Real Name : Inapplicable

Identity/Class : Non-Entity (Hallucination)

Occupation : Moralist and Preservist of Human Decency

Affiliations : None

Enemies : The Exploitinator

Known Relatives : Inapplicable

Aliases : None

Base of Operations : Inapplicable

First Appearance : Not Brand Ecch#5 (December, 1967)

Powers/Abilities : The Keeper of the Comics Code has no powers except an all-consuming destiny to preserve and maintain rules of morality and decency in the Marvel Universe.
   Or perhaps he possesses the ability to alter reality (or how it is seen) on a grand scale..


History : (Not Brand Ecch#5) - The Keeper of the Comics Code appeared for the first time, announcing his mission to protect observers of the Marvel Universe (or at least its nonsensical realities) from scenes of controversy and violence. He broke up a fight between the Ever-Lovin' Thung and the Inedible Bulk, giving them a list of damages to the city caused by their fight.

(Sensational She-Hulk#35) - As the She-Hulk, Jennifer Walters hallucinated the Keeper as disintegrating organs of the re-animated mutant Scaleface stuck to her hand.

(Sensational She-Hulk#56) - About a month later, Walters discovered that Marvel Comics had been publishing fictional accounts of her life. While suffering and mutating from an additional gamma overdose, she hallucinated that the Keeper had been imprisoned by a being known as the Exploitinator in order to further sales of her book.



Comments : Created by Stan "The Man" Lee, Marie Severin, and Frank Giacoia.

    The Comics Code was established in the 1950s as violence, horror and sexuality were being used in stories being acquired by minors. The traditionally non-canon Keeper forces the comics to adhere to those codes to which all comics must now adhere and observe. The history provided here is a more canonized version of the events in the second She-Hulk series which often broke from the Marvel Universe into parodies.
    Or perhaps the She-Hulk actually could see things the way they really were...or something.

In some sense, the Keeper and the Exploitinator represent Lords of Order and Chaos for the Marvel Universe.

Profile By: Thor2000

CLARIFICATIONS: The Keeper of the Comics Code should not to be confused with:

  • The Spirit of the Comics Code Authority, @ What The...?#16
  • The Keeper, of the Hyborian era, an alien/demonic being, @ Conan the Barbarian#192
  • Keeper, of an insane asylum @ Strange Tales I#97
  • The Keeper of Earth-Guardians, alternate future counterpart of Silver Surfer, @ Guardians of the Galaxy#23
  • Keeper of Antiquities, Asgardian archivist, Thor I#163
  • Keeper of the Cosmic Cube, AIM member @ Tales of Suspense I#80
  • The Keepers of the Flame of El Dorado who controlled the Sacred Flame of Life, Avengers I#30
  • Keeper of the Six, Kibuka, @ Black Panther III#54
  • Keeper of the Twilight Well, Kartag, @ Thor I#195
  • Keeper Whitman of Earth-Killraven, @ Amazing Adventures II#27
  • Keepers of Harmony, the Armjesuits, @ Domino II#4
  • Keepers of the Treasure-Crypt of Lanjau of the Hyborian Era, @ Conan the Barbarian#255
  • Keepers of the Sacred Koan, empowered American samurai, @ Elektra I#12
  • KEEPSAKE 8162, salvager, ex-husband of Thea, @ Dr.Who Magazine#140


images: (without ads)
Sensational She-Hulk#35, pg 11 top right (main pic)
  bottom right (close up)

Other appearances:
Sensational She-Hulk#35 (January, 1992) - John Byrne (writer/pencils), Keith Williams (inks), Renee Witterstaetter (editor)
Sensational She-Hulk#56 (October, 1993) - Michael Eury (writer), Patrick Olliffe (pencils), Fred Fredricks (inks), Renee Wittersteatter (editor)

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