Real Name: Charlie Nast

Identity/Class: Human (extra-dimensional, 2100)

Occupation: Janitor

Group Membership: None

Affiliations: None

Enemies: Unnamed pilot

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth, year 2100

First Appearance: Strange Tales I#107 (April, 1963)

Powers/Abilities: Charlie Nast was a lazy good-for-nothing with a history of robbery and brawling. He had access to a gun.

History: (Strange Tales I#107) - Charlie Nast went through a variety of jobs for lazing about when he should have been working, stealing from employers and starting barroom brawls. Finally, he took a job as a janitor at the World Broadcasting Network.

One day, Charlie overheard an announcer going over the news, which included the discovery of Planetoid 12. The announcer was told to not report the story, because the planetoid contained a great treasure that needed to be verified. Charlie tied up the announcer and stuffed him in a closet then kidnapped a pilot and forced him to transport them both aboard his two-man rocket ship to Planetoid 12, knowing that the first man to set foot on the planet could claim it for himself.

Charlie was surprised to find nothing but mud and geysers on the planetoid. He tested the water with chemical tests, but found nothing special about it. Finally he drank some to be sure it was water. He became frustrated, and did not realize that the water was having an immediate effect upon him. As the pilot watched, Charlie shrank into the form of an infant. It seems that Planetoid 12's great treasure was that its water was a veritable Fountain of Youth.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

This story was reprinted in Vault of Evil#22.

The pilot remarks that the waters of Planetoid 12 are those that Ponce De Leon searched for, but could never find since they weren't on Earth after all. Well, it's not really the Fountain of Youth, is it? It's a planet with a bunch of geysers, not a fountain.

by Prime Eternal

Charlie Nast should not be confused with:

  • Nasty McBurne, Hulk/Thing foe, @ Marvel Graphic Novel#29

    unnamed pilot

    An unnamed pilot was held at gunpoint by Charlie Nast to force him to fly his rocket ship to Planetoid 12. The pilot was sharper than Nast, and quickly realized that the waters of Planetoid 12 were a veritable Fountain of Youth. After Nast was rejuvenated into an infant, he hoped that Nast would turn out to be a better person in his second chance at life.

    --Strange Tales I#107


    Planetoid 12 was located in sector b, area 7yg, and was the first planetoid to be discovered in years. When word came that it held a great treasure, Charlie Nast decided to be the first man to visit it, knowing that the first man to land on the planetoid could claim it for himself. He forced a pilot to bring him there, but found only geysers of water. Unable to find anything useful in his tests of the liquid, Nast finally drank some, and was transformed into an infant by the water, which proved to be a veritable fountain of youth.

    --Strange Tales I#107

    Images taken from:
    Strange Tales I#107, page 2, panel 4
    Strange Tales I#107, page 5, panel 5
    pilot- Strange Tales I#107, page 5, panel 5 planetoid- Strange Tales I#107, page 4, panel 1

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