Real Name: unrevealed

Identity/Class: Human mutate/cyborg

Occupation: Career Criminal

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Empowered by Dr. Thraxton; former pawn of Richard Raleigh/Disruptor;

Enemies: Richard Raleigh/Disruptor, Spider-Man (Peter Parker)

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Smasher (name in Amazing Spider-Man)

Base of Operations: Richard Raleigh's townhouse, Manhattan, New York City

Appearances: Spectacular Spider-Man I#1 (July, 1968); (retold with modifications in Amazing Spider-Man I#116-118 (January-March , 1973)

Powers: Super-human strength and durability (@ Class 25). He was ten feet tall, and single-mindedly destructive. He glowed due to the ionic energy flowing through his bloodstream. He had circuitry implanted within his headband that caused him intense pain when activated. This could be activated via remote control by Raleigh.

History: The Man-Monster was originally a small-time hood who agreed to submit to the experiments of a Professor Thraxton in exchange for money and the promise of power. Thraxton was employed by Richard Raleigh, who was running for mayor of New York City. Raleigh had Thraxton mutate the man into a powerful fom under his control. This involved the infusion of ionic energy and cybernetic implants.

(SpecSpdm I#1)-Raleigh had the Man-Monster rampage through Manhattan, destroying billboards and other images of Raleigh. This was done in order to make it appear that the Man-Monster was an agent of the criminal underworld, hopefully causing Raleigh to gain further support since the mob was against him. Spider-Man encountered the Man-Monster, and seemed unable to make a dent in the rampaging brute. Spider-Man had to stop fighting to save some men working on one of the billboards, and the Man-Monster escaped.

Raleigh had Thraxton empower the Man-Monster even further, and make him more easily controlled. Thraxton gave the Man-Monster a head-band that enabled Raleigh to give the Man-Monster excruciating agony at the touch of the button. Raleigh sent the Man-Monster to kill George Stacy, who was investigating the past history of Raleigh. Spider-Man prevented the murder, and realized that the Man-Monster was Raleigh's agent after seeing the hatred in his eyes when he saw Raleigh's billboard.

Spider-Man led the Man-Monster back to Raleigh's townhouse. Raleigh, infuriated that his plans were at risk of discovery, began pushing the Man-Monster's pain-stimulator, incessantly, attempting to push him to destroy Spider-Man. However, Raleigh overloaded and short-circuited the headband, freeing the Man-Monster from Raleigh's control. The Man-Monster took his revenge, crushing Raleigh's skull and killing him wiht a single blow. Spider-Man continued to attack the Man-Monster, fruitlessly, until he managed to locate his one "vulnerable spot" (the back of his neck). Nothing seemed to happen at first, but then the Man-Monster dropped over, dead.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and John Romita, sr.

In case you didn't know, there were two issues of a magazine called Spectacular Spider-Man in 1968. This was a separate book from the series which ran from Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man, which ran from 1976-1998.

I'm not quite sure why they revised and retold this story. The original was in black-and-white. Attempts were made to update the story into the chronology of the time, such as eliminating all references to Captain George Stacy, and even having Spider-Man wear his costume shop mask from Amazing Spider-Man#113. For the continuity buffs, this story EITHER takes place between AmzSpdm59+60, or 155+119, depending on the version. However, the second version doesn't really fit, as Richard Raleigh was dead at the time of the re-telling (not that that ever stopped anyone before).

Clarifications: Smasher is not to be confused with:

Dr. Thraxton had been shunned by the medical profession for his experiments in bio-chemistry. His knowledge and his willingness to work outside the law and ethics attracted the attention of Raleigh. Thraxton empowered the Man-Monster and designed the headband control. He tried to stop Raleigh from abusing the control, to no avail. After the Man-Monster killed Raleigh, Thraxton attempted to flee out of his emergency corridor, but he was killed in the collapsing townhouse.






Spectacular Spider-Man I#1 (July, 1968) - Stan Lee (writer/editor), John Romita (pencils), Jim Mooney (inks)
Amazing Spider-Man I#116-118 (January-March , 1973) - Stan Lee & Gerry Conway (writers), John Romita (pencils), Jim Mooney, Tony Mortellaro & John Romita (#117-118) (inks), Roy Thomas (editor)

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