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Real Name: Synthoids

Identity/Class: Androids

Occupation: Killers, agents, combat units, bodyguards, operatives

Group Membership: AIM

Affiliations: MODOK

Enemies: Black Widow, Captain America (Steve Rogers), Giant Man (Bill Foster), Hawkeye, Namor, Nick Fury, SHIELD, the Thing (Ben Grimm), Sunshine Mary and a lot of other people.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Different versions were known as the Chemical Android, Super-Synthoids, the new line (Thing-Synthoids), and the Attackoid

Base of Operations: Different AIM bases in the world, New York, Antarctica.

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense I#78/2 (Jun, 1966)

Powers/Abilities: Different from model to model.
First model, Chemical Android: these were an artificial form of life, whose DNA was produced by AIM scientists. The body grew in at least 4 different stages, bathed in hydroponic pools full of chemical additives (probably substituting the amniotic liquid). The brains were initially of the size of the tip of a thumb, and contained both organic and electronic parts.
    At full "growth", the body size could vary from the dimensions of a normal man to 2.5 meters. The body was capable of mixing several chemical elements to create a great variety of effects: modifying the material of which its skin was composed -- from acid to iron; becoming invulnerable to an explosion of a grenade; ejecting flammable gas; ejecting irritating gas; increasing the temperature of the body; producing electric charges. It did not speak but could grunt.
    The chemical elements were stored in six containers on its chest and in other containers under its back. The androids could not speak and their actions followed a program set by their creators. If they failed the mission, their body reverted to a lifeless base material.
    Their base color was shiny white, but could vary, depending upon the material which the body became.
    The actual extent of their powers remain unknown; Captain America suspected that the android could also use radioactive elements and become a nuclear bomb.

Second model, Synthoid: these were robots. Their size was a little greater than a normal man. They had superhuman strength (class 70) and a good degree of invulnerability. Their chemical powers seemed to have disappeared or were drastically reduced to the simple ejecting of soporific gas from their hands. It had no chemical containers under its back.
    They could speak slowly, and they could use a communication device hidden in their chest. 

Third model, see Amphibian Android sub-profile.

Fourth model, see Hammer-Hand Android sub-profile.

Sixth model, see Super-Synthoid sub-profile.

Seventh model, see Synthoid (new line) sub profile.

Eigth model, see the Attackoid (separate profile coming)

History: (Tales of Suspense I#78/2) - AIM created an artificial form of life after deep studies on DNA.
    AIM Scientists decided to test their creations, sending one of them, a Chemical Android, to kill Nick Fury.
    The android reached Fury, who was in Avengers Mansion with Captain America. The android exuded acid and passed through the walls, and Fury's gun was ineffective against it. Captain America activated a Defensive Freezing Circuit, but the extremely low temperature only slowed the android's march. After several attacks from the two heroes, Captain America distracted the android and Fury succeeded in having the killer android gulp down a special pill. The Chemical Android fell to the ground, apparently sleeping. After a few minutes, it transmuted into a lifeless humanoid form.

(Strange Tales I#146) - When SHIELD captured an AIM swamp facility, they were attacked by a squad of Amphibian Androids and several Hammer- Hand Androids. After the battle, Fury and his men discovered dozens of the androids in various stages of growth, from those still being created in chemical baths, to those which were fully-grown and ready to be deployed.

(Strange Tales I#148) - From their hidden base, AIM had a number of their chemical androids still ready for use, and they wondered if SHIELD's LMDs were superior to them.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#81 - BTS) - MODOK, leader of AIM, needed some subjects to test his newly-created Virus X, so he sent his Synthoids to kidnap people who wouldn't be missed by anyone (tramps, bag ladies, derelicts, etc.). The Synthoids also kidnapped Sunshine Mary, a  friend of Namor in the years the Sub-Mariner was still a homeless, amnesiac tramp.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#81) - During one of the kidnappings, a Synthoid was spotted by the Thing. The two fought and rammed each other without result, but then the android stunned the Thing using a soporific gas, thus, capturing him.
    Later, the Thing awoke in the AIM headquarters, and the Synthoids stood near MODOK as bodyguards. The Thing broke out of his tube-cell but three Synthoids grabbed him and their gas subdued him again. Suddenly, Namor and a group of the homeless broke into the base. Four androids were knocked down by the enraged Atlantean, then he helped a still-dazed Ben Grimm to deal with three Super-Synthoids. The Super-Synthoids were batted and defeated by the team-work and the power of the two heroes, but MODOK managed to flee with the Virus X.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#82) - Other Synthoids were stored in the AIM Antarctic base, but MODOK created a new line of them. One of them was smashed by the Thing during a raid in the Antarctic AIM fortress.

(Solo Avengers#14) - AIM devised a new Synthoid called the Attackoid, and captured the Black Widow so that they could transfer her fighting abilities into the Attackoid's programming. When Hawkeye came to rescue the Black Widow, the Attackoid was activated.

(Solo Avengers#15) - The Attackoid engaged the Black Widow and Hawkeye, but ultimately met defeat when Hawkeye fired an explosive arrow into its mouth. Meanwhile, dozens of additional chemical androids were seen growing within AIM's chemical baths.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee (writer), Jack Kirby (penciler), Frank Giacoia (inker) .

