Real Name: Kargul

Identity/Class: Extradimensional (Elsewhen) technology user

Occupation: Warlord/Ruler of Elsewhen, Protector of the Chosen Realities.

Group Membership: Psi-Masters of Elsewhen

Affiliations: Fantastic Force, Ellene, Huntara, Koshima, Psilord (Franklin Richards), Thor Corps (Beta Ray Bill, Dargo, Thor Odinson, Thunderstrike)

EnemiesDemonstaff, Vangaard

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None




Base of Operations: the Tower of Wisdom, presumably within Castle Kargul in Elsewhen

First Appearance: Thor Corps#1 (September, 1993)

Powers/Abilities: Kargul can open dimensional and temporal portals. He uses a large Imaging Pool to view events occurring at distant sites. He has been known to ride an energy charged horse-like steed and wield a battle axe. He has also worn the powerful Armor of God, a devastator class battlesuit, though the power it channels is a threat to its wearer via psychic backlash. The specifics of its abilities are undefined, but it failed to shield him from an attack from behind by Psilord.

    Though ruler of his realm, Kargul is still referred to as a barbarian, and he shows no reluctance to lead a battle charge or risk his own life against powerful beings.

    Kargul appears to be able to change his skin color (see comments).

History: Kargul's origins are unknown. It is not clear whether he is native to Elsewhen, or whether he came to rule it after originating in another realm altogether. Kargul developed a reputation as a butchering warlord, but he sees a group of timelines known as the Chosen Realities as sacred, and has pledged his life to protecting them.

(Fantastic Four I#390 (fb)) - Nathaniel Richards brought the young Franklin Richards and Huntara to Elsewhen, seeking sanctuary and aid. With Franklin's psi-powers raging out of control, Nathaniel requested guidance and training for him. The Blacksmiths of Elsewhen forged a special armor that allowed Franklin to focus his powers to their best ends. While Franklin was instructed in the psi-arts, Huntara was trained in the ways of war by Kargul's most fearsome gladiators and cutthroats.
    As the years passed, Nathaniel ingratiated himself upon Kargul and his staff, eventually gaining privileged access to his Imaging Pool, using it to study the sacred timestreams.
    After Nathaniel surreptitiously fled Elsewhen, Kargul informed Franklin and Tara that they would become guardians of the sacred timestreams.









(Thor Corps#1 (fb) - BTS) - An agent of Kargul located Ellene as she drifted in the Great Void, bringing her to Elsewhen, where Kargul began searching the dimensions for her native realm so she could return home. However, by the time they had located her reality, Demonstaff had become convinced that she had betrayed him and sought vengeance.

(Thor Corps#1) - Warlord Kargul, alongside Ellene, observed via his Imaging Pool as the Thor Corps (Beta Ray Bill, Dargo, Thunderstrike) arrived within Elsewhen, summoned by Demonstaff to seek out Ellene. Kargul banished them to Earth-616 during World War II, where they encountered the Invaders.






(Thor Corps#2) - Kargul observed the Thor Corps' struggle against the Invaders, but his view was interrupted by Demonstaff, who taunted him before causing his pool to erupt into a geyser that drenched Kargul. The Warlord subsequently gathered his warriors, had them amass their weapons, and led them to Earth-Thor: Once and Future Thor to defeat Demonstaff. They encountered Demonstaff as he was seemingly slain by a Sanitation Squad, then drove off the Squad to confront Demonstaff, only to find that Demonstaff had clad his enemy, Dunbar, in his costume, and that it was Dunbar who had been slain.

(Thor Corps#4) - Kargul and Ellene observed as Demonstaff's plots threatened to annihilate the Chosen Realities, as various timelines and eras collided. The Thor Corps, joined by Thor Odinson, demanding information on Demonstaff's location. Kargul and Ellene elaborated on Demonstaff's origins, after which Demonstaff appeared, and Dargo agreed to serve as Demonstaff's hostage in favor of saving his wife, Salla. Kargul watched in shock as Ellene leapt into his Imaging Pool to confront Demonstaff herself.
    Later, after Demonstaff's powers were neutralized, Kargul banished him eternally to the trackless void for the crime of his actions having caused "crises on infinite worlds." However, he did allow Ellene to join him, as per her wishes.











