Real Name: Wrogg

Identity/Class: Extraterrestrial (Morani race), possible mutant

Occupation: Former leader of army of the Morani

Group Membership: Leader of the army of the Morani

Affiliations: Army of the Morani

Enemies: Watcher of Sector 14 X

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile thoughout the Andromeda Galaxy with his ship, originally from the planet Moran.

First Appearance: Tales of Suspense#58/2 (October, 1964)

Powers: As a Morani, Wrogg could lift 15 tons and possessed superhuman durability. He could fire blasts of bioelectricity capable of shattering entire buildings. He commanded an army power to takeover an entire galaxy.

Height: 19' 6"
Weight: 4 tons
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Green

History: Warlord Wrogg once led his people to conquer the entire Andromeda Galaxy. Seeing that the only being left to conquer in the galaxy was a Watcher, Wrogg set out to overpower him as well. Wrogg led his troops to land on the asteroid used as a base by that Watcher. Wrogg ignored the advice of his soldiers to fire on the Watcher with their weapons from a distance. Wrogg confronted the Watcher, demanding his surrender, and was enraged when the Watcher was unimpressed. Wrogg commanded his men to fire, but before he could do so the Watcher defended himself by speeding up time around Wrogg and his generals. The Watcher allowed the rest of the soldiers to flee, but Wrogg and his generals began to age rapidly. The Watcher felt he chose to be kind to Wrogg and his men, by letting them live out the rest of their lifespans. Unfortunately for them, this occurred over a span of a few seconds.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Geroge Tuska.

This story was one of the "Tales of the Watcher", which means it may have occurred in the recent past, or perhaps several billion years ago. It would most likely take place in the distant past, as there's been no other mention of the Morani conquering the Andromeda galaxy in recent history. Either that or Wrogg's a big fat liar.


Obviously the Watcher broke his vow...

There's no indication that this Watcher is Uatu, so I'll treat him as a different one.

Warlord Wrogg has an entry in Marvel Legacy: The 1960s Handbook.

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