    AIM scientists created the first Chemical Androids by manipulating DNA, so their class should not be "android" but at least artificial lifeform.

Profile by Spidermay with additions by Prime Eternal.

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Amphibian Androids

Robots. Dimensions comparable to an average human being.

    The Amphibian Synthoids were built to fight underwater. They could probably also survive in the air and presumably swim at speed greater than a normal human. They had fins instead of feet, and also had other fins on the calves and a high, long fin on the back.
    They were equipped with special guns and they also had six containers on the chest, circular, probably containing the chemical elements that helped them to operate in the water.
    Their base color was blue.

(Strange Tales I#146) - A squadron of Amphibian Androids were designed by AIM to defend a base in the swamps. The androids were sent to attack a SHIELD squad which was approaching the base in the swamp. When the androids were near SHIELD the Amphibian Androids were neutralized by an automatic shocking electro-blasts, then they were picked up, immobilized. Some androids managed to flee and reach the base, pursued by SHIELD.

--Strange Tales I#146

Hammer-Hand Androids

Robots. 2 meters tall. Peak human strength.

    The Hammer-Hand Androids were physically strong and had a good resistance to electric charges and were invulnerable to small arms fire. They had a breathing apparatus which mimicked the human one, rendering them unprotected to gas attacks. They lacked of intelligence, lower than the human average, but appeared capable to feel some sensations like fear and rage.
    Their skin was orange, scaled and had white, long hair not covering all the head.

(Strange Tales I#146) - Several Hammer-Hand Androids were growing in their hydroponic tanks, but the strong vibration provoked by the SHIELD Sonic Vibrator during their attack to the underground AIM Base, scared and freed them. Mindlessly, the horde of massive androids rampaged through the corridors, running where the SHIELD agents were, also trampling their yellow-suited masters. The SHIELD agents were entrapped in a deadly electrical barrier, so when the Hammer-Hand androids headed right for the barrier, they were shocked and knocked down. Not knowing what to do, the maddened androids regrouped and charged again their enemies. Their last attack short-circuited and smashed the barrier, but also left them unconscious and the agents free.
    Shortly later, another group of Hammer-Hand Androids intercepted Nick Fury and his men. They stopped the sodiers for a while, and could beat them if they had been guided by their masters, but they finally succumbed to some SHIELD Morpheus grenades.

--Strange Tales I#146


Robots. At least 7 meters tall. Superhuman Strength (class 80). High level of invulnerability.

    The Super-Synthoids seemed to be the "heavyweight" versions of the Synthoids series. They still had six containers on the chest but they did not show any of the chemical powers of their predecessors. Instead, they were taller and stronger than the normal Synthoids, but also slower. The Super-Synthoids spoke like their smaller previous versions. 
    Their base color was white.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#81) - In the NY AIM base, there were at least 3 Super-Synthoids.

    MODOK activated the Super-Synthoids when he saw his base invaded by Namor. A Synthoid was intercepted by the Thing, still weakened from a stunning gas. The giant android never succeeded in hitting the Thing, who had to hit it twice (with Namor's help) to destroy the robot. A second robot was knocked down by a double blow of the two heroes.






Synthoids (new line)

Cyborg. At least 5 meters tall. Superhuman Strength (class 70). High level of invulnerability. It was composed of mechanical parts and (probably) organic materials, like the Chemical Androids.

    This version still had six containers but did not show any chemical power except for the fact that its skin was patterned after the Thing's skin. It is unknown if it could change its skin using any chemical power.
    It could  speak, slowly.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#82 - BTS) - MODOK admired the Thing's durability and strong physiology, so he patterned his new line of Synthoids after him.
    The new Synthoid was a synthesis of genetic engineering and sophisticated AIM technology.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#82) - A Synthoid was among the AIM forces that ambushed Captain America, Giant-Man, and the Thing in the Antarctic AIM stronghold. It attacked the Thing, whose reflexes and strength were weakened from the infection of Virus X. The cyborg was stopped by Giant-Man, and hit several times by the Thing. Eventually the Thing damaged the internal circuitry of the Synthoid. A last blow hurled the unconscious Synthoid to smash the outer wall of the AIM fortress and to be lost in the Antarctic sea. 




Sunshine Mary

Sunshine Mary was a normal human.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#81 (fb)) - Sunshine Mary was a homeless person. She met Namor the Sub-Mariner when he was an amnesiac and wandering through the New York bowery.
    Mary helped that bearded man, sharing the few things she had.

(Tales of the Marvels: Inner Demons) - Sunshine Mary and Namor (referred to by those who knew him as "the Old Man") befriended various other residents in the bowery such as John Mahoney, and they would go to a local mission for food. When Norman Osborn sought to tear down the mission, it seemed that they would have to return to their flophouses, but the "Old Man" tore apart Osborn's machines before they could begin the demolition.

    Namor regained his memories thanks to the Human Torch but he never forgot Sunshine Mary.

(Marvel-Two-in-One#81) - Many years later, Sunshine Mary was still in the bowery; she was kidnapped by an AIM Synthoid and taken to the AIM headquarters.
    A few days after, Namor decided to find her. His investigations led him to the AIM Base, and with the help of the Thing, freed all the people kidnapped, along with Sunshine Mary. But Mary was terrorized by Namor, she ended her friendship and called him a freak, a monster, then went back to her life.



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