Real Name: B.J. Kozmojian

Identity/Class: Human

Occupation: Film producer, head of Cosmos Productions

Affiliations: Enforcers, Green Goblin, Spider-Man

Enemies: None

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Cosmos Productions, Hollywood, California

First Appearance: Amazing Spider-Man I#14 (July, 1964), or maybe Journey Into Mystery I#92 (May, 1963) (SEE COMMENTS)

Powers/Abilities: B.J. Cosmos is an exceptional film producer, having won at least one Academy Award for his efforts.

History: (Amazing Spider-Man I#14)- B.J. Cosmos, head of Cosmos Productions, won an Academy Award several years ago for his film "The Nameless Thing From the Black Lagoon in the Murky Swamp", but hadn't developed a hit film since. He was contemplating re-releasing his film as "The Unknown Thing" instead of "The Nameless Thing" when he was contacted by the Green Goblin, who proposed that he make a film about Spider-Man, with himself, the Enforcers, and the real Spider-Man as the stars. Cosmos agreed, provided that the Green Goblin provide Spider-Man.

Spider-Man arrived to appear in the film, unaware that the Green Goblin was a criminal and that the real Enforcers were his co-stars. They ventured to a desert in New Mexico for filming, and Spider-Man was lured off by the villains to "rehearse", falling into a battle which wound up involving the Hulk.

Cosmos was infuriated when he later learnt that the Enforcers had been arrested, and that both Spider-Man and the Green Goblin had vanished, but upon learning that the Hulk had been sighted, he was struck by inspiration and determined that he would make a movie about the Hulk entitled "The Honey and the Hulk", complete with a Doris Day hit song and a hundred dancing girls.

As he planned to draw up the contract, Spider-Man re-appeared to demand that Cosmos honor their contract. Cosmos refused, and only paid for Spider-Man's expenses.

Comments: Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko.

In Journey into Mystery I#92, Thor worked briefly with an action movie director named B.J. I think this might have been the same character who appeared in ASM #14 as B.J. Cosmos. If they are the same character, JIM #92 would be his first appearance. -- Sean Curtin

I think that they could be considered the same character since they were both devised by Stan Lee, who probably just had an all-inclusive "director" character in mind for both JIM#92 and ASM #14. -- Stunner

So, did Cosmos ever make his Hulk movie? Hey, there's got to be a great "lost" Hulk tale in that!

byPrime Eternal

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