Real Name: Mary Nash

Identity/Class: Human (World War II Era)

Occupation: Unrevealed

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: Pat Casey, Dan Lyons

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Los Angeles, California, USA

First Appearance: All-Winners Comics I#1 (Summer, 1941)

Powers/Abilities: Mary had no unusual abilities.

Height: Unrevealed (approximately 5'10")
Weight: Unrevealed (approximately 130 lbs.)
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black

History: (All-Winners Comics I#1/2) - Mary was a friend of Pat Casey and Dan Lyons. She was unaware that Dan was the costumed hero called the Black Marvel.

One day, Mary was walking with Pat and Dan as they discussed the recent rash of robberies in Los Angeles committed by the Order of the Hood, which the police seemed powerless to stop. When Pat suggested the Black Marvel should get involved, Dan suddenly excused himself from their company. Mary mused that Dan would be a nice fellow "if only he had more spunk and more life in him."

The following day, Mary and Pat met Dan at a diner and chided him for leaving their company so abruptly. Mary saw a notice in the Daily Globe newspaper that $50,000 in jewels would be on display at Jiffeny's all week. This roused Dan's interest and he went to investigate as the Black Marvel, irritating Mary with his sudden departure.

The next day, Mary, Pat and Dan met again at a diner to discuss how the Black Marvel defeated the Order of the Hood. Mary thought it was all exciting but Dan pretended to be uninterested and asked for results of the latest polo match.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Al Avison and Al Gabriele.

Mary's purpose seemed to be to give the Black Marvel a Lois Lane-type figure. As it turned out, the poor Black Marvel didn't really establish a supporting cast...or really much staying power to speak of.

It's a good thing Pat wondered why the Black Marvel hadn't stopped the Order of the Hood as apparently, if he hadn't said it, it would never have occurred to Dan on his own (seriously, Dan seemed to have no interest in them until Pat suggested it).

Profile by Prime Eternal.

Mary Nash should not be confused with:

Pat Casey

Pat Casey was a friend to both Dan Lyons and Mary Nash. Pat was attracted to Mary. He thought Dan was "O.K. even if he is a bit dull."

Pat was out walking with Mary and Dan while they discussed the robberies committed by the Order of the Hood. When Pat wondered why the Black Marvel hadn't dealt with them, it seemed to inspire Dan, who parted ways with Mary and Pat so that he could oppose the Order of the Hood. The next day, Pat was present in a diner with Mary and Dan when Mary read an advertisement about $50,000 in jewels at Jiffeny's, which attracted Dan's interest. The day after that Pat enjoyed a conversation in a diner with Mary and Dan about how the Black Marvel defeated the Order of the Hood.

--All-Winners Comics I#1/2

images: (without ads)
All-Winners Comics I#1/2, page 7, panel 4 (main)
All-Winners Comics I#1/2, page 4, panel 3 (face)
All-Winners Comics I#1/2, page 4, panel 3 (Pat)

All-Winners Comics I#1/2 (Summer, 1941) - Stan Lee (writer, editor), Al Avison (penciler), Al Gabriele (inker)

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