Real Name: Unrevealed

Identity/Class: Normal Human, moderate technology user

Occupation: Gang leader (believed to be currently in prison)

Affiliations: Gang members - Benny, Chico, Jackson, and Rufus named (allies/pawns); Skarkov (KGB)
Young Watchers (former pawns);
Bossman Morgan (mentioned as competitor)

Enemies: Black Panther, Captain America, Falcon, Iron Fist, Power Man (Luke Cage), Spider-Man, Vienna

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Stone Face, Stone-Face

Base of Operations: Originally and currently Harlem; formerly a Nigerian city

First Appearance: Captain America I#134 (February, 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Leadership, marksmanship, using racial strife for his own ends.

Stoneface has one half of his face paralyzed and slightly deformed, hence his alias. Actually his face resembles rubber more than stone, at least when drawn by Gene Colan.

Height: 6’ (Approximate.)
Weight: 200 pounds (Approximate.)
Eyes: Brown.
Hair: Brown.
Features: Beard. Left side of face paralyzed and stone-like. Likes a good dashiki.

History: Stone-Face is an African-American Harlem gang-lord specializing in numbers-running and protection money. He plays up his African heritage for his own selfish ends, seeking to increase racial tension in order to fill his own coffers.

(Captain America I#134) - One of his numbers runners is Jody Casper, nephew to Sam Wilson a.k.a The Falcon. Jody thinks Stone-Face is the biggest man around. When he is nabbed by the police, Jody is sure Stone-Face will come through for him. But it is Captain America who speaks up for Jody, earning him a suspended sentence. When Stone-Face learns that Jody has gone free, he believes that his numbers runner has ratted on him. He sends two hoods to Jody’s house to teach him a lesson. This brings Captain America and the Falcon into the fray. After taking care of the two hoods, they beat up and capture Stone-Face. All of this teaches Jody that crime does not pay.

(Captain America I#137-138) - Out on bail, Stone-Face (now called Stone Face) captures the Falcon, then blackmails the Governor of New York, telling his representative that any attempt to build a State Office Building in Harlem will be destroyed by rioting unless the state hands over a million dollars in cash. Unfortunately, his abduction of the Falcon brings Captain America and Spider-Man down on him. Those two heroes, along with the freed Falcon, take down Stone Face and hand him over to the police.

(Captain America I#170, 171) - Somehow, Stone Face (now called Stoneface) manages to escape and make his way to Nigeria. Lonely for an American woman, he kidnaps Leila, who just happens to be the Falcon’s girlfriend. Falcon, now sporting a pair of wings, and the Black Panther get together and knock the stuffing out of Stoneface again.

(Marvel Team-Up I#114) - Released from a Nigerian prison after just a few months, Stoneface (now again called Stone-Face) uses his money and influence to return to the United States and start up the Young Watchers, a "Guardian Angels-type" vigilante group that uses real "do-gooders" to cover up the activities of the crooked inner circle. Spider-Man and the Falcon team up to defeat Stone-Face and his gang, while the honest Young Watchers decide to stay together and protect the neighborhood.

(Power Man/Iron Fist#91) - After this fiasco, Stone-Face (back again to being Stoneface) grows his hair and beard long, gets new hired muscle named Rufus and Jackson, and concocts some ridiculous scheme to hold an auction for international spies or something like that. Unfortunately, Power Man and Iron Fist get wind of the whole thing. The master spy/mercenary, Vienna, corners Stoneface, but agrees to let him go in exchange for his last $10,000. Vienna, of course, knows that Power Man and Iron Fist were right outside, and Stoneface ran right into them. Luke Cage punches Stoneface across the room and presumably he’s been in prison ever since.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee, Gene Colan and Dick Ayers.

The big, bald guy on Stoneface's left gave an excellent comeback to Luke Cage's too often repeated "300 pounds of solid muscle." He smashes Cage to the ground and then says, "400 pounds."
Ah, ya had to be there.

By Al Sjoerdsma from Spider-Fan, profile adapted with permission.

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