(Fantastic Four I#390) - Huntara and Psilord traveled to Elsewhen to petition aid in stopping the Dark Raider from murdering Reed Richards in various planes of existence. Kargul informed them that their true enemy was Nathaniel Richards, as he was manipulating the timestreams, trying to save a timestream that the fates had already abandoned. Franklin was furious and announced his intentions to stop the Raider without his help. When Kargul directed his guards to capture Franklin, Huntara assisted her nephew, and the pair fled Elsewhen.







(Fantastic Force#11 (fb) - BTS) - Kargul prepared his troops as Vangaard threatened the Chosen Realities.

(Fantastic Force#11) - Kargul's advisor, Koshima, revealed that the Chosen Realities and Elsewhen only had 37 minutes to survive is Vangaard was not stopped. Psilord and his various aspects (Avatar, Ego-Spawn, Tattletale) then broke into Kargul's chambers, seeking to have their fragmented psyche reunited. Kargul revealed Vangaard's threat and they watched as his primary wave of psi-warriors (1/3 of the entire population of Elsewhen) were annihilated in the process of trying to confront Vangaard. Huntara, sensing the danger, led the rest of the Fantastic Force to assist Psilord, but they were pulled into direct confrontation with Vangaard.







(Fantastic Force#12) - Unable to retrieve the Fantastic Force, Kargul and Psilord watched helplessly as they were overpowered by Vangaard. Kargul then demanded that Koshima bring forth the Armor of God, a devastator class warsuit. Ignoring Psilord's warnings about the risk of psionic backlash, Kargul donned the armor, but then Franklin struck him from behind, incapacitating Kargul so that he could risk his own life against Vangaard first, leaving Kargul as back-up. Though Franklin's assault ultimately failed to stop Vangaard, it did slow him enough that the Human Torch, Vangaard's Earth-616 counterpart, was able to convince him to spare the Chosen Realities.



(Fantastic Force#13) - Kargul held a ceremony for Fantastic Force in gratitude of their saving the Chosen Realities. He decreed that Psilord's past indiscretions, both real and imagined, where hereby resolved.











Comments: Created by Tom DeFalco and Patrick Olliffe.

    Kargul refers to his warriors as "Demon Brothers."

    The Chosen Realities (a.k.a. Sacred Timestreams) apparently refers to a specific set of dimensions, of which Elsewhen is at the center. It apparently does not include Earth-616 or Earth-Thor: Once and Future Thor, as Kargul refers to the Thor Corps as newly arrived within the Chosen Realities when they journeyed to the hidden world of Elsewhen.

    Elsewhen is described as "far beyond the ever-evolving borders of time and space"

    Kargul's skin is brown in Thor Corps#1, grey in parts of #2 and yellow in other parts, and of pale Caucasian tone in Thor Corps#4, yellow again in Fantastic Four I#390, grey-brown in Fantastic Force#11, and green in #12 and 13.

I'm surprised that Kargul hasn't yet showed up in the pages of Spider-Girl.

Profile by Snood.

No known connection to:

Elsewhen should be distinguished from:


Apparently a realm at the center of a group of dimensions referred to as the Chosen Realities and the Sacred Timelines, it is perhaps a nexus point for those realities. Little else is known about it. It is currently ruled by Warlord Kargul, assisted by his advisor, Koshima. There are armies of barbarian warriors, legions of Psi-Warriors, and a group known as the Psi-Masters, of which Kargul is one. Elsewhen and the Chosen Realities were both threatened by both Demonstaff and Vangaard.


--Thor Corps#1 (Fantastic Four I#390(fb), [Thor Corps4(fb)], 1,2,4, Fantastic Four I#390, [Fantastic Force#11(fb)], 11-13













Advisor to Kargul


--Fantastic Force#11 (12, 13









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