Real Name: Chu Lo Yan

Identity/Class: Human, Chinese

Occupation: Warlord, Janitor, former politician

Affiliations: his army, ally of War Machine and Century

Enemies: The Mandarin, Force Works, War Machine

Known Relatives: Pu-Yi (supposed great-grandfather)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mobile, in China

First Appearance: Iron Man I#311 (December, 1994)


Powers: None. Warlord Chu was garbed in ancient Chinese armor, and wielded a sword.

History: As the Mandarin used the power of the Heart of Darkness to forcibly regress China to the past, eliminating all technology, a former politician, claiming to be the great-grandson of Pu Yi, last true Emperor of China, set himself up as a warlord, gathering an army and terrorizing local villages.

(War Machine#9 (BTS))- War Machine and Century rescued Dr Su Yin from two of Warlord Chu’s soldiers, and later defended a small village from Chu’s army.

(Iron Man I#311)- As War Machine and Century battled his army, Chu arrived, and demanded the battle cease, claiming he would prefer such warriors on his side, against the Mandarin, who he despised as "a pretender to the throne of Khan". War Machine and Century decided to work with him against the more powerful foe.

(Force Works#7)- In his encampment, Chu rallied his troops with a speech about ridding China of the Mandarin, and War Machine swore to make Chu pay for his earlier attack on the village when the Mandarin was dealt with. Chu led his army towards the Mandarin’s castle, only to find Force Works between them and it.

(War Machine#10)- Chu’s army met up with Force Works, and as FW made plans to deal with the Mandarin by returning to Stark’s Hong Kong branch to access it’s technology, Chu grew impatient, and demanded they attack now. Learning the Mandarin had gone to Hong Kong, and seeing his followers putting more faith in the plans of Stark and War Machine, who knew the Mandarin better, Chu ordered everyone to follow him to Hong Kong or die, setting his own troops on the ‘traitors’. Force Works and War Machine fought against him, and most of Chu’s army sided against him, as he fled with the few left loyal to him.


(Iron Man I#312)- As the Heart of Darkness’ effects faded, Chu was transformed into a janitor working in Stark Enterprises’ Hong Kong branch, his mind lost in dreams of conquest.



Comments: Created by Len Kaminski and Tom Morgan

Iron Man III#10, the Mandarin claimed it was he who was transformed into the janitor, leaving the question of if that was really the Mandarin, or Warlord Chu, somehow thinking he was the Mandarin. Or maybe both were turned into janitors. Who knows? Mandarin continuity is such a mess.



Warlord Chu's Armies followed him in his terrorization of several villages, and banded with Force Works and War Machine in opposing the Mandarin. Most of Chu's army turned on him when he attempted to divert them to Hong Kong. -War Machine#9-10, Iron Man I#311, Force Works#7



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