Virus X Canister

Classification: Altered terrestrial virus

Creator: MODOK

User/Possessors: MODOK, while working for Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.)

First Appearance: Marvel Two-in-One#81 (November, 1981)

Powers/Abilities/Functions: Virus X was a highly radioactive strain of virus which was delivered in a fine mist spray and caused nearly instantaneous death in humans. A person infected with Virus X does not appear to be contagious to others.

Virus mutating the Thing The effect of Virus X on superhumans with radiation based powers or origins was less clear as the virus interacted (in at least one case) with the radiation in their systems in unpredictable ways.

History: (Marvel Two-in-One#81)- MODOK developed Virus X and tested it in a secret lab located under a New York City dock. He sent out A.I.M. synthoids to kidnap street people from the Bowery for use as guinea pigs in the research. One of the synthoids inadvertently encountered Ben Grimm, a.k.a. the Thing, and rendered him unconscious. MODOK exposed Grimm to Virus X, but there were no immediate ill effects, and the Thing broke free and freed the imprisoned street people with the aid of the Sub-Mariner. MODOK fled with a canister of the virus.

(Marvel Two-in-One#82)- The Thing began succumbing to a high fever and dizziness from his exposure to Virus X. As time passed, he began to mutate into a lumpy form, growing weaker and weaker. Through the efforts of Captain America and Giant-Man (Bill Foster), MODOK's location at an Antarctic A.I.M. base was discovered, and the three traveled there. An antidote was eventually located, and administered to the by-then unconscious Ben Grimm, restoring him to his "normal" rocky form. The lab was apparently flooded and destroyed in the process.

Comments: Virus X was created by Tom DeFalco, Ron Wilson, and Chic Stone.

Antidote Hypo-Gun

A.I.M. had also developed an antidote for Virus X, which neutralized Virus X by making a body temporarily immune to the effects of radiation. The antidote was delivered via a hypo-gun.

Virus X has been seen to exist in a lab below the New York City docks, and in an underwater Antarctic base. The Antarctic base was apparently flooded, though the New York City lab was not destroyed. It is not known if any samples of the virus (or the antidote) remain in either place, nor if MODOK possesses the capability to make more.

In an alternate world seen in the first story in What If? vol. I#37, the Thing was not cured of the effects of Virus X. The ultimate effect of the virus was to explosively cleanse all the cosmic radiation from the Thing's body, leaving him permanently restored to his human Ben Grimm form. The 'explosion' also had the unusual side effect of restoring Alicia Masters' sight. The Virus X antidote there also had the ability to cure Giant-Man of radiation poisoning.

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Virus X has no known connection to


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Other appearances:
Marvel Two-in-One#81-82 (November-December, 1981) - Tom DeFalco (writer), Ron Wilson (pencils), Chic Stone (inks), Jim Salicrup (editor)

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