Real Name : None

Identity/Class : possibly a Non-Entity (Hallucination)

Occupation : Financial Consultant, Promoter

Affiliations : She-Hulk

Enemies : The Keeper of the Comics Code

Known Relatives : Inapplicable

Aliases : None

Base of Operations : Inapplicable

First Appearance : Sensational She Hulk#56 (October, 1993)



Powers/Abilities : The Exploitinator seems to possess no powers except a devious mind to exploit others and the ability to pander to the lowest human factors such as sex and violence.


History : (Sensational She-Hulk#56)- The Exploitinator was a hallucination of Jennifer Walters, the She Hulk. Since discovering that Marvel Comics published fictional accounts of her life, she began imagining her life and ordeals as pages in her comic book series. However, following an overdose of gamma radiation, her gamma-spawned physique began mutating. As a side-effect of her mutation, she began hallucinating that the events happening were caused by the Exploitinator imprisoning the Keeper of the Comics Code in order to boost sales on her comic. Though temporarily giving in to her mutation, her body painfully rejected the excess mutation and the hallucination ended without a resolution as she returned to being just a normal woman. She regained her normal level of gamma-spawned strength by getting a new blood transfusion from her cousin, the Hulk.

    The Exploitinator has not been seen beyond her imagination.



Comments : Created by Michael Eury, Pat Ollifree and Fred Fredricks

    The Comics Code was established in the 1950's as violence, horror and sexuality were being used in stories being acquired by minors. The traditionally non-canon Keeper forces the comics to adhere to those codes to which all comics must now adhere and observe. The history provided here is a more canonized version of the events in the second She-Hulk series which often broke from the Marvel Universe into parodies.
    Or perhaps the She-Hulk actually could see things the way they really were...or something.

    An obvious cartoonish version of Arnold Schwarzenegger, the Exploitinator was introduced as the person responsible when a gimmick was needed to hawk a comic book with flagging sales. He was considered the one responsible for hologram covers, double covers, trading card inserts, foil logos, poly-bagging, cover enhancements and all those other annoying comic book/graphic novel shenanigans.

    In some sense, the Keeper and the Exploitinator represent Lords of Order and Chaos for the Marvel Universe.

Profile By: Will Uchtman

CLARIFICATIONS: The Exploitinator is not to be confused with:

  • Arnold Schwarzenegger, famous big-time Hollywood action hero and current California Governor
  • The Terminator, his famous movie role from the movie with the same name
  • Ani-Mator, Dr. Frederick Animus, Dr. Moreau wanna-be, @ New Mutants I#59
  • Or any other –ator guys whose names rhyme with his.

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She Hulk II#56, pg 26, top right (main pic)
  bottom panel (face/close-up)

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