grendel Prime.

Cynthia Worthington has no known connections to:


Annie's father (family name unrevealed) had passed away, and she and her brother Jim had been raised by their mother. Jim served in the US armed forces in the Vietnam conflict, while Annie attended college, promising to earn money and send it home. Annie studied hard and worked part-time as a waitress (where they served burgers and coffee), but this left her with little time for romance. Her college roommate was the wealthy Cynthia Worthington, who didn't study much and dated various guys, and mocked Annie for being so studious (personality-wise, the two were opposites). Seeing that Annie was attracted to Cynthia's current beau, Art Nelson, Cynthia warned her off. Later, Annie was derided in her waitress role in front of Art, yet Annie still tearfully longed for him. Eventually Art found her at college and embraced. She happily took his kisses and promises after he dumped Cynthia in a college hallway.








--Our Love Story#2/1

Art Nelson

Blue-eyed, Art Nelson was considered handsome for his time. He was amused by Cynthia's snobbish attitude and so dated her, but was appalled at how she treated her college roommate, Annie. Cynthia hoped to marry him as a means to escape college life. However, Art and Annie were quietly attracted to each other. Cynthia's snobbish attitude to Annie caused Annie to shy away, but Art tracked Annie down at college and the two embraced to Cynthia's shock. He dumped Cynthia, then leaned in to kiss Annie, promising her a happy future.







--Our Love Story#2/1

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Our Love Story#2/1, p3, pan2 (main image)
   p7, pan6 (headshot)
   p1 (Annie)
   p5, pan3 (Nelson)

Our Love Story#2/1 (December, 1969) - Stan Lee (writer & editor), John Buscema (pencils), John Romita (inks)

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